They will not spare

They will not spare

Renegades, they betrayed the holy genre of RTS, cowardly fled to the lair of the Lord of the bloody PeZhe. Alas, this is forever recorded not only in the title of their new games — Command & Conquer: Renegade …

Title card: Name: Louis Castle I (Luis Kastl). Name: Producer. Gender: Male. Number: 1298765. accusation of betrayal.

Name: David Yee (David I). Name: Artist. Gender: Male. Number: 1298766. The charge: aiding a traitor.

Name: Colin McLaughlin (Colin McLaughlin). Name: Spielberg. Gender: Male. Number: 1288767. The charge: aiding a traitor.


Voiceover: Today, this exemplary process is known to us under the big name "The case of treason №19890854459712". Today we know, dear comrades, that the defect does not remain unpunished, and pernicious desire, dear friends, do not be afraid of this word, parasites on the body of our bright society development strategy Riayltayma received their thirty pieces of silver from eserki Croft in impotent rage, comrades, grinding teeth but the other side of the barricades. We know, comrades, that the progressive youth potential enemy in unison above their heads held high busts of the founders of the Developed Real-inning O.M.H. L.G.O. and requires issuance of a defector Kastl, in late 1999 to make the transition across the border along with two accomplices, which, comrades, youth development potential enemy, no doubt condemn harsh, but fair, most humane court in the world D .Lincha.

The general plan: Luxury rural landscape, slightly greenish earth tide orange sky in the morning mist. The huge size card. Mountains on the horizon, small houses and trees, foamy river, a tiny waterfall and a bridge, all the familiar C&C, but for some reason, made in beautiful 3D. The engine is, without a doubt, very powerful. Flowering Harvest Tiberium at the foot of the mountains. She glows.

Voiceover: You see unique archival footage. There were no signs of trouble in the mode design office Westwood, where, hiding its true face, the accused cooperated. Do you think, dear comrades, that this footage of look forward to a bright future with the project&Since 2000.

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