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«I listened to my mother!»


Future Inessa was known in advance: «I was born in a wealthy family. My mother held high positions at City Hall. Since I can remember, my mother has always built my career and wanted the same fate. She decided for me, even buying clothes! Arguing with her was useless. » My mother chose a school in which Inessa had to learn. She gave it to French lessons, though she wanted to deal with the choreography. Inessa favorite hobby could only spend time on vacation, because in the course of the year an additional drag, according to her parents, could have a negative impact on the estimates.

«Of course, such a situation did not suit me at all — says the girl. — In the tenth grade, I got a job. On his first salary I bought jeans and shoes — just like I wanted. Since then, every summer, I tried to find second jobs. «

However, a truly independent, it felt like only by the end of high school — also, incidentally, the selected mother. In the fifth year Inessa made insane by the standards of her parents, act — came to live with her boyfriend. In addition, in her arms she was a diploma of the Faculty of International Relations, and she got a shop assistant — for the position for which you do not need no education!

A few months later she became the merchandiser and began to help the designer in the design showcases boutiques. The authorities noticed her talent and upgraded: «I had to go to different cities and to open new stores. I travel the country alone. It turned out to be interesting, but also very hard. «

Naturally, the parents were unhappy, but could do nothing about: Inessa did not depend on them financially. Recently, the girl was offered a new position in a large company, which is on the market such brands as, for example. Burberry, Escada and many others. Inessa — petty designer-decorator. It has several brands: contemplating visual solution showcases, selects all the necessary material and follows the exact embodiment of their ideas. Under her leadership employs 56 dealers. «At the moment — not without pride, she says — I earn more than my mom in the public service … And we have excellent relations. She’s proud of me. «

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