The National Union of an elevator SRO

The National Union of an elevator SRO

Announcement of cooperation and mutual actions to unite the participants elevator market in Russia — it is important to liftovikov document. He signed on 6 November at the initiative of the President of the Russian association of lift (NP «RLS») MA Waxman and supported by the president of the Interregional Association elevator organizations (SRO NP «Molo») and the Association of Business Cooperation «Lift Service» VA Silence.

I want to once again draw the attention of colleagues to the fact that the agreement puts an end to disputes and disagreements between the leaders of the industry, allows us to solve urgent problems related to their interaction.

Who signed the agreement? It is endorsed by the president of NP «Russian lift association» «M. Waksman, president Omori «National League of enterprises elevator and communal infrastructure» FA Lyachin, president of NP SRO «Molo» and ADS SRO «Liftservis» VA Silence, chairman of the Coordinating Council of self-regulatory organizations, VS Kotelnikov and a member of the Supervisory Board of SRO «Rusekspert-lift» EA Nikolayev. They all put their signatures under it crucial for elevator complex document.

What principles guided by industry leaders, signing the agreement?

The primary — an association of market participants is based on self-regulation. Another principle of today can not be, and all agreed.

The second principle — the union on the basis of Federal Law № 315-FZ, which allows self-regulatory organizations to create associations or unions as a legal entity. What did the builders of today, forming the National Association of Builders, and the fact that tomorrow is going to create in the housing, we realize now, in fact, moving behind the builders.

The decisions set forth in the Agreement as follows.

The first is to establish, in accordance with the Federal Law № 315-FZ «On self-regulatory organizations», the Union of self-regulatory and self-regulatory ready to lift Russian organizations — the National Union of an elevator self-regulatory organizations. Here we have in mind that not all non-profit partnerships managed to obtain the status of self-regulating, for example, the Russian lift association now just handed over documents for registration.

Second, consider it appropriate to transfer to the National Union of SRO Lifting powers and functions of the two existing bodies: the Coordination Council «Union of Elevator» and the Working Committee (Executive Committee) of the National Congress of the elevator industry workers.

VS Kotelnikov in his speech confirmed that in February it plans to complete the activities of the Coordinating Council, whose function will be to carry out a new legal entity. The functions of the Working Committee FA Lyachin plans to transfer to the National Union of SRO Lifting with subsequent approval by a vote at the XV National Congress. It should take place in April 2010.

This decision is also a landmark, and I want you to be accepted and appreciated it. Given the fact that all industry leaders signed the agreement, I think that your support in a sense, already guaranteed.

Next — the practical part. Members of the collegial management body — the Board of the National Union of SRO elevator — will be formed from an equal number of representatives in proportion to the self-regulatory organizations for activities, as well as independent persons.

It is important to note that the Chairman of the Board of the National Union of Self-Regulatory Organizations elevator elected annually alternately from each block. It is a European system that will allow us to effectively coordinate the actions of self-regulatory organizations, without any reticence or oblique views. Previously we talked to the VA Silence and agreed: it is desirable that the first year was chaired by MA Waxman.

The next item in the list of decisions taken reads: relationships with other members of an elevator lift market National Union of SRO building through the conclusion of agreements with the delegation of authority and financial resources. In other words, if, united on the basis of self-regulatory organizations, we decided, for example, to support Omori «National League» in international exhibitions, we conclude with the «National League» an agreement and, if need be, and help with financing, because the National an elevator SRO Union is based as a legal entity, that is, the structure of financial security.

What are the objectives laid down in the implementation of the Agreement and in the actions of the National Union of SRO elevator?

The basic purpose — to unite the efforts aimed at strengthening and development of material-technical base of elevator companies, the development of production, installation, maintenance, examination of lifting equipment, etc.

What is important here? The coordination of our activities on interaction with federal legislative, executive and judicial power. This direction caused not let conflicts, but some discrepancies. Today, elevator action oriented organizations and coordinated within the framework of adoption of the Agreement, so the differences are gradually fading, and I hope that soon we will act in all federal agencies on the basis of a unified position.

More focus on the following points: participation in the development and promotion of federal and regional government programs the replacement and upgrading of lifts, participation in the formation of the federal investment policy.

I’ll just do it yourself trend in 2010, and so I want to show you all the advantages of combining self-regulatory organizations in the National Union of SROs an elevator.

According to our plans, in the spring of 2010 on the elevator market is expected to produce something like the explosion of the information related to the topic of safe operation of elevators. This is possible only by joint efforts of the community to lift the elevator the National Union of SRO, when all members of the elevator market will become members of self-regulatory organizations. Apparently, those organizations which in 2010 will not be registered as a self-regulating, lifting Community will not apply to the elevator market.

I am confident that the association under the auspices of the National Union of lift will allow us to conduct an effective nation-wide information campaign on the safety of lifts. You know that today we have one problem — elevator fleet is outdated and material resources allocated for the replacement of worn out elevators, is clearly not enough.

Here is an example from my own experience. Many of you know that I worked for three years in the civil service — in Rostekhnadzor, where he headed the supervision of the safe operation of lifting equipment, including elevators — first in the Central Federal District, then in the Moscow region. At my initiative, it introduced the practice of the annual inter-shares «Safe Lift.» It was held in late August — early September. Those of you who work in the fields of the Central District, will remember this work. Territorial administration Rostekhnadzor was prescribed: on the eve of the new academic year to spend massively targeted inspection and safe operation of elevators provide news coverage of the campaign «Safe Lift» in the organs of the media. And what do you think? I got a great result. Each of the 16 territorial offices, members of the Central Federal District, placed in the media by 5 to 10 publications. Can you imagine how much, what kind of information on the topic of surge lifts and a resonance? And it is only in the municipal and regional media. And now we are able to organize an active information campaign on the federal level, and already are preparing.

This is one of the major projects that can be implemented within the framework of the National Union of SRO elevator, and I would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

I think the realization of the planned information campaign will sharpen problems and bring elevators to the fore. And it will contribute to the financing of the elevator Park in Russia and enhance security.

Today, as you know, there is a real mechanism for channeling funds for housing and communal services through the Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services. The Fund is registered as a public corporation. President DA Medvedev in his recent Address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation announced that public corporations will be abolished at the end of the period of validity of the law under which they exist. Therefore, we do not have much time. Our task is to in the Fund additional funding was allocated to it in the elevators. Today, the Foundation supports this initiative, but we need to both the Government and the State Duma have realized that the problem must be solved complex elevator promptly and seriously. This can happen only when information about the industry pain points sounded everywhere — and with TV screens and the pages of magazines and newspapers, and letters of governors.

I think that in the information project, we oblige each member of the self-regulatory organization to prepare and publish in the local media one or two articles on the elevator problems. Subject social and active. And I ask you today to think in that direction.

Next, I wanted to move to the subject of safety of operation of elevators and express their position. While I worked for three years in Rostekhnadzor in one of the largest regions, the rate of accidents in the Moscow region is reduced to zero, but it’s not about me.

Today, the analysis of the system of supervision, which is lined up over the years, I would have rated it as effective. However, from January 1 this system are going to cancel. Now it consists of three levels: state control (supervision), expert organizations and specialized organizations. Three-tier system, I believe, gives the normal parameters. According to the number of accidents we have minimal numbers. We VJ Komissarov looked at the statistics, and so — in the livestock during milking more accidents than we have in the elevators!

Why do I think the old system of supervision effective? Because it is a state. Yes, we are all professionals and we try to work well, but we, as owners of elevators, the idea that tomorrow will come to check the state inspector, to stimulate the conscientious work and the observance of safety requirements.

So, from January 1 to Rostekhnadzor shall enter into force the Federal Law № 294-FZ «On the Protection of the Rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in the exercise of state control (supervision) and municipal control.» According to this law, the inspector has the right to come RTN checking the owner or operating organization only once in three years. And this despite the fact that since October 2010 Technical regulation «About safety of lifts» cancels participation in the commission of inspectors entering elevators in operation and permits the use, that is, Rostekhnadzor will not be responsible for the receipt and testing of new elevators.

It seems to me that the lack of proper state control, supervision will create a problem of non-compliance and regulations, and since October 2010 — the requirements of the Technical Regulations.

Maybe I’m wrong. I would like to hear your opinion on this issue. From the Russian lift association, we have already written a letter, which reflected the problem, the deputy of the State Duma, head of section «Elevators and other lifting equipment» Expert Council on town-planning activity at the State Duma Committee for Construction and Land Affairs KV Shirshov. I have made this difficult for liftovikov question at a meeting of the Section.

The fact that the Federal Law № 294-FZ, art. 9, p. 9 reads as follows: «In relation to legal persons carrying out activities in the social sphere (note — social!), Planned inspections can be carried out twice or more within three years.» Thus, the law provides that, in the social sphere state supervision can be carried out more than once in three years. Today Rostekhnadzor conduct inspections of elevators in the housing sector, on average, once a year. The list of such activities, the frequency of scheduled inspections established by the Government of the Russian Federation. Thus, it is possible to appeal to the government so that it included the activity associated with the operation of the elevators in the list of activities in the social sphere in which the state supervision will be carried out, for example, once or twice a year for three years.

I would like you to be sure to have considered this question. Interested in your opinion, what they think liftoviki on the ground? By law, unscheduled access to the object can be achieved only if an immediate threat to life and health. Inspection should now receive from you or from tenants about an imminent threat — this is the first. Second — it should take this letter to consider its disposal to release and send it to the regional prosecutor’s office. Only the prosecutor’s office, considering the whole set of documents, decides on an unscheduled inspection: it is possible or not.

If you and I make a decision to apply to the government and we will be able to change this situation, we will continue to work in those conditions, which are the security seem to me justified and effective. If the government will not change its position, the monitoring function, supervision will be transferred to self-regulatory organizations. And on behalf of the self-regulatory organizations, we within three years will have to force the owners to carry out the technical regulations. But you yourself will not be able to get them, because working with them on a contractual basis.

Next, I would like to read two paragraphs of Article 9 of Law 294, which we are talking about cooperation with the self-regulatory organizations.

«Item 10. A routine check of legal entities-members self-regulatory organization is carried out in respect of not more than 10% of the total number of members of the self-regulatory organization and at least two members of the self-regulatory organization in accordance with the annual plan of scheduled inspections.»

In other words, if today you will send to the supervisory authority a notice that you are a member of a self-regulatory organization «Molo», «Rusekspertlift», «Liftservis» or «RLS», the supervisor must fulfill this requirement.

«Article 13 In the event of a scheduled inspection of members self-regulatory organization of the state control authority shall notify the self-regulatory organization in order to allow the participation or presence of a representative to conduct a routine inspection.»

Thus, the function of the self-regulatory organization, in this case — the interaction with the supervisory authority. Informing your territorial body, you actually give him to understand that he is obliged to fulfill the norms of this law, that is to notify the CA-moreguliruemuyu organization. The participation of a representative of the SRO in the verification will enhance the quality of checks and protect the interests of members of the SRO.

In case of violations of the self-regulating organizations, officials of state control during a routine inspection of SRO members are obliged to inform the self-regulatory organization of the identified violations (attention!) Within 5 working days. That is, if you have checked in within 5 working days information about the checks should arrive in the «Molo». Thus, the self-regulatory system provides feedback on the work of the members.

Housing and utilities are now also developing on the basis of self-regulation. We hope that our National Union of an elevator will actively interact with the system.

Today, the elevator industry is between the construction and housing and communal services, thanks to the actions F.A.Lyachina, MA Waxman and VA Silence, it exists as a separate market is an elevator. Therefore, our position we will defend in two directions: from builders and utilities. IG Dyakov recorded part liftovikov builders, the next stage — housing and communal services.

Finally. Many are now working within the framework of the Fund for Housing Reform. You know that the Russian lift association has an agreement with the Fund and is his main expert on the subject of the elevator. I will highlight two issues that need to be addressed in 2010.

Now the Fund tenants through interaction with engineering centers define the scope of work on the elevators. And how engineering center responsible approach to this work: write you that the elevator is necessary to change or upgrade, or go on about the owner and recommend to change only one flap — depends on the amount of work for liftovikov.

I want to draw attention to this problem head «Rusekspertlifta.» If we are now united under the elevator market, let us deal with this issue on the conscience. Writing is necessary so that then do not be ashamed to three years people will not say, «But we have changed the Fund program a leaf, and now we have an elevator collapsed in general.» This is the first.

Well, and the second concerns the quality of the work. Given the fact that we are starting a campaign in the spring of the program of replacement of elevators in the Fund, we should not be allowed to discredit itself. Works on installation of lifts must be carried out efficiently.

In conclusion, I once again want to thank Max Waxman Aizikovich for the confidence he had me invited to work in the Russian lift association. I gladly accepted the offer and VA Silence to take part-time position of Deputy Director General to work with the manufacturers of elevator equipment in the executive body of NP SRO «Molo». Therefore, if members of the Molo have any problems or questions to the manufacturers of elevator equipment, please contact me — come to call. We will solve these problems, fix and do so that our agreement and union members elevator market in Russia to operate effectively.

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