Breakthrough air defense and training

To prepare crews interceptors and reconnaissance-bombers MiG-25 variants have been designed double and single MiG-25BM with anti-radar missiles Kh-58 and jammer used to break enemy air defenses.

Since interceptors and bombers-reconnaissance MiG-25 resolved completely different tasks and different composition of airborne equipment, the decision was made for them to develop a separate double educational modification.

The training version of the MiG-25PU went into production in 1969. The aircraft had dual controls and a system of negotiation crew cabins both equipment was performed by the type of interceptor, but due to the fact that the front cabin instructor actually took place blocks the radar, the aircraft had only equipment simulation of radar and missile launch. Rockets were the only educational and hung under the wing.

The MiG-25PU delivered to Algeria, Iraq, Libya and Syria.


The training version of the MiG-25RU created for crew training and reconnaissance aircraft reconnaissance bomber. By design, the aircraft was similar to a training MiG-25PU and different cabin equipment (navigation system by type of MiG-25R, educational intelligence equipment and so on. F.), And the lack of underwing pylons for suspension of missiles.

The first flight of the serial MiG-25RU held March 20, 1971. Planes built in Gorky; It produced more than 50 cars. In 1975-1978 in one of the MiG-25RU test pilot Svetlana Savitskaya established several women’s world records. The MiG-25RU and shipped abroad.

One of the early production MiG-25RU was converted for testing ejection seats K-36RB intended for spacecraft «Buran». More actively in the program «Buran» was used a converted version of the MiG-25PU — from April 17, 1985 aircraft were designated MiG-25PU-hundreds («plane optical-video surveillance»), it was used in the development and refinement of algorithms-path «Buran» while flying at heights below 20 m Ltd., registration parameters Automatic control equipment, testing the onboard television equipment, preparation and training of crews, and during the test analogs «Buran» it was used as an aircraft maintenance.

Aircraft breakthrough air defense

In 1974 he started designing aircraft breakthrough enemy air defense systems — MiG-25BM, which established a special set of electronic equipment, including equipment targeting homing anti-radar missiles, electronic intelligence station and jamming, and the main armament was represented by four antiradar guided missile X-58U (but the plane kept the possibility of suspension of bombs).

X-58U — modification of the Kh-58, intended to destroy radar air defense system without entering the aircraft carrier in the affected area air defense system of the enemy. The missile has a launch weight of 640-650 kg. length of about 4.8 m and the maximum body diameter of 0.38 m; Warhead weight -149 kg, the radius e of defeat — 20 m, the fuse — proximity, type of warhead — Blast. Control system — inertial multichannel passive radar seeker. The maximum range starting from a height of 100 m — 60 km, and from a great height — up to 200 km. For the suspension of the MiG-25BM rocket it was modified — it features a new engine and enhanced aerodynamic plumage.

MiG-25BM also got more sophisticated navigation and attack equipment and looks different from the other options extended by 0.72 meters nose cone, as well as the presence of EW station antenna and beam type holders. In addition, the majority of aircraft nose cone painted in dark gray or dark green.

The first flight of the prototype of the MiG-25BM was held on 27 January 1977, and in 1984 was released upgraded version of the MiG-25RBM. The MiG-25BM stationed in East Germany and Poland, were withdrawn after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in order to avoid «unnecessary prying eyes.»

Double training MiG-25 were in high demand in the armed forces, which were used for the training of pilots of combat versions of the MiG-25, and other tasks. And plaque double MiG-25 in the armed forces was higher than that of other modifications.

It was built at least 100 MiG-25BM both options, which went on tactical aviation squadrons, which already operated the scouts-bombers MiG-25RB.

The first double training version of the MiG-25 took off and entered service MiG-25PU. Version of the MiG-25RU was flight tested a year later. On the double cab versions instructor lie ahead, provided that the same cadet review on single machines.


MiG-25BM has been developed mainly for use in the European theater and was intended to break the enemy’s air defense systems. Its main weapon was the missile of class «air — radar» X-58 family. The plane was flight tested on January 27, 1977, and in 1982 he was put into production.


In order to hide the true purpose of the MiG-25BM aircraft nose cones painted in color, masking-plane under the fighter-interceptor MiG-25PD, although scout bomber had a number of structural differences from the interceptor.

The aircraft air defense breakthrough

High speed and altitude MiG-25 gives him some protection from enemy missiles, but for sure the breakthrough of enemy air defenses have developed a special option allows you to make is in the air defense system «gap» for the passage of other aircraft. MiG-25BM and developed under a weapons system with anti-radar missile Kh-58 long fine-tuned, but in the end were adopted.


The armament of the MiG-25BM included four SD-class «air — radar» type X-58U, the first domestic anti-radar missiles for tactical aircraft.

EW Systems

The MiG-25BM had elongated nose cone, which is placed under the new system of electronic warfare and electronic intelligence.

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