A specter is haunting

A specter is haunting

An interesting phenomenon: fans of Age of Wonders, which, contrary to expectations, it was quite countless, do not want to hear about the similarity of the object of his adoration with HoMM. No, they say, no-guys-not-similar. And what on earth is it like? And even at all Master of Magic, are responsible. I do not know you, the fans, something completely strayed from the hands of …

If not for this modest way of life …

This, of course, live classics: Listen to the music, as if came to us from the transfer of «Visiting a fairy tale» of twenty years ago, look at the brave face characters and toad face goblins (only available in our beta demo ver, these one hundred percent bad guys ). Rate luxurious «published», bound in leather with colored tabs spellbook, about the effect of which I have I can not tell anything because of the above — treacherous game hangs when you try to apply even the most overlooked spell farsightedness; probably it’s my natural luck, and you are lucky enough anymore. Map «antique» luxurious fights (of which below) — no, positively, this game GOD It will sell for a long time, with numerous reissues and other AoW Gold, Platinum and Anniversary Edition, and even public zakradetsya an idea that is not so good these «heroes» with their defiant flat cards and shamelessly sticking «Hex.» Local unknown paths is absolutely impossible to get lost, captured the tower extends the visibility and dungeons usual textbook evil (and where you saw that in the dungeons untidy living the good fairies? Fairies live in crystal towers). Cities are able to produce our troops, and the tower of the wizard you can easily buy on the occasion of fashion spell. Unfading classics, tears of nostalgia for some and death for others boredom — we are perhaps closer to the first viewpoint. This is so that the reader does not beat.

I would be a murderer or does anyone …

There will be 12 races, including a pair of exotic and supposedly exclusive — Frostlings and Azracs. At this zoo, we see only in November: now it is necessary to be content with banal Humans, Elves, Halflings and Goblins. The last ride on ponies, by the way. Natural Born Killers. Of course, people differ severe facial expressions, and the elves can boast pointed ears. In addition to representatives of the aforesaid nationalities on the map graze some rootless cosmopolitans like giants (guingmov?), Who are not averse to offer us their services, and in tutorial in our group has a centaur. Subtle hints in the zoo waiting for us in the full version — stretching all the juice out of an unhappy Celtic mythology, igrodelateli accepted, it seems, with the Ancient Greece. Fearfully.

It is already possible to conclude alliances, declare war, took possession of the gold mines and seize the city and, if desired, to destroy them — in this scenario should be prepared for the revenge of angry residents. In the caves there are local energizers — sources of magical energy that should be grasped. After the raid dungeons, our hero (without detachment and may even fight, but in the basement thrust beware) pockets the seized from monsters miracle daggers and other antiques. With the popular RPG elements all right, all right not to doubt. They are.

An interesting innovation is similar to, but the trend: unlike, holy, holy, HoMM, we do not fight in an incredible crowd of evil, and such small groups. The number of troops is rarely more than ten or fifteen individuals (wanted to write a «man», but poosteregsya) — maybe it costs a beta demo, but unlikely. This is such a concept.

Ah yes, the demo non-linear campaign. Enabled go-don’t-know-where.

Someone with wings, with a flaming sword …

Fights frankly good. I can already see in the crystal ball-issue as the masses play AoW only to fight in tactical mode. Oh yes, they are specially cleaned most godforsaken cave to be beaten a little longer and get more artifacts following clashes … Ahem. By the way, the computer hard offers before each fight himself not to count the results and take our precious time. Do not let the bastard ?!

Here we have a classic turn-based, not burdened newfangled disgraces like real real fast or with a pause, and not less than classic «Hex» — they are, however, shyly hiding. All very nice, although higher resolutions are somehow wildly and looked like something out of place. As a bed in the church.

Units are able to perform a variety of tricks: such giants toss stones, easy punching of walls and gates, and the goblins have a kamikaze unit with a suspicious bag behind. This rascal has a habit of spitting distance of some green abomination, and he felt that the case tube, accelerated and crashed into the thick of our fifth repair team. It turns noisy explosion, corpses and krovischa — all suspiciously realistic and sin is clearly excessive for such a nostalgic design of special effects. And goblins goes to the rider on the improvised scarab — a fun idea, the big communist greetings Wolfrider’am! Heroes, of course, as they expected, spit magic class «Death to Windows», on which the aforesaid. Screenshots from the full version is already pleasing to the eye violent explosions and other nice effects.

In general, dynamic battles, beautiful and even cause foreign observers from relatives painful bewilderment, such as fights in HoMM. Here, everything is good, in a word. Again button «End Turn» is decorated very nice and decorated with monograms, also known as «curls».

And so — I will wash the dishes, and again nothing

In short, we have a classic case of the game, «the future» new majors GOD and Take 2 know where to invest and how to captivate the hearts gorged itself three-dimensional and real time visitors. The game is sure to get a rating of «Everyone» and …

And, most likely, will repeat the fate of the Railroad Tycoon 2, which we (and only we) were worn for a while, then restrained refereed addon with «features done» (mfr., Spec.), And — happily forgotten. Well do not get why some remakes have to jump over your head. He does. I have the kind of feeling that AoW done without a soul, so forgive me, ultra-radical «supporters». There is (well, will be very soon) everyone, but for some reason that’s not enough of this mystical substance called the atmosphere for the presence of which we are able to boast, let’s say, TibSun kicking and pretty in all other respects demo Battlezone II.

Although the above basin with a «choice» remains in force.

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