Atlantic bonito lives off the coast of America, Africa, Europe (penetrating as far north as southern Norway and the UK); She also lives in the Mediterranean and Black Seas.

Special signs

Bonito reaches a length of 85 cm and a weight of 7 kg, but usually it does not exceed the length of 60-65 cm, and weighs no more than 3-4 kg. Jaw teeth small, conical, slightly compressed laterally.

Coulter no teeth. The upper half of the body of at least 9, typically 12 oblique longitudinal dark bands. Painting of blue-green backs, adult fish oblique longitudinal stripes, sides and belly silvery white.


This predatory fish feeding on anchovies, sardines, mackerel, horse mackerel, very gluttonous — in one stomach can be found up to 75 pieces of anchovy length of 6-10 cm. The Black Sea bonito comes spring.


A characteristic feature of the family mackerel (including bonito] — thin myagkoperistye between the tail fins, dorsal and anal fins.

Barbed bonito (Acanthocybium soianderi)

Predatory fish with a long slender body. Drawn toothy jaw wedge-shaped snout, and the first dorsal fin is long, low and scratchy. The usual weight from 8 to 9 kg, a record specimens reach 83 kg with a length of 2.1 m. In case of a hook makes a terrible jerks with a sharp change in direction, sometimes jumping out of the water at the same time, making it one of the most valuable sports trophies .

Jaws barbed bonito

Jaw barbed bonito arranged rows of flat and sharp as a razor, teeth that are easily torn apart squid and schooling fish. An unusual feature of the bonito is that its jaws can move.

from the Mediterranean to the feeding and spawning, and the bulk of the fall (including yearlings) again goes into the warm waters of the Bosphorus, although part of the fish is the winter in the south-eastern area between Batumi and Trabzon. The number of bonito calling the Black Sea, strong and irregular varies: in some years it is very much in the other — very few.


The mass spawning of bonito in June-August. The eggs are deposited at night in several portions, and the development goes in the upper layers of water. Fertility reaches in the largest individuals

4 million. Eggs. Bonito fry grow quickly — as early as September, t. E. In the age of three months, their weight reaches 400-500 g

At the age of three years old when bonito becomes sexually mature, it reaches 2.5-3 kg.

Methods of fishing

Bonito caught trolling and spinning. Good lures — crankbaits, spinners and plastic squid, as well as whole or sliced ​​squid and fish.

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