WEAPONS small but proud republic

WEAPONS small but proud republic

IVAN Cochin

It is believed that after the October Revolution received the independence of Latvia, Estonia and Finland was virtually no defense industry. However, this is not entirely true, it turns out, these countries have created original designs min.

Practicality CLUB SHOOTERS

Sergey Danilov

French Shooting Club, in Mytishchi, the former Olympic shooting range in the «Dinamo», distinguished by practical orientation: it is designed primarily for professionals who have a permit for short arms.

LEARN shoot straight

We begin to publish the book A. Karachevsky «Learn to shoot straight,» published by the State Publishing House Military Commissariat of Defense of the USSR in 1938. The book provides basic information about the rules of fire from rifles, of the reasons influencing shooting accuracy, about the structure of small-bore rifle, about her saving and storage.

Modern modular artillery CHARGES


The use of modular propellant charges was a revolutionary step in the development of artillery, which opened the possibility of full automation of the process for firing guns with kartuznym loader significant increase in the rate of fire and fire flexibility.

The ancestor SPORTS FAMILY


At the heart of the famous family TsKIBovskih MTS7 sporting guns, which for a long time to equip the best Soviet stendoviki, is a very interesting experimental double-barreled smooth-bore gun MTS31-20.

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