Train safety in the Automation and Remote Control.

Train safety in the Automation and Remote Control.

West Siberian Railway — the main transport artery of Siberia. It passes through five regions of the Russian Federation. Constituting 7% of the length of the network, 20% highway performs network-wide load and 12% of turnover. The road serves the largest complex in the Kuzbass coal, and coal is about 70% of its structure loading. An important role in the rhythm of traffic plays a farming automation and remote control, which maintains uninterrupted operation of signaling systems and traffic safety. The scope of work for the whole economy in 2007 exceeded 4225 tehn. u For six months of this year it has increased by 93 units. The scope of work for 6 months of the year as a whole amounted to 4318 farm tehn. u, labor productivity — 1,401 tehn. u / people., the average monthly salary — 20 065 rubles.

On the way to the 300 stations in the electric centralization includes more than 8.5 thousand. Arrows. Implementation of the program update automatic devices has allowed several reduce the number of systems with EC expired operation. Chart Systems Renewal of EC in 1997-2008. Key areas of management automation and remote control are still the modernization of equipment and organization RAT secure their functioning. To solve these problems for the current year allocated 1.655 billion. Rub., Including for the modernization of all programs 1.1905 billion. Rub. and overhaul of 464.6 million. rubles. In an economy of automation and remote control in full swing this year is modernizing electric interlocking devices at stations Novokuznetsk East, Welsh, Talzhino, Sudzhenka, laying (Altai, park «G») — only 300 hands. At stations Inskaya (odd slide) and Moskovka introduced a complex system of automation of management process of sorting AIMS joint venture. In terms of equipment and two multipath spans continuously operating devices for two-way movement of trains are equipped with the wrong path Stretches Golukhov — Smaznevo, Smaznevo — Zarinskaya (42 km). Completed work on the equipment of the Novosibirsk branch of the road system diagnostics and remote monitoring. The ongoing reconstruction of the stations associated with the extension of routes, reduction of previously mothballed stations and sidings (station Altai — Park reception patrols Polysaevo, Artyshta-2, Meret, Yaya, development Linevo station), built on a plot of centralized traffic control Altai — Biisk. The dynamics of the cases of marriage shows that their number though reduced, but not eliminated. The total number of failures of devices signaling the fault of all the farms of the road in 2007 compared to 2006 decreased by 9% in 2374 and is a failure. The analysis shows that 85% of failures signaling devices permitted for reasons beyond the control of the person and the organization of its work. If we consider the failure signaling devices on the elements that the largest number allowed by the cabinet and switching cabinets, equipment, rail circuits, elements of protection devices against overvoltage. As of the beginning of the year on the road laid 4753 km of jointless track when the total length of the main departure tracks and 13,415 km. This year’s planned overhaul of about 600 kilometers. In connection with the expansion of the landfill continuous welded rail track circuits work greatly improved. However, it should be noted unsatisfactory training track circuits for use in the winter in areas with welded rail connectors. Last year, on stages Lyubovka — Irtysh and Harvest — Lyubovka Omsk branch for this reason allowed six failures. On seven spans Kuzbass branch 29 failures occurred. To improve the operation of boiling arrangements were announced last year to bring two month of relay cabinets automatic block system to the requirements of regulatory guidance. For the best maintenance of boiling arrangements of collective senior electrician Kemerovo distance signaling IG Golubev encouraged the Commission services such as car UAZ. On the road are in operation more than 10 thousand. Turnout drives. To repair them created by five points in Vhodninskoy, Inskoy, Taiga, Novokuznetsk, the Altai ranges, which annually repaired and tested the technical audit of 1300-1600 drives. A total of five points are 36 people. Cost savings with centralized repair is 10.3 mln. Rubles. in year. In order to improve traffic safety in the past year introduced 111 technical devices, including 17 points and discharging wits, 24 arrows with Auto Return, 10 stationary brake stops. In addition, 43 are equipped with an additional arrow display control the position of the arrow on the «reset». In addition, the devices installed 52 seats abutting driveways industry to prevent unauthorized access of rolling stock on the path of «Russian Railways». In recent years, on the road is built and in operation eight stations with microprocessor EC four systems. Continues equipment portion of the device DC. At present, the length of sections equipped with devices DC is 1671 km (78 stations). The operating systems are Setun, Dialogue CHDTS-66, Neva. In the West-Siberian way for organizing and carrying out maintenance devices RAT order of the Chief Road Traffic control center held diagnostic and monitoring devices of railway automatics and robot (DDTS TDM).

The system of technical diagnostics and monitoring allows real-time control of the technical condition of devices and systems of railway automation, such as electric centralization, automatic blocking of all types, centralized traffic control devices crossing signaling and control of rolling stock on the moving train, fire-alarm system and fire-fighting. The system of technical diagnostics and monitoring is monitoring the movement of trains and signaling the state of facilities at all 300 stations on the road and 188 hauls. In total, the system includes more than 100 thousand. Sensors monitoring device signaling. System diagnostics stations Novosibirsk node identified about 500 parameters deviations from the norms of the content. Bringing them to normal help to prevent failures. System monitoring devices KTSM, for example, 22-23 November 2007 found 242 deviations from the norm of 316 units KTSM roads, including main feeder 76 trips, 26 trips reserve, 140 variations of parameters in blocks KTSM devices. The ultimate goal of the organization monitoring center — the transition from costly preventive maintenance system signaling devices on their service as. Activities of the Center for Monitoring of railway automation and remote control can be integrated harmoniously into the overall mechanism for monitoring the quality management system. The center will act as indicators of progress of processes and the quality of services. The number of operational staff management automation and remote control in 2007 was 3161 persons. The farm is replenished by young professionals, have graduated from high schools and technical schools. Currently, full-time students enrolled in higher education institutions 192 people., Correspondence — 114 people. In colleges full-time students — 176 people., Correspondence — 110 people. In 2008, we arrived at the target areas in OmGUPS 44 graduate schools and 54 line stations — in technical schools. The farm has 368 middle managers, 54% of them have higher education, 45% — secondary vocational education. These figures indicate that the program replacement practitioners graduates successfully implemented. At the end of 2007 the title of «Senior electrician 1st class» was awarded 18 professionals. They had set a monthly allowance for a title of 50% of salary or an average of 7659 rubles. The maximum salary of a senior electrician 1st class Kemerovo distance signaling SN Kovalev was 38.6 thousand. Rub., The senior electrician 1st class Inskoy distance PV Burov — 39 thousand. Rub. It should be noted that it is the fifth time confirmed its high level of professionalism. In order to increase accountability and material interest of workers of structural divisions and remote management of automation to improve the quality of the technical content of supported devices on the road developed the «Regulations on the rating evaluation of the enterprise.» The rating of the current is taken into account when awarding the employees of the structural unit.

The main criteria for evaluation of signaling and communication: traffic safety and reliability of the hardware (the number of marriages per 100 tehn. U, the total number of failures at a distance and by 1 tehn. U and others.); financial and economic (labor productivity, operating costs, the implementation of the capital master plan, and others.); frames (staffing distances Electrician, electricians and others.); labor protection (occupational accidents, operating costs spent on labor protection measures, the incidence of personnel and others.); scientific-technical and investment work (use of heat energy resources (FER), renting scrap implementation of the investment program, rationalization); the reliability of hardware systems, DC, EDTSU, PSA, SPD-LP (the number of failures, prompt removal of comments, etc.); comments on the passage of the car-laboratory (the sum of all comments on KTSM, ALSN, SOUTH); the results of work on the overhaul of the way (renovated kilometer, the number of temporary checkpoints in operation, the number of stacked switches at railway sleepers).

For all these indicators, each distance is assessed. Total number of ratings distance depends on its place for each indicator and determines the rating range. Low rating CC-8 is due to inadequate provision of safety devices, personnel problems and the weak performance of labor protection. Thus, it is necessary to strengthen the staff of distance work primarily in these areas. In the future, office automation and robot plans to take into account the rating of the distance and transmit information about it to the branch of the road to use them when calculating the amount of this fund bonuses.

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