Unwanted child

In practice known psychic and healer Anatoly Ledeneva there are many amazing cases.

I love to travel around the country, conduct reception in different regions of Russia. From each trip back though tired, but with a special charge of energy, which is inherent in a particular city. You know, even the smell of all its completely unique — it’s true. But the main thing, of course, I meet a lot of people. They come to me with their troubles, problems and pain. Each case is like another. And when it is possible to help restore a person’s life to normal, save health and welfare, it not only brings me satisfaction, but also gives new strength for further action.

Get off on the wrong foot

So, the history of which I want to tell you what happened during one of his trips, in the city of N. The day began as usual. To me at the reception came a young couple — Svetlana and Michael F. Just a week ago, they had a son. The reason for the visit was to this event. The baby was born very weak, he did not have the strength to scream or to suckle, he did not even open his eyes. Doctors could not diagnose, explaining the absence of a newborn vitality. Apgar assessment of his condition were 6/6. In general, doctors said, pray.

The picture brought by the parents, I saw a tiny but perfectly formed man. However, I immediately realized that something was wrong with his birth. And carefully began to understand, to ask my questions. During the conversation, we found out that the couple was married just two months ago. It turns out that when a young woman becomes pregnant, the child’s father was afraid of responsibility and abandoned her. Svetlana, left alone, has decided to terminate the pregnancy. She went to the hospital to have an abortion. There’s a woman took a blood test and found out that she had a negative Rh factor. Doctors explained that the operation in case it is very risky, because as a result it may forever lose the opportunity to become a mother. Svetlana returned home confused and upset. The child she decided to leave, but did not want it and feel at the same time deeply unhappy. Unfortunately, her parents were also not supported. She felt rejected and all the helpless, terrified of her future. There were a lot of tears and emotions, despair. Every day, she thought: «If I had not» flown «Misha I had not thrown. Indeed, who needs child in twenty years? What will I do with it? How to raise and educate a child? «

In general, of course, the boy was unwelcome. Besides Svetlana started a terrible morning sickness. A young mother was very ill and mentally, and physically. Despite these difficulties, she still tried to force myself to love which originated in life. But it turns out that with varying degrees of success. And only when the child moved, she realized that now belongs not only to herself that she really needed new, nothing and to no one the guilty man.

The return of a loved

When Svetlana was almost resigned to his fate, she again met the father of her unborn child — quite by accident, in the Savings Bank. Seeing ex-girlfriend with a tummy, Michael threw her cold «hello» and quickly retreated. Returning home, she cried until morning. But there are no random encounters. A week later he called her. Young people met and from that day have never parted. Making sure that Svetlana decided to keep their child despite all the difficulties, he realized she really loves him. And he made her long-awaited proposal. Prospective parents were married when the light went already seven months pregnant, was complicated. Childbirth also were heavy, as if the child does not want to leave his mother’s womb, and had to squeeze force.

She would have regretted

So, it all became clear. I went into a trance, to see the newborn, as the police station, where he was lying, no one is allowed. What I saw struck me to the heart. My energy phantom was in the maternity ward. I found the right box, stood near the child and tried to give him some of their energy. Suddenly, light flashed in the House, so bright that even blinded my astral projection. Gradually it became more muted glow, and the room appeared silhouette of a woman. She seemed to materialize from the stream of unearthly light, now resembles a white mist or clouds. The woman approached the child and bent over him. Then he took out a small white blanket, intending to throw him to the newborn, while in the other hand she was holding a doll. I realized that the woman, whoever she was going to pick up the baby, but instead put the toy. I wanted to scream, but I had no voice. However, she suddenly spun around, he looked at me for a long moment and began to disappear. Then I felt bad …

I came out of the trance in a cold sweat, and some time could not figure out where and why am what now is the day and the hour. When he came to, I realized that, most likely, the woman saw — Holy Mother of God. She came to pick up the boy, but something made her change the decision: whether she had compassion on him, or me. Anyway, she left the life of Svetlana and her son Michael.

After that, the baby immediately went on the mend, he began to open his eyes and cast a vote. I also did not depart for another week the baby fueled his energy. Soon he canceled a dropper, and the baby for the first time took the chest.

This story ended happily. The child recovered, ahead of his whole life. Svetlana often calls me and tells how to grow a little Maxim, invited to become his godfather. Thank God, now everyone is happy, and I am immensely pleased that in there and my merit. But this case, I will never forget.

Therefore, I address to you, dear women. Whatever fate, do not abuse or hurt their unborn children, do not blame them that what they do not blame! Children in the womb all perceive and understand, they feel the need if their parents or rejected. Automatically a new person to expose the destructive program — «You do not want to, you’re no use to anyone.» The child then goes through life with a firmly entrenched in the subconscious feelings of guilt, worthlessness, experiencing uncertainty and weakness. Only one kid who fell in love with back in the womb, born personality, he is lucky, has good skills, the desire for self-realization. And further. Unborn souls of the children still in the heavens themselves choose their parents, and they sometimes let them down, do not start here on earth. Such souls can not be reincarnated until they otmolit. But there is nothing more valuable than human life, children’s laughter, and the magic word «mother», spoken by your child. Do not be afraid of difficulties, they are always there on the road, because we — alive. Remember: everything can be corrected, but death.

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