UPDATE apiaries

UPDATE apiaries

Stepan A. Shchelkunov recently come to the apiary Lenin collective farm, Yegoryevsky area. Former chairman of the village council brought here a long-standing love for the profession beekeeper. Work with the bees, he began on a tiny gardening apiary, he graduated from the one-year school beekeepers and now Schelkuchov SA — head of the collective farm beekeeping farm in the 192 family (in the apiary has two employees).

Fortunately for the beekeeper, his first season, the summer of 1961, turned out to be favorable for honey collection. However, cases in the apiary has been a great deal: a lot of families (150) Dry old honeycombs are missing hives collapse. However, the cost of all this to really make farm hands and was updated on the eye: do new and repaired old and winterer hives, bee built warehouse sotoobespechennost increased from 13 to 18 frames of breeding in nests, new laps and pillows. Apiary gave 45 centners of marketable honey and 108 kilograms of wax. In winter, the family went to the power of 9-10 lanes, each with good fodder reserves. They are all well wintered.

The early and warm spring of 1962 a positive impact on the development of bee colonies. In May, the hives were set extensions. Bees carry nectar and pollen from the gardens and wild honey plants. The first spring honey beekeeper pleased.

But the weather disappoint. The sun beat down mercilessly. In the steppe hosted first dry winds, and then black dust storms, which ran until the end of June. The drought also continued for a month.

Due to the fact that the spring in nests was 20-30 kg of feed, the family continued to grow even in bad weather, when they were unable to take off from the hives. Therefore, after the first rain, as soon as the buckwheat and sunflower started to allocate the nectar, all the families rushed to honey. Bribes were plentiful and strong families were able to use it fully. As a result, they have collected 70 kilograms of honey. The beekeeper has also received 117 kilograms of wax and 25 new families.

In the winter of 1962/63, the matter is already 192 families. The collective farm is planned to increase the number of families in the autumn of 1963 to 250, in the new year to get 120 quintals of marketable honey and 150 kilograms of wax. It is planned to build a new winterer 200 bee families and residential house. Will sainfoin sown 100 hectares, 400 hectares of buckwheat, and 500 hectares of sunflower.

The plans are good. We wish Stepan Alexeyevich and his aides with the honor to meet them!

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