Dune 2000

They say time will tell. Faraway 1992 th … gamers avidly playing SOMETHING calling Dune 2. They play with gusto, through, up and down. Years pass … emerging giants such as C&Since, StarCraft, Total Annihilation. And veterans of all waiting for a miracle, waiting for the return "the very"That once shut up all the clones in his belt. They waited. They waited?

The yard is 1998 minutes. Those gamers and … the same Dune! Only 2000 I. What is it ?! It turns out, lies saying? But what about the scientific progress? No progress.

Who needs it?

Back in the days when there was only 2 Dune. The revolution in the world of computer strategies beginning of a new genre. For three parties involved, special weapons and more. It was clear that this will not stop the game industry is given a boost in a new direction. And indeed, like mushrooms after rain radioactive grown from these crops, first timid, then increasingly bold creation. Now anyone (including the gaming public, of course) will be surprised the knowledge of all the clans of orcs and their leaders, no one will look at you in amazement when he heard non-Russian "FROM&With Clone"And so that the Red Army is the strongest, we know not from books.

Every follower of the movement tried to bring in something novatorskoe- let a little but his own. With advances in technology we now have 3D-units, 3D-topography and even "30 physical model". But about the founder of the forgotten. And then, bam! Bolt from the Sky will be a continuation of the ancient militant! Raised his head, pushed underground fighters invisible front, began active cleaning mice. But how great was the disappointment of accidents … Get almost exact copy of the game six years ago!

Let’s face

Let’s start with the analysis of the most expensive heart — to combat power. As we promised, the participants remained unchanged (adding only "infantryman" Thumper and engineer). However, we were promised and "total graphics processing". And where is it, may I ask? Everything is as it was, and remains. Units look small, fused with his grenade launcher "deadly" weapon. Moreover, Light Infantry suspiciously similar to Minigunner’a of C&C. But what they made us so beloved Sonic? In ’92 he clearly looked adequate. Remember, if the tank has not been given the order to attack his fire did not meet the enemy units are definitely not able to see the ultrasonic wave. Now the unfortunate "Sonic" flied enemies like wasps on sweet! The hero of our childhood has become slow, clumsy and lost its former long range. And if before the tank was an excellent weapon against the turret, it is now good only on anti-role.

More … Weep, war veterans on Arrakis! Units "ornithopter" no longer exists. Remember With&S’shny air strike? Get a copy. There are only upgrade, after which the appearance of the image "birds" born some hope … But no, it’s just beginning to prepare for an airstrike, and God knows how long. By analogy with C&C, can be expected to result from the bombing is tantamount to breaking the atomic bomb. How! I admit the inaccuracy hit in one go, but they do not destroy the three goal — it’s pathology. And so effective tactic pulling the floor broken appliances directly from the battlefield? Forget about it. Here is a simple example. Several of my tanks killed at the walls of the enemy base. Top panthers sent to the rescue. Pull out a couple of the remaining die. What up? "Birdies" calmly returned to the site of clashes and where ever folded his wild wings.

Impassable stupidity as a family unit, so, however, and the enemy. Two infantry, slowly, shooting tank that caterpillar and made no move to crush them, and will stubbornly hollow gun without causing almost no damage.

Okay, enough. Finally laughter through tears. You know what to do with the spice after garbage (well, not rotated I call it a language harvester!) Back to the base? It burned, and this insanity to give loans! It is time to call the refinery crematorium. By the way, I do not know why, but if the collector does not poke his nose, spice fields of the two he would choose the future. This is the principle of the programmer or an error?

One more thing. From now on, we are allowed to allocate group of units frame! Progress?

This notorious balance of power

Developers sulilis: "Characteristics of the units will be changed to achieve a delicate balance". As a result of complex mathematical recalculations balance disappeared altogether. The creators for some reason decided that the presence of all three houses virtually the same weapons will lead to a more complex and sophisticated struggle for survival (and how nice it was to play for Harkonennov, the only one of its kind with a heavy infantry …).

The basic bet is placed on a strict separation of weapons. In other words, if the tank is all right to fight against the technology, not the soldiers shoot. By the way, I can not understand one thing. To destroy missiles soldier they just need to fill it, while the heavy tank would be enough, and three or four shots — this is logical. But how easy or slightly armored vehicles stand dozens of hits, while all the same heavy tank killed a few shots, I’ll never know!

Create an effective defense it was impossible, because the turret very weak, and the mobile units are not able to patrol the territory (and that’s the end of the XX century!), We have all the time to monitor the defense, constantly twitching on one of the cards on the opposite. After StarCraft’a and TA is terribly annoying.

Buildings, too, moved from the last part, but, unlike the units look much nicer. In my opinion, uncomfortable way to upgrade buildings for new units.

The advantages include the possibility of selling the buildings (although this is now very few people will be surprised). Radar map now detects aircraft. Strategic opportunities compared with Dune 2 is clearly widened, but even here there were candid bloopers. For example, regardless of the number Heavy Factory at a time can be made only one heavy unit. Where is the logic of things? The enemy AI clearly not become smarter. And if it became something very cleverly hides it. In any case, the classic method "crowd tanks — and more!"Invented by conservative strategist by the name of Ivan the Fool, great passes. This is in case of attack. In the case of defense impenetrable stupidity reveals even more clearly: having multiple ways to attack my base, enemy troops elect the most well-protected, and, of course, are suffering huge losses. Yes, we must, of course, mention the original inhabitants of the sands of Arrakis — sandworm, Great worm. Frankly, he was no great. We have lost the ability to allocate zverushku cursor attack it accordingly also impossible (the troops opened fire only when it is approaching), and worm brains have exactly diminished: I shot him a dozen grenade, and he quietly crept by. Perhaps now among its characteristics parameter is present "satiety"? However, its function-thirds of the opposing forces it still performs admirably. Builders do not have time to deliver the base.

Mentat silent

That’s what writing is absolutely not desirable, because it is about the terrible word "interface". He was so poor and beaten, that simply amazed how in our time can be so all the pervert? The main proof of that — two-dimensional and three-dimensional units cursors! Maybe this is news for developers, but in other games do the opposite. Or is it the key to success?

Separately want to draw attention to the mission. I went through half the missions for each house and did not see them much diversity. Moreover, they are simply copying each other: "collect so many spice". "kill them all" And so on. Why in this case the three warring parties — does it really matter what color your troops?

Last wish before dying — to communicate with his Mentat during the mission, talk about life, to ask for advice. Mentat is silent …


I remember, in a press release stated that "Multiplayer over work experienced people, it will focus". I do not know who these "experienced people"But multiplayer part looks unfinished. Firstly, there is no such function as Fog of War. Lord, well, we’re in the Stone Age! Better off without the support of a modem to do. Secondly, our soldiers — people Hot, Give them hot battles with hundreds of participants, such as aesthetic methods, such as the seizure of enemy Construction Yard’a engineer overkillerom they do not like. We have to agree on their non-use. Plus a strong imbalance of units has great influence on the tactics, so many games end Clinch — "crowd tanks, and someone who peresidit". Alas, but the game is only interesting for the modem in the early hours, then it becomes just boring.

Let’s smile

It may seem trite, and a barrel of tar has a spoonful of honey. And first of all I want to say a few kind of sound. You think what sounds may be RTS, except shots of explosions so? Personally, I like something interesting to go into battle without musical accompaniment. A march in Dune 2000 superb, do not say anything. It is not just a backdrop, this is Marcia, who in a moment of attack will cause to go on the attack, and during the retreat uplifting.

Finally, the schedule. The developers have made a small gift to owners of slower cars. They can be selected from 8-bit mode, while the holders will enjoy a high-speed processor 16-bit graphics. In this mode, of course, you can see a lot more special effects, and at a height of: clear smoke tails of missiles, spectacular explosions, and it is not a complete list. Separate commendable videobrifingi masterfully played roles mentat House. Unfortunately, the screen at the end of the missions there are no (oh, we have corrupted C.&FROM!).


A game between pretty well sold, and it is easy to explain. RT-strategies on Dune 2000 were divided into two groups: the fans were waiting for release for so long that almost believed in its uniqueness and originality, and now, with his eyes closed, continue to praise the game; second — those who live with the times, immediately recognize all the shortcomings of the project and now will claim the title of the game "Disappointment of the year". It’s hard to say who has more. Perhaps fans that hoped to Westwood. Too many people start their experience with Dune 2, and these people will play in the D2000. After all, we do not love the game and himself in them, their memories, their past. But three zeros after the cast names in gold and remain three zeros, a Dune 2000 — yellowed photographs from the distant past, processed in Adobe Photoshop. Not more. But, no less.

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