Ministry of Railways and the Central Committee of trade union of workers of railway transport and transport construction was sent to the road Notice number 573u of September 14, 1986 «On measures for radical improvement of distribution and introduction of advanced production experience.» It is noted that an integral part of the potential resources of scientific and technical progress of rail transport is an advanced production experience. In recent years, only the CPSU Central Committee were approved by the nine best practices, covering almost all the activities of households of steel highways. Dozens of advanced methods have been approved by the Ministry of Railways and the Central Committee of the board of the union, cupolas and roads. Their introduction has given the corresponding effect, possible to successfully cope with the increased volume of traffic.

However, best practice has not yet become a mandatory part of the plans of scientific and technological progress and its potential uses is weak.

In order to further improve the work of the Ministry of Railways and the Central Committee of the union approved the «Regulations on the selection, compilation, dissemination and implementation of best practices on the railways.» The Regulation stressed that the best practices at the present stage is an essential resource for accelerating technological progress, intensification of the transportation process, a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the tasks assigned to rail on timely, quality and complete satisfaction of the needs of the national economy and population in transportation.

Excellence are the methods and techniques of work of individual employees, groups of teams, departments, sections, whole enterprises, -dostigshih great success in the implementation of planned tasks and socialist obligations, improving technique and technology, increase productivity, work quality, economic efficiency. Work on the selection, compilation, dissemination and adoption of best practices are included in the five-year and annual plans of socio-economic development of the enterprises (organizations) sector and in collective agreements. These operations are conducted in two main areas: identification of best practices, which originated at the company, his study, description, synthesis, distribution, development and transfer of relevant technical documents at the request of other organizations; selection of best practices from other companies from information sources, development of recommendations on its use, the organization of implementation.

This work is led by managers and trade union committees railways, offices, enterprises and organizations of railway transport. The coordination of all these activities is provided by: the industry as a whole — TSNIITEI IPU Main Technical Division, the main control and management of MEAs, research institutes and universities of the Ministry of Railways; Roads — appropriate services, DTSNTI, universities; to offices and businesses — offices, with responsibilities for the implementation of new equipment and advanced technology, and organs (professionals) scientific and technical information and propaganda.

Implementation of best practices is an important part of socialist competition and taken into account when summing up its results. Learning Excellence included in the plans and programs of vocational training, training, economic education of railwaymen. Active promotion of excellence have NTO, voir society «Knowledge» and other public organizations.

The selection of good practices carried out on the basis of a study of the results of production activities of enterprises and organizations and their divisions, the winners of the achievements of socialist competition, contests and others. At the same time with a detailed description of the components of the information card, signed by the head of the enterprise. By the analysis and compilation of best practices in enterprises should be involved in the planning or economic contracts based on individual specialists and team of employees of research and design organizations, universities, research bodies and technical information.

Description excellence should disclose its organizational, technological, technical, economic and social nature, contain information on the new elements of the process, the methods of maintenance and operation of technical equipment, methods of determining the economic and technical efficiency of their introduction, the list of measures to ensure the use of the experience and the name and organizations address development of technical documentation and manufacturers’ new equipment.

The main control and management of the IPU in conjunction with the departments of the Central Committee of the trade union and TSNIITEI analyze and summarize the information about best practices, preparing a conclusion on the appropriateness of its wide dissemination and implementation, isolated base of the enterprise for the experimental verification of the effectiveness of the application of experience in a variety of conditions, give the appropriate recommendations to the development of design Constructing and technology organizations.

Dissemination of experience as a network and local manages IPU TSNIITEI, branch of service and technical management departments of roads, Division of roads, subways, factories, line agencies of scientific and technical information and propaganda.

This is done through the preparation and publication of materials in generalized TSNIITEI releases in trade journals, proceedings and other publications Research Institute. Conducted school of excellence, scientific and practical conferences, seminars, exhibitions, contests, demonstrations, films and filmstrips.

Implementing best practices is planned for five years and is carried out according to the annual plans drawn up in accordance with the annual order of the Minister of Railways, with the concretization of the necessary organizational and technical measures, planned objects, the volume and timing of the introduction of responsible executors. Targets for the implementation of best practices should be provided in the developed and approved plans for production activities of enterprises.

Maintenance and monitoring of the implementation plans of excellence borne by business leaders. Monitoring is also carried out by party and trade union organizations, labor collectives.

The results of the implementation of the best practices discussed technical and economic advice at least once every six months. Information on implementation experience is part of the reporting of the results of production and financial activities of enterprises and organizations.

Income encouraging workers to take the initiative in the selection, distribution and implementation of best practices, inventions and innovations carried out in accordance with the industry position «Material incentives on the railways for the introduction and promotion of scientific and technological achievements and excellence» — as well as » Regulations on bonuses for promoting invention and rationalization. » There should also be used on the existing provisions on the promotion of enterprises.

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