The new broadcasting center in the virgin lands.

The new broadcasting center in the virgin lands.

Tasks further all-round development of agriculture in our country urgently require serious improvement across cultural and advocacy work in the countryside. In this important matter a great role to play radio, which is a powerful tool for the political education of the masses. That is why the Communist Party and the Soviet Government are committed to a radio service of the country and, in particular rural areas.

Soviet signalmen performing party and the government decree on the improvement of rural radio service and completion of installation of radio in the coming years collective and state farms and machine and tractor stations everywhere are working hard. Particular attention is paid radio service areas of virgin and fallow lands. This can be seen by the example of our region, which has already developed more than 140 thousand hectares of virgin land.

The collective farms in our area in the broadcast units have been allocated more than 32 thousand rubles. Recently, in the village of Peter and Paul began working interfarms new broadcasting center that caters to farmers selhozarteli Stalin’s name and «Prosveshenets» living in three settlements. From the broadcasting center to the villages laid 27 km of underground cable. In the houses of farmers have more than 300 radio sets.

It built and put into operation a new broadcasting center and the farm «Airtausky» in which work and live settlers who came to explore virgin lands. All of them now have the opportunity to regularly listen to radio programs.

Last summer, on the broadcasting center of the village Volodarsky were built radio length of 121 km. This enabled radios 11 settlements, among them — Voskresenka, Novo-Ukrainka, Kolesnikovka, Kruglovka, Chalk Kargaev and others. Now the houses of collective farmers, workers and employees of these villages established over 800 radio sets.

More recently, in our area we were only a few villages are equipped with radio. Now, the district has 17 broadcasting centers, about 5,000 radio sets and 463 radio.

The successful implementation of the plan radio service area of ​​great merit of our signalers. Senior technician telecommunication operators in the district office Paramonov, for example, provides systematic assistance to workers SMU in the conclusion of contracts with the collective farms in the transport of construction materials and so on. N. An experienced expert, Mr. Paramonov takes an active part in the preparation of collective radio operators. In a number of collective farms in the broadcasting centers successfully operate his disciples: t. Gorohvodatsky — Ayartov in the village, that is. Minaev — the farm named Kutuzov t. Babenko — on the farm named Khrushchev.

Who laid the feeding line Volodarskoe — Lavrovka. There are radios, many farm and village. Work is also under way on telephone area. So, in the village of Kirillovna built automatic stations for 20 subscribers. Telephones farm «Ayrtausky.» Installed telephone connection between the district center and the collective farm named after Stalin.

Much has been done, but much more needs to be done this year. First of all, they should be equipped with radio remote farms: Zhdanov, Malenkov’s name and others. We have all possibilities for 1956 fully radios all settlements of the region.

Along with the completion of the installation of radio collective villages, officials regard our district should pay more attention to ensuring a clear and uninterrupted operation of the existing collective broadcasting centers. We must always remember that we are talking about meeting the cultural needs of tens of thousands of farmers and their families, for which the radio has become a vital necessity.

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