Waiter, you get!

Waiter, you get!

The author of the script — Zdenek drilling to the director — CHAPTER DISLAV SMOLYAK operator — Ivan III leg TA composer — Yaroslav UGLNRZH

Rohl and performing:

Vrya on — POZEF AY’HAM Vrya nona — DO Boucher safrankova Faith — zli 111 SC B ALZEROVA Douhola — Zuzana FISHEROVA Pyarzhiaek — Zdenek drilling to Manuela — DAGMAR PATRASOVA

• Barry ND OH *. CHEHOSLOVA cue

The film is dubbed in the film studio named

W Gorky

Directed by dubbing — A cystic KUROCHKIN. 8 parts. 215K m. At the P L «I 8001 81. Children up to 10 children.

— 8.3.

So he lived forty years of this Don Juan with his new family in more than modest. To adapt to the conditions, even from the old bike he built himself something like a car and nothing * I went to this «tarahtelke *. It would. perhaps, he lived himself, occasionally gives to the WPA in «love * verge, if not traditional Congress classmates.

I am going to the Congress of Iran carefully, though his clothes off with was just something out of an old black suit, in which he looked like a musician orchestra or waiter. But the LRA is not sіchen embarrassed our hero, and he’s in a good mood went pas meeting with old friends.

). Vranje was terribly ashamed of their appearance. and for his «tarahtelku * and he introduced classmates successful man — the owner of a country house and * Fiat *. A set himself the goal of whatever was to achieve this • well-being. * On what? ..

cafe in the cafe and posing as a senior waiter, with visitors getting the money and disappeared. The case proved beneficial, from Vranje has developed an appetite, and it was becoming more inventive.

And finally Vrana goes to prison.

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