The basis is laminated panels fiberboard high density (HDF). On top of it is covered with a decorative layer of melamine resin impregnated paper with a printed pattern imitating wood, stone, ceramics and so on. D. Next is the protective «overlay» from the microparticles melamine paper with corundum. It provides a good floor moisture and abrasion resistance, and resistance to dirt and aggressive influences (eg, brief contact with a lighted cigarette). On the reverse side of the substrate is bonded prosmolёnnuyu or waxed paper. This layer performs the function of a stabilizer, a compensating voltage in HDF. In addition, it protects the plate from moisture.

Recipe laminated «pie» may include other ingredients, such as sound-proof substrate and so on. D. For sale is a «paperless» laminate. Such a material decorative pattern printed on the basis of HDF (direct compression and DPL flooring HDD — High Definition Design from the company Kronospan). Skillful image protects the invisible dressing of corundum and a layer of polymer varnish.

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