A feast for the four walls.

How to make your home unrecognizable? How to change your character? It is not necessary to carry back and forth to buy furniture and antique chests inlaid with mother of pearl. We must start with his own soul.

What she’s lying? Suggested romantic mood? Suddenly wished luxury? Dreaming of a retro — like in the pictures in my grandmother’s album? Or drastically rejuvenated, hungry for bright colors and experimenting with forms?

What is good in the wallpaper in the home textiles — to change them, do not need to contrive large repairs. And the result is simply amazing.


It would seem that the similarities between the human need for communication and fashionable interior? Judge for yourself: obviously individualists time comes to an end; people feeling that they are stronger together, come together in small groups of interests; Abroad became popular group «gardeners», who together grow fresh vegetables to his desk. Of course, are in vogue floral motifs — flowers, leaves, bouquet, branches, fruits, palm trees, bamboo. And in addition — natural stone and wood. Collections Wallpower Rhythm and Ibiza, which offers Dutch company Eijffinger, and very fresh collection Muse — it combines watercolor tones, floral decorations and enchanting birds. (This collection is expected in September.)

What is the Garden of Eden with a modern edge? First of all, cheerful festive tone floral motifs — something resembling calico summer dresses fifties.

You can choose the wallpaper from the collection of Wallpower Rhythm with large flowering branches, turned to the wall, simulating access to the garden. It may be large garden flowers and lush bunches of lilacs, and stretches into the distance alley. But only one wall — the other three better than modest dress up, picking up the wallpaper in tone.

Wallpaper and drapes in a heavenly style of play nicely with colorful furniture — so if the «country», then comprehensive. Some tables and chairs remind cheerful asceticism sixties of the last century. Useful and large colorful cushions — embroidered or related to the largest, which just happen, spokes. Very nice way to dress up a living room — if you are tired of the huge leather sofas and armchairs sized newsagent. Good mood, even in the long autumn evenings guaranteed.

And in the children’s room, if there is live girls, floral motifs are welcome. For the bedroom, of course, have to choose a more subdued pastels.


This year, his title — Vintage Great.

But if trinkets, purses or even dresses can be picked up on the «flea markets» of European capitals, the wallpaper and curtains will not find there. It’s for the best: Vintage style design of the home — this is the style, not a museum showcase. Fashion trends picks up and develops the company Casamance. Collections Abstract Hermitage and were created under the influence of works by famous French designer 30-40s Michel Frank. It combines the creativity minimalism and expensive materials.

Actual figures — vertical stripes, diamonds, circles, geometric composition, and if there is a continuous floral ornament -So, if copied from the expensive fabric of the seventeenth century. Top of vintage luxury — embroidery on silk, which offers a collection Bellerose. Embroidered curtains and pillows — the live focus that is required in the strict and even vintage minimalist interior.

Vintage colors today — saturated blue, emerald green, purple, coral, red, and yet eternally fashionable white and pastel beige, which is everywhere in the place.

But there is one feature — and geometric and fantasy, and floral patterns cast in gold, silver or bronze. Metallized pattern looks rich, causing memory and the Winter Palace of Versailles.

A Belgian company Otehso offers an artistic image of Venice in the collection of Palazzo (meaning «palace»). The Venetians knew a lot about luxury — why not learn from them? Fine ornaments in baroque style, stripes, flowers, leaves go well with a light metallic sheen. -nefritovy Colors, ivory, pearl, champagne; They combine well with richer — rust, anthracite, gold.

Naturally, the furniture and then require an elegant, stylized well, at least under the rococo. Or at least, as an accent, a couple of lamps in the ancient taste. The living room or office in vintage style, with a silver tint, — this is the expensive simplicity, which is to invest because of its relevance — LP.

Invited to a party!

Active optimists fashion offers bright colors, almost notorious acid. When you are young and full of energy — why not create in his house atmosphere of the party? Party — this is the excitement and extravagance. By the way is an exotic design from Otehso

— oriental patterns and doomed forever to come back in fashion revolution «Turkish cucumber.» The atmosphere of the trendy bar or night club will help create a fantastic collection of wallpapers Luz, proposed Eijffinger. Especially suitable for those with colored circles — and it seems that the walls soundlights walks. And if it is a party of teenagers

— Eijffinger offers the same «musical» wallpaper with a pattern of synthesizer keyboards. «Youth» room in the house — mostly former children. What our dear children stuck to the wall — we all know. What if they offer wallpaper with vintage cars and airplanes? With players and daring prints on T-shirts, including flickers their favorite «L0L» or «Love You» with touching heart?

In Eijffinger and such there.

Consultants Network Design Siena salons will help you choose the wallpaper and home textiles at every taste — from the most fashionable collections. Find these salons is simple — in the shopping center Alfa, Spice and in the center of Riga, on the street. Dzirnavu 45/47.

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