Of course, all systems are different from each other, but the one that will be discussed now — rare, indeed unique, as not assembled from standard components. Much of the technology developed individually for a particular room and thought out in the details of the owner’s wishes. The second is exactly the system does not and never will be.

TEXT Victor Gorbatov

The system was conceived a long time. Even at the stage of buying an apartment Alexander Knyazev one he asked in the future to build a home theater system. For a long time the cinema has existed in draft form, which is also periodically underwent various changes until there was work on the apartment, because initially there was no plan, only the bare walls. It changed several architects before finding a specialist who was able to build the interior, completely like the owners. His style was laid out in advance, it is in fact a classic, but classic, adapted to the modern ideas about the convenience and comfort combined with functionality.

First in the workshop of Alexander Knyazev designed and constructed all the furniture and other carpentry for flats. At this stage, and the idea is not to collect cinema with some ready-made components, and manufacture all individually and to make and acoustics (which it was decided to make the horn, as Alexander specializes in such structures), and the furniture looks looked like one integer. The main idea here — not to hide the speakers, but on the contrary, the emphasis put on the horns, turning them into a central element of the decor and the visual attraction of the whole structure. Thus were born the joint efforts of the sketches and later working drawings. A crucial point in the design process was a matter of sound towards the front pair. It is no secret that the horn has a distinct focus. It therefore chose a similar asymmetrical shape of the horn on the front pair of speakers.

The configuration of the sound path 5 +2. All speakers in a movie theater one-way and has no separation filters at all. The design used modified vintage 5-inch full range speakers — five pieces in the front channels, four speakers in the center and a pair of satellites. Two active subwoofer — as authoring, 15-inch speakers. Acoustics, of course, is not built into furniture, but simply placed in a specially prepared niche.

At the subwoofer gain transistor, and the other channels are 5-channel tube amplifier, push-pull, with kenotron power, working in pure class A, to use an old lamp 6N6P (5687), 6n1p (ess85) and 5TS8S. The power of each channel does not exceed 5 watts, but the volume is not included in full has never, often due to the high sensitivity of the acoustic operating capacity is less than a watt. Initially, all wiring has been made in the vintage copper wire. Today, it is slightly diluted branded wires. Anyway, they are completely hidden behind the furniture and decoration.

Sources in the system — Blu-ray-player Onkyo BD-SP809 and satellite receiver Humax, and signal processing used processor Onkyo PR-CS5509. You can display the image on a TV or Loewe, or by unfolding the screen with the projector SIM2 Grand Cinema HT. The screen is hidden inside the furniture design, as usually hidden and the projector — it extends by means of a motorized lift table surface, located behind the sofa, behind the spectators.

All control functions are assigned to the universal remote Universal Remote Control MX-3000i in conjunction with its regular controller. As such, the system of «smart house» in the apartment there, though there is a reason, but for ideological reasons. On the contrary, we can see that the same panel light is a completely analog look and a metal plate with metal toggles the switch.

But that’s not all. In the room there is also a musical path, namely turntable. He gathered on the basis of the roll Garrard 401, which was manufactured by a massive wooden cabinet. Primarily used SME 3009 tonearm head Shure VI5 the first generation, but then, after a series of experiments, it was decided to stop at a bunch of SME series V tonearm and Ortofon head A90.

Another is to say that the system is being completed and is developing very actively. During our first visit we saw fonokorrektor Whest PS.30R, but just a few months, having arrived the second time, we noticed that it was replaced by a tube MM phono stage and matching transformers for MC-head, Alexander made in his workshop. And if the vinyl tract can be considered almost completed, the digital path and the system as a whole has yet to be developed. While playing music discs using Blu-ray-player, but in the plans — to get a single source, which are likely to become transport S.E.S TL-0 in pair with the author tube DAC. In addition, the pressing question of a tube preamp with advanced switching and inductive volume control is now used instead AudioValve.

Yes, and I wonder how it sounds? Surprisingly organic and heartfelt. Feels breed and thus willingness to play and show in all genres. Even if we are talking about some kind of dynamic contemporary films and expressive music, the system copes with all this confidence and dignity.

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