Start the program «Business Visitor»

Start the program

The «business visitors» — a program that is organized and implemented to achieve the maximum effect from participation in the exhibition and its activities, to create the most favorable conditions for the promotion of products and services exhibitors.

The preparation and conduct of the program provides for close cooperation with exhibitors in collecting information and individual requests for trade visitors in contact with the company that is interested exhibitor.

Statement by the expert at the request of the participant will be sent personal invitation and business badge by which, bypassing the mandatory registration, the exhibitor is important for visitors free of charge will be able to get acquainted with the exposition and negotiate directly with the stand of the company invited him. The positive working atmosphere of the exhibition and the opportunity to demonstrate products or services to provide a good chance to finish the meeting the signing of the contract.

Benefits of the program «Business visitor» for the party:

♦ business pre-invited visitors — a guarantee of productive meetings at the exhibition,

♦ time savings,

♦ effectiveness of participation increased by 2 times. Negotiations with the right business for you visitors.

«Oranta Insurance» insured the organizers of the exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011»

The company «Oranta Insurance» will be an official insurer of the International Exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011». The exhibition organizers have insured their civil liability to participants and visitors with the help of the company «Oranta Insurance ‘with a maximum payment of 10 million rubles.

«Lift Expo Russia — 2011» — the largest business event in the elevator industry in Russia, aimed at the development of the sector and promotion of material handling equipment in the Russian and foreign markets. Under the terms of the partnership, in the case of damage to life, health or property of the exhibitor as a result of fire, flooding, collapse of buildings or parts thereof, the participant will receive compensation of up to 10 million rubles. In case of damage to life, health or property of visitor compensation will be paid at a rate of one and a half million rubles.

— And elevators and escalators in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, are considered hazardous objects, — says Mikhail Degtyarev, Director of Corporate Sales «Oranta Insurance». — Since 2012, comes into force a law on compulsory insurance of liability of dangerous objects, which means that the insurance risk of damage becomes elevator and construction industries even more relevant than before.

Among other official partners of the event the State Duma Committee for Construction and Land Affairs, Commerce and Industry Chamber of the Russian Federation, the National Union of lift and self-regulatory organizations SRO NP «Russian lift association.»

FAQ: The company «Oranta Insurance» («SK» Orans «) was established in 1995. Since December 2008, it is part of one of the largest European financial and insurance group Eureko (Netherlands).

Under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation

The Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation has the official support of «Lift Expo Russia — 2011». The exhibition once again proves the high status and state level of its activities.

11 February 2011 The organizers of «Lift Expo Russia — 2011» received the testimony of the official support of the exhibition the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation.

Promotion of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation will further bring the exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011» unions and associations of entrepreneurs — members of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation and professional visitors. In addition, the patronage of Russian Chamber of Commerce will show extra information support.

The priority in the work of the Chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation — actively promoting the development and wide application of innovation and technology.

«Lift Expo Russia — 2011» — the new equipment, new technology and services, a contribution to the modernization of the country, which is why the organization of this level, as the Chamber of Commerce, is supporting such an important event.

Today «Lift Expo Russia» — Business Forum liftovikov not only in Russia and the CIS countries, but the international community as a whole. Companies from all over the world are eager to get on this show, show themselves to be personally involved in business communication and exchange experience in the development and application of new engineering technologies.

CCI supports innovation, so choose the exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011».

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