Bees and horses

At school bee apiary Vorobyevsky July 2, 1950 there was a case of mass stinging bees horses.

At two o’clock in the afternoon I came on duty the cadets to the apiary. We stopped at the usual place, two hundred meters from the apiary — on the hill. Flight of bees was in the valley on both sides of the hill. Within half an hour the horses peacefully grazing, as usual, but as soon as the sun has found a cloud of bees rushed steppe beams not only, but also through the hillock, where the horses were grazing, and attacked the horses. While I ran the cadet Koroteev horses already rolling on the grass, with head, neck and ears they were literally covered with bees. We had great difficulty to raise horses and chase them again, one kilometer away, in a completely safe from the bees place.

We watered the horses and the cold water was poured on each of the three buckets of water. Then they scraped a bee sting; horse’s hooves hit the ground, trying to go, but we took them to the pond, where at least one hour to swim, and then drove around the pond, pouring water every half hour. Only in the seventh hour, the horse began to graze. During the day, every hour we fed and watered with cold water, and thus saved from certain death, because every horse has undergone at least three thousand stings.

Cases of attacks on horses, bees are often, but drastic measures of salvation we do not know why our message should be of some interest to beekeepers.

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