Stainless steel — it’s good!

Stainless steel - it's good!

First of all I must say that Stainless steel has been and remains the only radio program that is broadcast with subtitles. This is not even in the West. The main creator of the transfer — guard station SNC, a disabled heavy rock, a member of a tank battle at Prokhorovka — Raspail Vsyevolodovitch Iron. He is now in ’83 and the last twenty years, he loves heavy music.

During the war, Raspail was wounded, then it began to appear bad in your photos. The process was very painful, lasted for about thirty years and as a result one of the last photos (March 1992) to discover Raspail Vsevolodovicha is simply not possible.

In addition to the old marazmatik crucified in the creation of the transfer is involved his replacement Michael (45 years, last cosmonaut-researcher. A fan Celtic Frost). However, his contribution is much smaller, as Misha drinks heavily and sometimes articulately say anything on the air can not.

As for cutting, then it does not matter with the diction and a half years of existence "Stainless Steel «on the air, he went only once. Leading the program is Nemolyaev Cyril (23 years, beginning with Deep Purple, currently incurable fanatic techno-progressive-god-knows-what-else-trash. At the time, the group plays doom sword of Damocles. Was the bassist.

With guard we broke up in Bibirevo met in February 1991 near the vegetable. Despite the age difference, they quickly found a common language. Further events unfolded rapidly.

And the result — metal radio program "Stainless steel «.

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