Security Premium

Security Premium

«FIGHT armor and shells» continues!

In this case, the logical to think that we are talking about the armor. And if you do not go to a highway tank terminology, Alligator S-500 — is a combination of all known types of armor power, punch which probably just does not make sense — are some alternative ways to weaning of private property, which is for the car. However, it is the methods from the arsenal of whether citizen Bender, whether Mr. Al Capone, in any case, beyond the range of interests the readers of this publication …

And so, in front of us — a full security complex «Premium» class with two-way communication with the transfer functions of remote commands and warnings about the state of the vehicle by means of a 5-button remote with LCD display. All information and messages are displayed in Russian as scrolling text in the text display key fob. In general, according to specialists, Alligator S-500 inherits the features of TD-355. Through the use of radio narrowband frequency modulation with spread spectrum at a frequency of 868 MHz (frequency doubled compared with the most common analogs), the range of the system Alligator S-500 greater than 2500 meters, and the absence of interference reaches 3000 m, which is by far the absolute record dialogue among security complexes. However, do not forget that this distance is greatly dependent on obstacles in the signal path and the fact of what these barriers are made.

By increasing the carrier frequency has increased significantly, and noise immunity. The problem of protecting the system from scanning and code-grabbing solved through the use of it dialog radio code BASS Dialog SST with an absolute cryptographic — this means that the existing code grabbers are powerless against this system.

At the same time, the interaction of the key fob to the system is reduced to a quarter of a second. The system also supports the immobilizer — blocking circuits starter with the ability to connect an additional engine immobilizer.

In the arsenal of devices opportunities for remote and automatic engine start and turbo timer function. Remote start can be made with the transmitter, this can occur automatically on a timer, a drop of temperature or daily basis, and through GSM-unit. At Alligator S-500 provides an interface for connecting an additional CAN-module that expands the functionality of the capacity of the entire system. In CAN-spike, available in almost all modern cars, Alligator S-500 receives much more information about the state kseh systems than conventional wired connection. In this very connection, instead of tiring buzzer wires with their future wiring and connection, often in places that are not provided by the manufacturer, it was simple and logical: the connector into the socket.

The device has been updated much since the packaging: box located inside the main box marked with the components — everything is simple and sensible. The kit, in addition to the main unit, includes: 5-button keychain transmitter with two-way communication and an LCD display; 4-button keychain transmitter remote control system; external transceiver peredayuttsy module with integrated antenna with connecting cable; a two-level shock sensor with connecting cable; siren; engine temperature sensor; Button switch Valet with connecting cable; button-type limit switch (for setting the ka-pot rack); car charger miniUSB; 18 pin Molex connector with pre-wired for connection of the main unit; 6-pin Molex connector with pre-wired for connection of electric door locks; 6 kontaktnsh power connector with blade terminals and pre-wired.

Product documentation includes user instructions and installation memo user, warranty card.

Transfer only basic service functions of the new system it takes a significant amount, so at least on the main. Thus, the device realized: function of sound or vibration alert transmitter with two-way communication; clock; Service; countdown timer at the transmitter with a two-way communication; tracking of any changes in the status of the transmitter with two-way communication; Separate control right / left direction indicators with built-in relay; remote control door locks with built-in relay; staging pas protection without the help of a transmitter; setting the system is armed with separate zones disconnecting the sensor.

There are: the output of the 2nd channel to control trunk lock or additional devices; third output channel to control additional devices; vnutrisalonnoe ability to control lighting module windows, 2nd chain starter or separate unlocking the driver’s and passenger doors; the ability to realize the function of the central locking system; Service Mode Valet; Remote Valet Mode and warning mode enabled Valet; function call the owner of the car and search the vehicle; Low battery warning keychain transmitter; remote measurement of the temperature in the engine compartment of a vehicle; the ability to connect GSM-module.

Security features (not to be confused with the service) include: absolute protection from scanning and interception control commands using the dialog code; Advanced mode Anti-Hijack; 6-tone siren; bright blue LEDs, built-in antenna module; 2-digit programmable personal code system shutdown; Lock integrated starter normally open relay; Output for additional engine immobilizer; 2 urovpevy shock sensor with a detachable connection; realized quiet setting and disarming the system and the function silent alarm mode; improved remote mode «Panic»; It provides memory for operation of the system indicating the zone of protection; Six of independent zones of protection; the device has inputs of negative and positive trigger door and negative trigger the hood and trunk. Provided bypass a faulty zone when arming with an indication of protection zones.

In addition, the device supports programmable functions: automatic locking doors when the ignition and tachometer but the signal; avtomatcheskoe door unlocking when ignition is turned off; the function of protection against false positives 1IKPC ™; automatically check the area of ​​the transmitter with two-way communication; delay arming of 3, 10 or 45 seconds.

The possibility of programming the pulse width control door locks, reprogram the functions of individual inputs and outputs of the system, restore the factory settings of the programmable functions.

The system is able to shift to passive arming with locking or without locking the door, can automatically re-arming with locking or without locking doors, passive mode locking the engine off guard two ethane, remote or automatic switching mode Anti-HUack, active and secure the motor jamming mode Anti Hijack, parking in the car with the engine running.

The remote start the engine fully compatible with both automatic and manual transmission, with petrol and diesel engine. The possibility of extending the time of the engine from a transmitter, the automatic engine start at low temperature with a choice of temperature and timer, as well as the possibility of rapid diagnosis of the causes of the automatic engine stop.

Alligator S-500 can be installed on vehicles with engine start button Engine Start / Stop. The most advanced of today feature SmartStart + conceived so that in addition to the standard combination of «petrol + Automatic», it can run on diesel engines with the required delayed start timeout, with manual transmission with extremely reliable test of the neutral position of the handle PPC before starting the engine, and a turbocharged engine gets underway turbo timer function.

5-button keychain transmitter with two-way communication and an LCD display supplied with the system allows you to manage all of its functions. In addition, each time you use this transmitter, the system sends special signals, confirming the performance of a team (so-called «feedback»). As a result, the LCD display will show the corresponding display and built-in keychain transmitter miniature speaker delivers sound signals corresponding to confirmation.

When the alarm system, no matter whether the «Standard» or «Silent» alarm mode, it will immediately give an alarm on your keychain transmitter, and the turn on the speaker and / or earn a built-in vibrator transmitter (depending on the mode selected alert fob) and the LCD display will indicate precisely the area of ​​protection, which has caused triggering system.

In order to possibly avoid frequent false alarms caused by faulty limit switch, thunder, and so on. E., The system uses advanced protection function false alarms RA PCm. If the system is triggered 3 times within 60 minutes from the main zone shock sensor system, or by the bonnet (which often cause false positives), this sensor or zone of protection will be disabled for 1 hour. This will prevent possible further false alarms.

Mode temporarily disable the sensor or alarm zone that caused the 3 operation of the system will automatically be canceled before the expiration of 60 minutes at operation of any other zones of protection, if the system is disarmed and the ignition is switched on, when the system is disarmed and then setting it on the guard with a transmitter. The system will inform about the incident through the operation of the key fob in the appropriate mode.

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