Tension steel cables

Tension steel cables

Setting the correct tension in the hoisting ropes — one of the most important aspects of installation and maintenance of elevators. However, the importance of such adjustment is often not taken into account. This article discusses why all the hoisting ropes should have the same tension.

Why all the hoisting ropes of the elevator car must have the same tension?

The correct tension of the ropes — one of the most critical factors in prolonging the service life of the rope and pulley, improving ride quality and minimize costs. Correct tension adjustment ensures that each cable has to an equal share of the total load. When using ropes with a different tension is not optimal lifetime simply because some ropes perform more work than others. When the difference in the tension band rope becomes significantly large, there may be adverse effects.

The most common problem that occurs as a result of different tension ropes — uneven wear of the grooves of the driving pulley. Diameter strongly tightrope usually decreases, creating excessive pressure on the pulley groove. These deep ropes of getting into the groove and cause abrasive wear of the pulley.

Poor tightrope, on the contrary, tend to slide along the groove of the pulley-like blade. The result is excessive abrasion of the pulley.

Uneven wear of the grooves of the pulley as a result of uneven tension ropes ropes makes move at different speeds, compensating for the difference in the depth of the grooves. This leads to a reduced service life of ropes and pulleys, and, accordingly, to higher operational costs.

The ropes going through the pulley grooves worn unevenly, it is impossible to properly adjust the tension. Replaced ropes serve only a fraction of the design life, and each subsequent set of replacement ropes will serve less and less due to uneven wear of the grooves of the pulley.

The company Draka recommends adjust the tension of the rope immediately after installation, and then at 6 weeks, and then after six months, and then annually. Easy tension adjustment of one or more cables may eventually save a lot of money.

What is the best way to ensure the correct tension of the ropes?

On the market, there are several ways to adjust the tension of the hoisting ropes. The company Draka encourages those who are looking for a turnkey solution, tension sensor QuickCheck Tension Meter Company Dillon.

Partnering with a company of Draka Micelect allow to recommend the intelligent adjustment of the tension ropes Micelect Intelligent Rope Tension System (RTS). It consists of two basic components. The individual sensors tension steel cable are fixed on each of the ropes, providing data about the individual rope tension. These sensors are connected to the system control RTS, which provides data on each of the tension cables in graphical form on a large liquid crystal display. The user recognizes the tension of each of the ropes and performs necessary adjustments.

In general, maintaining a correct tension of the hoisting ropes can significantly reduce excessive wear on the pulleys and hoisting ropes and virtually eliminate the possibility of premature replacement sheave and / or rope. It is important to provide regular maintenance of ropes.

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