Tender Age

Tender Age

Sooner or later every girl starts to use cosmetics. You can, of course, prohibit the use of his little daughter in ink and shadows to 18 years, but you are sure that she will listen? We believe that the best way — to teach young beauty care for themselves and correctly use cosmetics. Have you seen a high school student with green eyelids, lips, eye color and centimeters foundation? Here! They are not taught! So brush up — and in a fighting stance in the mirror. But first read the tips from makeup artist Eugenia Dyshlevich who graciously shared with us the secrets of the creation of adequate teenage makeup.

What teenage girl who has decided to start painting? For young skin sensitive approach is needed, therefore, to share with her daughter «adult» cosmetics fail. We’ll have to fork out for a new one.

Tinted or not? If the girl clean skin, without pimples, redness, and any shortcomings, need no foundation. Young skin looks much more attractive in its original form, than under a layer of toners.

If puberty passes with all its little to mask skin imperfections did not hurt. And if before dermatologists insisted that the problem skin in any case can not cover up (say, under tonalnika spots are in growth), with the advent of modern masking creams, they changed their minds. First, the foundation can have a healing antiseptic properties, and secondly, the cream protects the skin from harsh environments — dust and dirt.

Colors and textures

If the facial skin is covered with pimples and redness, can cause foundation all over the face, but if inflammation rare and local, it is better to disguise the dot corrector.

When choosing a tone means you need to focus on two criteria: the color and texture. With the color is more or less clear: the dark-skinned girl — a darker shade, light-skinned — lighter. Foundation — one of the most important components of a successful make-up, picked up the wrong shade can transform even the most pretty girl in a laughing stock. Select the desired color in three ways.

According to the «Swatch» (from the English. Swatch — sample). Swatch — a photo with a means of applying to the skin, which spread in Internet bloggers and beauty-lovers just cosmetics. • Usually accompanied by Swatch * detailed description of the product and personal impressions of the facility, as well as pictures of before and after application. 2. After theoretical training via the Internet go to practice: choose the means in place. Almost all stores of cosmetics, there are testers — open means that anyone can touch it, smell it and make them virtually anything he wants. Since the foundation to try, imposing his dirty fingers on unwashed face is not very hygienic, pick the right shade at the back of the wrist. 3- The surest way — to come to the shop and ask for probes of different colors, and then at home, not in a hurry, choose the most suitable. But, unfortunately, the probes provide not all stores cosmetics.

Toning. Versions

Species means a great variety of tones: concealer, fluid, bb cream, cream powder, loose powder, wipes matting, concealer, cream-tone effect … Eyes run! The main thing — to collect will in a fist and start enjoying all at once.

• creams — imy common form of toning agents and most undesirable skin teenager. The texture of foundation is usually very thick, easy to clog pores and inept application may create a «mask effect».

• FLUID. Roughly speaking, the fluid — a mixture of ordinary and foundation. Texture from a lighter fluid, a liquid, it is well shaded and almost not felt on his face.

• BB CREAM — a toning cream with curative effect, which first appeared in German hospitals It was used after cosmetic procedures to camouflage redness, flaking and peeling after other procedures and at the same time reinforce the skin with nutrients. After some time, bb-creams, slightly modified and improved, have become popular

8 Asia. Now -kremy began to produce many manufacturers, and on the shelves you can find bb-cream for every taste and color. This cream is usually actively fighting pimples while hiding them from prying eyes.

• CREAM toning effect provides an easy option toning. In fact, it is a cream-care, which should be selected according to the type of skin: dry, oily or normal. Well, apart from anything else it is a little toning skin problems. This kind of toning is absolutely safe and correct selection is quite useful.

• LIGHT OR POWDER matting wipes — these funds are suitable for those girls who are worried about greasy skin.

• CORRECTION — a tool that must be perfectly matched to the skin tone. It must be a happy owner of a smooth skin with small defects (local pimples). It is applied strictly on the problem.

When selecting toners also should pay attention to sun protection factor. If a vehicle is written «SPF», then he has it. Even in winter it is desirable to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, to avoid unnecessary freckles and premature wrinkles.


Eyes tend to emphasize the beauty of all women. And a high school is clearly no exception. There are a lot of eye makeup: the evening, baby-face, make-up for photo shoots, wedding, theme, style pin up and many others. Varieties can be described for a long time and in detail. But the focus on the most used and about th — Day make-up, applying make-up procedure is as follows: first put on the face foundation, necessarily tinted brow shadow and shade — in the end — Apply mascara. However, not all the young ladies need all of the above means. Eyebrows

If a girl is very bright and expressionless eyebrows, you can tint it with a special pen. The main thing — remember that the only suitable black pencil dark-haired, brown — Light Brown and red hair and blondes make better use of beige shade. Before painting the eyebrows, they need to comb the bottom, and then parallel to the growth of hair tint and then gently all shade. Girls who do not make correction of eyebrows and remove excess hair, better attention to this part of the body does not attract and keep coloring eyebrows until better times.

The benefits of cleanliness

Do not forget that if a girl has started to use a tone that every night it is necessary to cleanse the skin of all this beauty, or skin problems can not be avoided. The hardest thing is washed away bb-cream, Asians have even invented a special two-stage system flushing. First, on a dry skin massage movements applied hydrophilic oil which immediately begins to dissolve the makeup, then it is necessary to foam a small amount of water, then wash with water. Then you need to move on to the final stage of purification — wiping face with cotton pad soaked in tonic or lotion. Owners of oily skin with enlarged pores, however, should be careful with the oils for the face. They should be replaced on the facial wash.

before painting eyebrows, they must comb from top to bottom


At the tender age should not use eyeliner or dark eyeliner. Clean lines make a person older, rougher and deprive its youth of charm. If you still want to somehow gloss over the eyelids, better pay attention to the shade of soft colors: beige, pink, peach, light brown. But many favorite blue, green and purple colors should be avoided. Eyelashes

If the young beauty is colored to visit the school, I can confidently recommend to confine black or brown ink in a single layer — without shadow or pencil. Thick eyelashes dyed effectively and subtly emphasize the natural beauty — natural and discreet.


Young girl coloring her lips with bright colors, cause only an indulgent smile. Remember: the naturalness and again natural. Red, pink, or even bodily lipstick in this case is not suitable. If you still want something to spread itself, the perfect solution would be a transparent lip gloss. It will give the lips a little volume and emphasize their youth and freshness. Choosing shine, need him to comfortably lay on his lips, was no small grains of sand and, of course, pleased to groin.

MASTER CLASS: daytime makeup

I. Before you begin make-up, skin needs to be prepared. When the evening was struck care cream, you need to wash it off with the help of the remnants of cleanser, if the person was clean enough to wash with water.

2. The next step you need to tone up the skin and clean from the remnants of cleanser using a tonic, lotion or micellar water.

3- fix problems. If you have redness on the skin, it is necessary to put a dot on them an anti-acne. After the cream has dried, you can get concealer. It is important that the shortcomings which need to hide, did not stand out after applying corrector more. Therefore it is necessary to guess the color, and then another and carefully shade. Excessive use of correction fluid is not necessary, it is fraught with even more clogged pores and, as a consequence, the new spots.

4. Now the most interesting — the shade. To create the perfect eye makeup will need three shades. First you need to put the most neutral and close to the skin tone color over the entire surface of the century, from the internal base to the brow bone. The base color is right beige, peach, light brown, pale pink or sand color. Then the mobile eyelid, from lash to crease, you need to cover the shadows of a darker hue and shade. The second color can be used gold, light brown or gray. The third color is applied in the form of a tick on the outer corner of the eye, it should be the dark color. For example, chocolate, coffee, purple. To all three colors looked harmoniously, they must be carefully shaded special brush. Incidentally, brush for applying shadow to be the same as and colors — three. If all shades applied with one hand to increase the probability of getting three instead of into each other shades of a gray-brown-crimson color on the entire eyelid.

5. Undertake the eyelashes. To lay down ink on a brush first, and then the eyelashes as necessary, pull the brush from the tube should be spiral, otherwise most of the coloring element will remain on the limit line. First you need to paint the tips of the lashes, making the movement of the right and left, then another type of mascara from a tube and fix the result, moving from the outer corners. Many strokes in the same location do not need to avoid the formation of «spider legs.»

6. The final touch — the lips. First you need to put chapstick with SPF, and then, starting from the middle, shine. First, at the top, then the bottom lip.

7. If the skin is oily, you probably have a few hours on it appear bright spots. They are easy to remove by using matting napkins, something reminiscent of Soviet-era school blotter.

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