They called us!

FAST dark. Suddenly, from a distance came the desperate cry. Someone lost in the reeds, called for help.

— It is necessary to help out! — I said vybredavshim of water neighbors halt.

— Will choose if not a fool — I answered hung ducks uncle. — Our legs are not state-owned.

— Then turn the car lights though. Let people see, where to go.

— Battery charging will you give me? — Uncle asked grimly. — No? Well, go with God.

He turned and calmly walked to a broken tent nearby. Behind him stretched shortstop.

What to do? I pulled the shaft rubber boots and throwing up his hands reeds, went to rescue an unknown friend — hunter alone …

Read your lines were written not a novelist. They are taken from a letter from an old hunter, a resident of the city of Aktobe, DA Obraztsova indignantly told the editorial board about how in October last year, the members of Orsk society of hunters Chernous II, IA and VA Andryushenko Meyer threw adrift man dies in Kazakh steppe lake-Kul.

Fortunately, this man still managed to save. These hunters rescued companion.

But here in front of me are two more letters. The first came from the Chuvash Autonomous Republic from the hunter DY Malyshev and reports about the accident, which occurred on November 24, 1961 on the territory of the Kirov Forestry, Ibresinsky District, with AT Andreev and P. L. Volkov, walked watch for bear-vulture .

Andreev got a storage shed, and Volkov, hard drinking «for courage», settled in nearby bushes. Pala night. The bear did not appear. The wolf, stupefied with alcohol, decided «to scare» buddy. Removing the sheepskin coat up, he bent slowly went to a warehouse … Hearing a rustling in the other side, where the bear waiting and seeing the approaching dark mass, Andreev raised his rifle and fired. The bullet hit Volkov in the chest and left in the abdominal cavity. A few hours later Volkov died. His wife was a widow, his four children have been orphaned …

On the second stamp the envelope it says: Kirovsk, Murmansk region … At the bottom of the sender’s address: Office of Public Prosecutor. It is not the signal from the spot. This is — the answer junior counselor of justice of Comrade Osipov on the wording of the request that was the thirtieth of August last year on the northern Lake Imandra.

And that’s what happened. Young hunters Raczynski and liquid, met yesterday at the lake three strangers drunken people succumbed to their entreaties to go on a fishing trip together. The three strangers who find themselves, as it turned out, the poachers Filippov, Golovanov and Makarov, offered «acceptable conditions» — they give a fine-meshed network and Raczynski and liquid their aluminum boat. The company trains. The next morning, on an aluminum boat we put a heavy motor, loaded it, took away the dog and pushed off … Until the opposite shore was a little more than fifty meters, when hunters swooped a flock of ducks. Raczynski grabbed his gun lying at hand Golovanov, stood up and fired. One of the ducks plopped into the water. The dog lunged for prey, jump on its boat rocked. Raczynski not stay on his feet, he collapsed on the side of the boat … A moment later, all five hunters were in the water. They tried to escape, clinging to the overturned boat and tried to swim to shore. But only one swam Golovanov, the other drowned.

The letter enclosed a copy of the prosecutor’s decision to discontinue the criminal case «on the death of Racha, Jidkova, Filippov and Makarov», signed by the prosecutor’s office investigator Kirovsk friend Slepneva.

The resolution said briefly: «The victims were drowned as a result of its own gross negligence …»

Yes that’s right. Unstable aluminum boat heavily overloaded. It was impossible to go standing up, it was impossible to make any sudden movements. And how it could have been avoided if three out of five have appeared drunk?

Well? You can write in the margins of letters «to the archive» order that hem them in the proper folder, and try to forget the misfortune that came in several Soviet families. It still does not resurrect the dead …

But we want to ask ibresinskih and Kirov hunters — whether they knew the victims? Does it bother them that PL Wolves go hunting, abused alcohol? What Raczynski and liquid differ carelessness, did not realize that poachers do not have to fraternize and struggle? Philip, and Makarov is not the first time out on the illegal fishing that any such departure for them meant another booze?

And I again and again thought about, why all these people were killed? Is the only reason for their death was, in the language of lawyers, only «own gross negligence»?

Has it not become the true cause of tragedies; played in Chuvashia and in the Murmansk region, besides indifference?

The indifference of those allowed to take up arms, allowed to join the Society of Hunters people, some of which are long lost the right to call the athletes, while others have not earned that right.

The indifference of those who still believes, like a hunter and fisherman in our time can become a citizen, as long as he wanted it, but in time would pay a state fee and dues to society of hunters and fishermen.

Of course, not always a pleasure to talk about their shortcomings. Especially now that the hunting community is experiencing a time of great and joyful lifting. But it is necessary to talk about it. After all, we want to make the world a life of hunting country flowed a river of light that does not pop up in her mud poaching, predation, indifference, selfishness, complacency, laziness, falsely understand the feelings of camaraderie, the bad traditions of the past!

Combat these phenomena is dedicated to our activities and central bodies, and hunting inspection and advanced collectives, enjoying the full support of the party Mr. Soviet organizations.

However, not everything is going smoothly, as we all would like. Of course, you can find a variety of so-called objective causes of the fact that the members of the hunting societies and still penetrate people random alien sport foreign to the ideas of enrichment and protection of fauna, considering nature as a pantry, which hangs insufficiently strong castle, people , sometimes not engaged in socially useful work.

Yes, no doubt, existed for a long time, the practice of selling hunting rifles into the first hand; deeply wrong, but still a very common sight to hunt on publicly available and also advantageous entertainment; disorder relationship of hunters with industrial groups, local authorities — all this led and is leading to clogging of the hunting societies grabbers and drunkards.

But there is another reason leading to this — the reason to blame for where we are all together and each of us individually.

This reason — our low demands on the moral qualities of the members of the hunting societies, forgetting that the fight for communist morality — our most important thing, forgetting that drunkenness, individualism, public apathy — serious defects, leading to a violation of socialist ethics, and sometimes to shkurnichestvu unfortunately the crimes.

Our hunting groups and many work well in hunting reserves, feed birds and animals concerned device places for nesting migratory game, protect land from poachers.

In many societies, being nice and educational work with hunters, especially with young people.

But here and there forget that, in addition to lectures and discussions, in addition to the device solonetzes and feeders, hunting society must take care of the construction of the spiritual, to study his people to follow their moral stature, to teach them a communist attitude to nature and to his comrades in labor and if necessary, strictly to ask the guilty, to expose them to the court of honor, in particularly difficult cases, punishing the most painful punishment for the hunter — except from the company …

Our hunters — the citizens of the country that has adopted an ambitious program of building communism. This largely depends on them to come to giving birth to the communist «close», teeming with birds and animals, in the unprecedented beauty of forests and rivers, savings from death and clogging, ready to please your man generous gifts!

Therefore, today it is very important to prevent even the best attempts at poaching, cut the ground from under the feet of poachers, to deprive them of the opportunity to create their nefarious deeds.

Is it possible? Yeah maybe! Experience shows that the poachers are usually — people morally unsustainable, whose behavior in the workplace and at home makes it possible to predict what will be of their behavior on the hunt.

Currently, in many societies, taking of a friend in a hunting team members, require a production response, ask who his guarantors.

This is correct! It is only to ensure that production managers and guarantors lowered, which assume the responsibility.

The basis of the educational work should be put Moral Code of the Builder of Communism.

No parasite, not a drunkard, not a violator of norms of social morality in the ranks of the hunters! That is the slogan of the day in our societies.

But this is only one aspect of the problem.

Unfortunately, it happens, and so that in the workplace, in the home at the person all seems to be going smoothly, and it will be on the hunt — and forgotten all the rules, given the will of the basest instincts. Humanity — poboku laws partnership — a side, hunting ethics — a side!

This winter, a student medical school Pskov V. Zabelin hunting with Laika, ran into the forest with members of the hunting society Polnovskogo Borovoy and Lemeshev. Dogs Borovoy and Lemesheva attacked husky, jumped out to a clearing. But in vain Zabelin asked hunters drag their dogs. Instead, to help someone to save the dog, Lemeshev ran to lie on your back, do not resist Like and began to trample it underfoot. Zabelin had to use force to pry the dog squealing desperately from under the thumb of a man brutalized. Laika Zabelin carried home on their hands …

What words to call this behavior «hunter» Lemesheva? What is common to him with the hunter-athlete with a genuine dog breeder? Never mind! So does it make sense to keep him in the company of hunters?

He disgraced the title of the hunter and the VN Stasenko of urban village Berezino that in the Minsk region.

… He assigned the wolf. We have not made a reservation. Following in the footsteps of the hunter Schupp poisoned wolves, Stasenko found the body of matter and even knew who killed the predator, took him to her to gain «points» in the contest for the fight with the wolves.

With public inspector comrade. Fomicha hunters found who stole the poisoned animals.

Stasenko and then behaved unworthily, threatening hunters «to find them on the council at the highest levels,» and then, having started with Schupp unsightly bargaining, trying with money to hush up the scandal which began.

Deeply mistaken Stasenko. He forgot that the most highest court in our country — the people, the public, and now it will be difficult to answer to his teammates, will not be easy to recapture its former repute.

Stasenko Situation complicated by the fact that he believes … public inspectors and the people asking particularly strict with those who had their confidence.

And then you can not, of course, keep silent about those who violate our laws, who are being called upon to lead hunters to educate them, to set an example of high morality, he violates the laws, compromising the rank of supervisor.

Hunters Ostrogozhsk district, Voronezh region, several times drawn attention of gosohotinspektsii and regional society of hunters negligent performance of duty state game warden VD Tyufty. Tyufty violated the rules of hunting, harboring poachers, included them in the share.

The area and the area knew about it. But it took the intervention of the prosecutor’s office of the magazine and the Russian Federation to Tyufty was finally released from work.

Invalid behaved in a Tyuftiem Head of hunting Glavohoty tons. Arutyunov, forward the complaint to the inactivity of the regional hunt inspectors tons. Borodovitsina … Besides Borodovitsinu. Himself Borodovitsin tried to influence the critics shouts, ohaivaya them as detractors.

The question is, where is the integrity of these leaders, the esprit de corps they do more good opinion of people more conscience?

Several years working gamekeeper Alexandria District Council UHFA retired colonel Philip A. Kovalenko, a man no longer young, but not sparing of their forces for the public good.

In December 1961, he was detained by a group of poachers in the composition of the twenty-two man, who committed hooligan attack on hunting ground service registration Alexandria District Council. Poachers, who came from the city of Krivoy Rog in a car, were armed with rifles, dressed in camouflage and hunting battue way, destroying all life that came to the shot.

Prosecutor Krivoy Rog, to investigate the case, ordered attract poachers to justice. However, the matter somehow involved only fourteen of the twenty-two. Eight people out of business, «fell.»

«Why? — Indignantly wrote to the editor Comrade Kovalenko. — Or someone seemed uncomfortable touch «famous people»? But I am a Communist, I remember Lenin’s behest specifically to hold managers who believe that laws are written for all but them … And I demand to punish all participants suffered poaching raid … «

Comrade Kovalenko rights. The editors hope that the public prosecutors and hunting Dnepropetrovsk region support it.

We believe that will take the correct position, finally, and the heads of the Grodno regional society of hunters, upholding the decision of the hunting team of the Grodno tobacco factory for two years deprivation of the right to hunt a former chairman of the collective MA Vorobyov.

M. Vorobiev tarnished its reputation poaching, using the means of acquired team licenses defiance when discussing his actions.

Deprived collection of hunters hunting rights, he said that spits on the decision that will hunt, like hunting, because he can find protection …

The defense found. Value Vorobiev complain Grodno gorraysovetu BOOR on the «illegality» of the primary solutions team is pleading lawbreakers person is not available, apparently, and notions of ethics and morality, were heard. Councils, Unequivocally, judged that imposed on the State Inspectorate Vorobiev penalty, removing him from his post as chairman of the collective and the deprivation of the right to hunt for two years — is too harsh a punishment for illegally taken game. And though the district council and led Vorobiev from among its members, but fair solution of collective hunters tobacco factory canceled. He left Vorobyov in society allowed him to hunt.

Acting chairman of the Grodno regional council society of hunters and anglers comrade. Tugarinov in response to requests wording as was punished Vorobyov, confined epic calm message of the decision District Council.

Comrades of the Grodno regional council seemed unaware that it is not a pair of dead Vorobiev excess of ducks, not even on the shoot of a foreign license boar and an insult poacher and his protectors of a team, of contempt of public opinion.

But is it possible to educate people, not understanding these simple things, without giving itself the report that such condescension, such indifference, willingly or unwillingly aiding poachers undermines your credibility, you push the fruits of honest hunters and new grabbers!

We would like to once again remind the comrades of Grodno that few know about Lenin’s moral principles in the guide, should be guided by these principles every day, being particularly shepetilnymi and demanding above all to themselves.

Our hunting society raises the question of moral education. This is natural and understandable. People want to live under communism. They now want to see around him comrades who would act whenever and wherever a Communist.

B. Pribytkov

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