Awaken the dead

On the influence of stars and comets in the invisible world of spirits written in ancient times. No doubt this influence in the Middle Ages. The appearance of comets in the sky clearly interpreted as a harbinger of misfortune. According to popular belief, comets not only brought the epidemic and the war, but also sends people out demons. It has long been observed that in times of appearance of comets appear more often than usual ghosts, spirits are activated at seances, the number of cases of telepathic communication and receiving prophecies amplify various mental disorders, including sleepwalking and hallucinations.

In the world of spirits is influenced not only comets, but also meteors flows through from time to time passes Earth. In these passages to the surface of the planet rushing dozens of meteorites. Most of them are burned in the atmosphere, but some reaches the ground. According to legends, current perceptions of many people, the place where the fallen «shooting star», acquires unusual properties, often negative plan. In such places people meet ghosts, ball lightning, angels, demons, hear voices, etc.

There are at least two Russian certificates (relating back to pre-revolutionary times), where starbursts or individual shooting stars called the mass appearance of ghosts. In the village of boilers shevo lost in the woods of Vologda, on the night of stargazing watching the procession of the dead, wandering along the trail from the old cemetery in the woods. It was not half-decayed bodies, namely, the ghosts buried at the cemetery people. In 1892 in Karelia few nights have seen the ghostly white figure, which recognized the dead. All of them are from different sides were moving in one direction — to the crash site has recently fallen meteorite. By the way, the meteorite has not been found.

Place the fall of almost any meteorite becomes for some time peculiar anomalous zone. Its boundaries may be different. For example, the impressive was «anomalous zone» from the meteorite that fell in the Amur region in 1988. In settlements located within a radius of 100 kilometers from the place of his fall, recorded transient flash poltergeist.

In 1962, a large meteorite fell in Tanzania. After his fall nearly three months in the territory of more than 50 square miles have seen ghostly clumps and balls, as well as some low-growing people that the eyes of the witnesses were dissolved in the air. There observed effects related to the acceleration and deceleration of the passage of time, etc. After reaching its peak, the abnormal event is quickly disappeared.

Mysteries of the old cemetery

About strange occurrences in areas falling meteorites and experienced searchers say these «heavenly guest.» According to one of them, a Siberian A. Talyzina in the first three days after the fall of the meteorite in the best area of ​​its location not to go, because there may be various troubles — from hallucinations to severe deterioration of health. Three days — about time. Going in search of meteorites, we must always be prepared for the unexpected.

The same is said and Siberian shamans, who categorically forbid not only

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