BULLET «dum-dum-dum»

On the outskirts of Calcutta is a place Dum-Dum, where at one time produced a terrible weapon: the bullets of the same name. Their incomplete or nadpilennaya shell expand or flatten easily in the human body, causing the unfortunate victim of terrible injuries.

And how!

The first prophesied Tim Willis (Tim Willits), chief designer of the DOOM III. He did not dirty their hands on a pre-recorded demo, and just sat down and played the game in public. And, you know, it turned out. Tolstomyasy zombies honestly run, luxury cast shadows Leaky (yes, yes, honest hole!) From a gun … And when a poor monsters fell to the floor, a sadist Tim jumped on his belly and began to trample hapless beetle-crusher. Waking zombies tried to get up, but a powerful physics engine to find Tim from the top, it does not allow, and the most miserable that it turned out — fussy twitching on the floor.

After this has been demonstrated lighting "in live". Yes, each source is strictly a dynamic, each — these shadows can shoot each, plunging into the darkness of the levels, or clearly hitting the rope on which he hangs, shake and enjoy melteshenie "honest" shadows. From the subsequent question and answer session, however, it became clear that the darkness monsters only help — they are excellent and see no light. But man light streaming through fairly striped texture (remember the same film that was once on this CD?), Is able to deliver a lot of inconvenience. But as it looks.

Next it was the turn to climb on the podium handsome revenantu — with pistols on their shoulders, all as of old. However, when these same missiles started flying with smoke trail and lighting, even the monstrous machine on which the game was shown, it began to slow down.

Then again triturated about physics, the same tortured life zombies died for science on the stairs and showed that he can pack his corpse on a complex surface in a realistic manner, not forgetting to say thank you for this physics engine, to consider even the corpses as skeletal model with weights of individual parts. Of course, the more simple things from boxes to lampshades, also completely subordinate to physics, so that the beauty of it is planned to complete the program.

But in the final of his speech, Tim spoke about the new interface paradigm. In fact, there is nothing particularly new is invented, in a lot of different games are computer console on which the player could work a little. In the DOOM III console does not completely fill the screen when they are activated, a weapon disappears from the screen, and instead of the mouse cursor crosshair appears that, in fact, invited to manipulate. The developers describe what is happening at the same time on the screen using a subset of the usual HTML, windows can be dragged and dropped — in short, almost as familiar desktop Windows. I promise that this will enhance the effect of immersion in the game.

That’s how much of their original paint for a model of sketches by John Scott (John Scott). Fred Nilsson (Fred Nilsson), a specialist in animation, told how this model is then easier and original, beautiful, used to generate textures for bump-mapping. If necessary, another set of textures can be painted by hand to give a full realism, such as parties.

Of course, further Nilsson makes a skeleton animation (like in the movies — 24 key frames per second, relying on the program for the interpolation of smooth movement), and as a result get ready model. All animation is done by hand, we are all the way and talked.

It is curious that the finished levels can be exported entirely in Maya, which will work on the animation of its individual parts and scenario events: for example, the monsters will appear very beautiful, prolamyvayas walls and scaring the player to a heart attack …

Revealed and editing levels (all changes are visible immediately in the editor, and they are indistinguishable from those that appear later in the game), and a scripting language (very similar to C), and at the end of the presentation talked about the sound, demonstrating equally simple and intuitive, as well as editor of the geometry, the interface for installation on the levels. At the same time promised that DOOM III will support Dolby 5.1.

And came Cormac.

And he said that DOOM III — the first game company, which at first was almost completely finished engine (Carmack was working on him while the rest of the team involved in Team Arena), and only then went to work on other components of the game. The result was much easier and more productive, and to use the full features of the engine.

Several times Carmack (John Carmack) reiterated that the DOOM III engine based on the features of the card generation GeForce, but does not support any new features that are available in the most recent motherboards (for example, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro). These functions — for example, a module for data reduction pixel floating point, and dynamic access to the texture of the general form — will be included in the next engine.

Carmack said proudly that DOOM III, by itself, the best cheat dynamic light, but the background lighting is not so good, so perfect display levels outdoors have to wait a little (do not worry, wait do not need anything — these cards will just look a little -chut worse than the internal space) … It is interesting that even Carmack already tired from a variety of architectures of graphics cards and the need to support their polls "manually". A significant part of his speech he devoted to declaring the urgent need for high-level API, automatically modifying the high-level code for optimum performance on any hardware. For example, an initiative from NVIDIA called Cg, dedicated language similar to C, but for describing Schneider, Cormac is very timely, and the appearance of these same API from Microsoft and 3DLabs, as well as a new version of OpenGL (it is already planned) — a step in the right direction. By supporting these initiatives, Carmack promised that following his engine all the shaders will be made at high-level API.

And then followed by question and answer session. It turned out that the special-purpose implementation of water can not wait for the console version will appear only for Xbox, with no possibility of modifying users, Linux-version will be, but only for cards from NVIDIA, and the emergence of 64-bit processors not only speed up the DOOM III, but maybe even a little slow.

Weapons are still not completely defined. It is clear that there will be a pistol, shotgun, etc., but, say, drinking is not yet implemented, though planned, and the need to play Reagan is still under question. But about BFG thing is for sure: there will be. Also, any alternative modes of fire for the weapon is not planned. The game is planned to medium length. Not five, of course, but, as he said himself in person, "probably bought the game, someone will be able to sit all weekend, not looking up, and pass it to the end".

And finally — the two most sweet candy. Firstly, it is known already that DOOM III will be focused primarily on a single game. Carmack, it turns out, all the way like the other DOOM ^, but the technology did not allow. And now at last his dream will be realized, and just as it was seen from the cradle. It will be scary, realistic and scary again. Management believes that the id, online shooter now and so the excess, but the millions of people who love to be scared, sitting in my room in front of screen, turning off all the lights, set aside and unhappy. It is for them and created


Yet some network support will be. In response to questions slipped very strange words: "It will be a peer to peer system". If they understand how to return the architecture "client-server" back to DOOM’ovskoy, ideal for playing on a local network, it is unclear what will happen to the game via the Internet. And if it’s just a slip of the tongue, related to, say, with the lack of dedicated servers, then do not worry.

Sam Carmack slightly frightened people promise to support up to four players, but his colleague subsequently explained this slip of the tongue fatigue and promised that everything will be fine, the players will be as long as necessary, hinted that over the network game, they all still work did not start, but near Wrath will certainly be something advanced on the subject — for example, something team. But co-op mode is sent to the forest — it is accurately and permanently. It is a pity! Errands monsters together would be fun.

And we gently hinted that the monsters, as in any modern game (except "Sam"Of course), will not be too much, the gameplay DOOM they do not want to repeat, it’s a new game with their approaches to entertainment.

As a prize’ve read these words is to inform all that is known about the release date. Personally Carmack spoke thus: "We hope not to become one of those companies that show the same game at E3 a few years in a row and can not release it". Understand what you want. But Willis was a little objectivity: "Specifically, the game will be released in 2003. At the end or beginning — no idea. No assumptions regarding the following, I will not do".

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