Adventure at sea stranger

To find happiness, I had to go to distant seas.

And nothing, not even beloved grandmother could not keep me on this journey.

All my little family so … peculiar, to say the least. Grandmother calls himself vorozheykoy, health corrects people, destroy charms shoots, making the secret police, in other words, amulets. But never agreed nor bewitch or to separate or direct damage, said that if something does, then all at once her strength gone. I do not understand it because my grandmother did not force me moved, did not pass it to my mom. But Grandma was not discouraged and says that she has a reason to live longer and wait for the granddaughter, who, of course, show up prababkiny talents. My mother — an artist restores icons, paints restoration of the Church, the house is rare, because such work throughout Russia oh, how much, and free workers, such as my mother, one, two and miscalculated. Sisters, brothers, I have no father died in an accident before I was born, and I used to live together with their grandmother.


In our town my grandmother a lot of respect for her even doctors from the local clinics are offended, they say, «Well, how is it that Zoya Andreyevna, the sick, our you go, and not to us, unless there is the matter?» The grandmother agrees, and many go the clinic, she only works with clients such that the doctors do nothing, because their illnesses and misfortunes are not from ill-health, but from the bad people.

We my grandma, in general, live well, well, sometimes we quarrel — as without it, but the more I do not have a person in the entire universe. I feel so good with it, comfortable and reliable, and I married, unlike all of my friends, do not even dream. Although, of course, it would be possible to reflect on the topic: the summer knocked me twenty-four … On my birthday my grandmother again, for the umpteenth time, I play the pipe beginning on the theme: «Misha is a very good boy, nothing you shy away from it «. Yes, I do not argue that «Misha is a good boy,» but the fact of the matter is that boy. My age, I remember it exactly the same as himself. Some nursery, a kindergarten, at school, at the same desk in the evenings and do lessons together. Well at least that after school Misha enrolled in a technical college, and I’m in the textile, then our paths diverged, but not too wide. Still saw each other every night and all weekend — side by side. The fact that Michael, like me, grew up with his grandmother, his parents worked abroad and traveled even less than my mother. A grandmother of our friends, so much so fast, and it is true that sometimes envious took Behold I have no girlfriend so this was not a lifetime. Needless to say, our grandmother — nerazleyvoda — almost all the time to be together, and we Misha them on ropes tied and went. Then, when grown, it is still run hither to each other’s homes, as a home and as a rule, we find our favorite old ladies in the kitchen next to the teapot or in a chair watching television.


This is the question about Misha and my grandmother’s dream we were married. No, Michael was very good, but I wanted something new, unknown, beautiful, mysterious and exciting, like a romance novel that I was read. If we get married, it is only like this. And I decided to go somewhere in the summer vacation. Never anywhere from our town did not go out, and, in general, and did not want to. My seaside town, and tourists from all over the country, and now, as they say, from neighboring countries come to our beaches and under our pine. They are something good, they leave, and I winter and summer one color is always the same landscape before my eyes. People just change, many «stray» men tried to get acquainted with me, but I never agreed: I do not need the resort novelettes. When my grandmother asked me, what am I going to pay so much money and go from one resort to another, I explained to her that it is not the resorts I change, but I want to make sure that in addition to our town and our sea, there are other cities and the sea . The grandmother agreed, did not discourage me, I have it very wise, my grandmother, because she knew that if I then decided it will not give up, even if I was locked up for ten locks. Even I tossed some money, so I stopped in a nice hotel, not savings.

I have long thought, chose, at first wanted to go to Bulgaria, but the sea was there, too, «our», Black, so chose Croatia. I very much liked the pictures on the Internet, especially the town of Dubrovnik. A small, almost like ours, but a completely different, nothing to do, and everything looked so fabulous!


Grandmother at home looked at the pictures of Dubrovnik, helped me to collect the suitcase and, of course, built a secret police — wearing a ring on my finger, over which conjured up all night. I tried ponyt: «Why do I protect? From whom? Not in the Siberian wilderness meal! «But my grandmother reassured by road thieves, from colds and from losses. Against that, I had nothing, because I have scattered, and I do not have to steal anything, she always forget things.

Internet does not deceived, Dubrovnik and found it so — fabulous. The first days I just walked around and admired him, gasped, sighed, taking pictures, my grandmother called, shared the enthusiasm. And on the third day I was approached by a very nice guy and said in Russian: «Girl, I’m on the third day, you watch, you’re Dubrovnik already proceeded along and across. It’s time to spread to other places of interest, then they have more than enough! «He told me of the neighboring towns and villages, and told so exciting that I’m fascinated. And not only fascinated by his stories, but also to themselves. Vlad, as he was called, lived here for a long time, earning that led tour and worked with those tourists who chose the individual routes. Of course, what he did in the summer months, and what to do in the winter, I really do not understand, such as a taxi driver worked.


Vlad has promised the next day to take me to Cavtat, and in the evening invited to a small restaurant, «There’s great fish dishes! Try the scorpion-fish. » I was too shy to ask, how much this will cost me a scorpion, but the money I had enough, my grandmother took care of it. So I do not much worrying, counted the cash and at exactly eight Vlad waited at the entrance to the hotel. It got dark early, around lovely carved lanterns were lit, and beneath them circled midges and some unknown to me butterflies, plump and hairy. Vlad came rather even came running late for a few minutes, and suggested that first walk, «work up an appetite,» as he himself said. He was a great storyteller, and I did not even notice how much time we walked and how were quite far away from the hotel, and from the restaurant. We walked along the beach, above it hung a huge moon, we, in our town, these moons were observed. The night was windless and a bit stuffy. Vlad suddenly stopped, stopped for some reason approached me very close, often breathed and put his hand on your lower abdomen. I looked at him in surprise, and in the next instant, he gasped, bent down and turned and ran toward the bushes that grew wildly a few meters from the beach. Even so wrong moonlight I saw him pale. I’m at a loss trampled on the wet sand, several times called her escort, but if the wind blew. Nothing to do but go back to the hotel. I was worried about Vlad, but I hoped that nothing bad had happened to him. In the morning as we had agreed, I backpack, which was a swimsuit, a towel and a flask of water, waiting for him at the bus stop — he promised to take me in Cavtat! But I waited in vain, Vlad did not appear. In any case, I asked about it at the reception and I was told that Vlad the hospital, he had severe poisoning, a couple of days lie down, said, and come to. In Cavtat I still went and was very pleased. I even liked to travel and one week I traveled almost all the next towns and poselochki.


One day, I was late and missed the bus. How to catch a taxi in a foreign country and an unfamiliar place, I had no idea and just went to look for a hotel: Maybe I’ll get lucky and find a single room for the night? I wandered along the streets asleep, dark windows, I accompanied one-storey houses, drowned in the apple and cherry. All this is so reminded me of my native town, which was not scared at all. So I and drunken company, which turned out to slow down the car next to me, was not afraid, and was glad: good people here now prompt me to look at some of the hotel. But the «good people» acted not very friendly, they were traveling at a slow speed with me and shouting something drunken voices. I did not realize that, but I did not like the tone. Suddenly, the car jerked forward, turned right and blocked my way. Of her four boys fell out and walked toward me, I stopped, it is not too frightened, but alert and stilled. I together with this machine had time to accompany me to step away from the house and found a vacant lot on the left — field, to the right — a ravine behind it — the forest with fantastic trees, the dark sky of more black crown looked pretty ominous. The company approached me, one man, grinning, came very close and have a hand stretched out to me, it is hardly to say hello. At the same moment he opened his eyes as if in horror, clutching his stomach and dashed back to the car. His friends looked at him in amazement, but for some reason did not want to «continue acquaintance with me,» and also turned and ran. The car in which they quickly sank jumped up and sped off into the night, showering me with dust. I shrugged, walked on and soon saw a really small private hotel just a few rooms, where I found a place and hostess fed me cakes and drunk Morse.


This incident did not stop me, I continued to travel, but already bought bus tours. And, of course, I wanted to see Vlad, I liked it, to be honest, I was worried about his health. I saw him quite suddenly, he was in our hotel and spoke with a young beautiful lady. I ran to him joyfully, I even wanted to hug him, «Are you recovered? How do you scared me! As is now well-being? What do you poisoned? «The reaction of my former guide me shocked. When he saw me, and pulled Vlad crept almost in the air, reminding me of the emblem sportswear Puma. The woman, with whom he had previously talked and stood there with his mouth open. «What a strange young man, — she said. — He promised to bring their tomorrow in Cavtat, today invited to a restaurant, about some kind of lizard fish say … No, the scorpion … It is a pity such an interesting story-teller! «And she said, without looking at me and walked away. Perhaps at this moment a vague suspicion began to stir in my soul. Grandma’s secret police by road thieves and colds … Certainly not. It is obvious that the grandmother decided to protect me from bad to her male perspective. I’m angry because my grandmother did not like tricks, even tried to remove the ring, but it is firmly stuck on my ring finger, even the soap did not help. I gave up trying because calmed down and thought that ring, if it is, of course, has helped me cool. I do not know about Vlad, but what about that company moonlit night — that’s for sure. And Vlad, probably even the beetle if all unknown girl comes with the same program — evening in the restaurant, scorpion fish, Cavtat … In general, he lose one’s attraction to me.


I rest my coming to an end, and I was very happy with them. Already hooliganism for agreeing to get acquainted with guys who accompanied me an approving glance and asked about plans for the evening. With some even walked along the beach and through the streets of Dubrovnik. But certainly at some point my escort with bulging eyes rushed headlong away from me, and the more I did not see them. Then it’s fun, and I’m tired, and I began to miss home, at her grandmother rather by grandmothers because the grandmother Mishkin I am also very fond of. And Mishka start to get bored, wondering what it «I» is still right and good. If he was here, my grandmother’s secret police would remain in peace, because of the Bears to wait some podlyanki simply unrealistic. On the contrary, protecting me as a child from the neighborhood boys, and from dogs, school briefcases and wore my math explained. And I believed him like herself and knew she would not let you down, and never betray.

In general, it is clear in what mood I came back, huh? Agreed to marry Misha, grandmothers and joy knew no bounds. By the way, your granny on arrival I asked sarcastically:

«The Secret Service, then your — by road thieves, you say?» The grandmother not a muscle on his face did not flinch, she just asked, «And you that robbed?» Then there was the same almost sarcastically added: «Well, my dear, everything is relative? What next, you do not appreciate until otedesh? «

Now Grandma with our Bear pink pinetochki knit and sew the pink vests — all in duplicate. Ultrasound showed that I would be twins, both — girls. My grandmother even wept for joy: «Well, here’s one of them, and I will give their power … But why one if the two of them at once is!»

Valerie, 25 years old


Mehdi Ebrahim WAFA, psychic, psychologist:

— Of course, this is possible, there are ways to influence someone else’s destiny. And often a temptation arises from their parents — to help his son or daughter to find happiness, to protect against mistakes, discourage friends and loved ones, who, in their opinion, are not suitable, are bad for their child. It’s a bad way to go. I would caution against such things. Man must live your life, own decisions. In addition, the plot — like a stone thrown into the water — gives the following. And consequences are difficult to calculate. That now seems to be «good», can in time lead to some kind of failure.

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