Such dreams

Such dreams

Summer, to compose, to marry and travel … of their profession — to bring people happiness and a smile! WHO ARE THEY? Beautiful and confident woman who chose WORK at the behest of the soul. They told us about their way to success


Wedding planner

Ten years of my life spent in show business. I’ve always liked beautiful event, and not just participate in them, but also to organize, too. At the time when I started to think that it’s time to throw a stage career and do some serious business, she met her future husband. And away we go. He made me an offer, you had six weeks to prepare the wedding. Start looking for a wedding organizer. The three agencies, where I was able to visit, suggested that something is wrong or is not being attended to, and sometimes not even call back. No luck! -Here’s A little time left and we had to prepare itself. But this whole process I was incredibly inspired. And since by nature I’m a very active person, I knew that I could not just get married and stay at home, I just had an idea: «Oh, here, perhaps, is the idea for a business.» Already the day after the wedding, I started to realize our plans.

Of course, initially it caused a lot of mistakes! The agency has opened in the month of October (but you must understand that this is not the season of weddings!), Took a nice expensive office in central Kiev, hired staff … And to top it off the crisis struck. During the six months reached bankruptcy. From beautiful life is almost nothing left. What to do? The decision came like lightning: it was necessary to cut staff to move to a more modest office and, most importantly, take up the case itself. During the year, he mastered for the hundreds of obscure things started to conduct workshops for brides, even wrote a book with fright. The result? I own a successful wedding agency.

And I really love my job. Of course, the part it seems that weddings -sploshnoe work, but for the whole of this beautiful picture in the final day of the wedding is a lot of administrative work, phoned million, coordination and logistics. This great work! But believe me, it pays off when the day of the ceremony. You come to the site, initially it is absolutely deserted, and then a few hours grows a magical city, with flowers, decorations, everything starts to come to life, the music is playing, the hall gradually filled with guests. And here comes the bride … a beautiful and touching. I usually pay. I can not unlearn habits that stupid!



When I was little, wanted to become an actress, probably like most girls, but he grew up, became more responsible attitude to their studies, he decided to become a translator. The desire to learn foreign languages ​​and traveling I have always traced, although the profession of flight attendant did not even think.

Fate decreed otherwise. There was once a friend of Steward, who is very colorfully described his everyday work, and then another pilot has turned up that added fuel to the fire. And there was a crazy idea to -letat! Still, I doubt: career or the sky?

All agreed the case. One friend sent me a link on the Internet to recruit flight attendants, I sent my resume with a clear conscience and went to sea. I came back, and I was invited for an interview is the airline. And you will not believe it, I passed all the stages, though seen so many tears in the corridors … all somehow happened by itself, without much effort — the medical board, training, and then I show emergency equipment the passengers.

Of course, not an easy profession. Home mission because flight attendants did not deliver coffee, and ensure the safety of passengers. And the main focus during the study, of course, was devoted to emergency equipment and survival in critical situations. In addition, you must have the endurance and speed of reaction-that no matter what happens, stay calm and inspire confidence and so excited passengers. Yes, and it is difficult to plan their own time, because at any moment can change everything, and will cause you to trip. So those who think that the work of flight attendants — a solid romance and adventure, wrong. This is a heavy physical and emotional labor.

While I will not argue, there are many advantages of pleasant moments. Form pleases and decorates. Salaries are generally higher than other office workers. Opportunity to visit other countries, even rare.

And never forget that feeling of joy and admiration when pilots invited me to his cabin. It was a flight to Tel Aviv (my first). And suddenly you just see the sea, rivers, mountains, cities, and all this in the clouds! Still a top view delicious!



Since childhood, my most favorite toys were a pencil and piece of paper. I’m constantly writing something, even at a time when not yet mastered how to write letters. I took a glass of milk, a pen, a notebook, closed in the room and asked that parents with her older sister did not disturb me — I do! In the elementary school «issued» a collection of stories under a series of «Love and Hate» (influence of the «Santa Barbara», no less), and later began to write funny stories about classmates … And 10 years I had a dream that I have written this book called «phantom syndrome» (imagine a horror!). Waking up, I immediately sketched the cover, and since then no doubt: this is my path. By the way, this figure is still at home, on the wall in the room. And — what is surprising: the cover of sleep really consonant with the cover of my first published book.

Although, of course, difficulties also more than enough in the writers are. First of all, we need to have faith in yourself. It’s insanely important because it is constantly disturbed by the thought: «Why people will read it?», «Is not this interesting text?», «What if no one will like it, or worse, I was publicly shamed for my statements?» And so on. Etc. . Because of these thoughts begin to rush endlessly edit the text, to completely rewrite the whole chapters. As a result, over the months, the book does not move neither couple of pages … Willingness to expose their thoughts in the form of a book — it is a very important step, which is necessary to dare. The second pitfall — is, in fact, the ability to find readers. In our country, the publishing business is not very popular, and there are practically no people willing to invest in young artists. Half of the success of any book — it is a competent advertising and public relations, as well as distribution. In Europe and the States, this time put a very serious and professional, we have the same author begins literally nowhere to go and nowhere to wait for help. After all be printed — this is just the beginning ….

Yet I hardly give up this activity. Writing is like the most intimate confession. By the way, yes, in spite of the advances in technology, I still write by hand, rather than on a laptop. Only then I stand paragraphs in the «machine». And of course, a constant personal development. Writing is a profession designed to educate the public, to give people hope and to give valuable new ideas. Not having read hundreds of books, without reviewing hundreds of movies not talking to hundreds of people, write a book, which bears the sense — it is impossible. So you have the time. develop yourself in many different directions. I sometimes, to write just one sentence, you need to shovel tons of information. All to be reliable. The writer must always strive for perfection.



How many can remember, wanted to become a manager of tourism, as this work is not just sitting in the office, but also to travel to other countries and get to know them from the inside, to know their culture, people, values ​​that people live. Plus it’s live chat every day.

I wanted to work with travel and wanted to be all the time in business, I wanted to create some way, and now I’m traveling, working, working and traveling. Every day I embody the dreams of the people, trying to pick up tours tailored to their needs, the most important considerations and criteria, for vacation each of us chooses very carefully.

Difficulties exist in every work. Without them boring. Transfers of flights, airline strikes, failures of hotels in tourist accommodation — all require certain skills in dealing with people, in order to properly communicate why their dream collapse, unable to start performed. Plus one big minus -no summer vacation. But this is compensated. What? It’s simple! For example, advising our clients to visit in Greece, at me and at the most there was a mad desire to go there. Here are this year’s realized her dream. Rhodes simply mesmerizing, its narrow streets green, good-hearted people with snow-white smile on his face, an unforgettable sea and of course 300 days a year the sun. Perfectly!

In addition, when the workflow is adjusted when a young active, achiever and always seeking the better team when there is our favorite tourists with their desires, you inspire and be happy every day I go to work. Is not this happiness?

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