Ivankovskoe reservoir has long been one of the popular places for fishing competitions at various levels. The reason is simple: First, it is located relatively close to Moscow — the intersection of the main routes of the modern land and air transport, and secondly, even when a relative proximity to the capital of the local nature is not experiencing such a powerful anthropogenic impact as other reservoirs near Moscow. In this case the role played and the consent of the hotel complex «Konakovo River Club» to take their possessions in a large group of anglers, who were to find out which of the Russian teams and who personally knows the best fishing spinning from boats. In the championship came 30 strongest teams of the 18 subjects of the Russian Federation (photo I).

All this Guard along with the coaches, judges, reserve players placed in comfortable homes level 4 stars. It is a place designed for relaxation lovers a large water and clean air, it opened as recently as 2012. Downstream Volga River, about 3 km from Konakovo TPS, on a beautiful bend of the cottage village was built and a large hotel complex, which can accommodate more than 350 people at the same time. You ask, how close to such a large company does not feel the impact of anthropogenic? But the fact is, the warm waters of TPP will not be reset once the Volga, and the special branch ducts several kilometers long arrive in the river already adequately cooled and practically do not harm the environment.

Park Hotel «Konakovo River Club» is not just blend in with the surrounding nature, but also has the ability to perform various activities with a large number of participants at any time of the year. For rest on water you have everything you need, from a sandy beach and rental of water-motor technology to the parking lot for yachts and large boats. It can be reached not only on land by car or train, but also the water in their own courts.

13th championship on catching spinning from boats officially opened August 8, 2013 on the banks of the Volga. Welcomed the 90 athletes and 18 judges asked the deputy. Head of the hunting and fishing economy RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz Anatoly Trump. He himself master of sports, many times champion and winner of various competitions in sport fishing, so understands what prelaunch excitement and hope for a fair fight.

The opening day of the competition and has been training day and after roll call all who were to serve in these competitions, started the engine and set off to explore the best places.

Ivankovskoe reservoir, or as it is sometimes called, the Moscow Sea, was created in the 30s of the last century. When it is full the water is gone not only to many villages — were flooded mouth of numerous rivers and streams flowing into the Volga. In their place are formed bays and inlets.

In the waters of the competition for a long time and is currently under construction sand mining dredgers, leaves a deep hole of up to several kilometers, so the depth of 20 m is common for these places. Often there are areas with sharply varying topography, which creates favorable conditions for the habitat of various species of predatory fish. The bottom is sandy, sometimes rocky or muddy. The course is practically absent and there is only because of the wind, sometimes gaining greater strength as the shore of the reservoir gentle, though covered with mixed forest. But the width of the pond, up to 2.5 km, allows the air flow to accelerate strongly.

In training journalists to spy action athlete, but even more so to see or photograph the bait, which it catches, it was impossible. If in the past you could simply ask to go further, it now sports at the sight of strangers stop to catch and drop the bait into the water, apparently suspecting correspondents in engagement. Caught fish into the boat did not raise, and released directly into the water, so that no one could see what kind of fish hornblende coveted. Therefore, we have not managed to figure out where on | the day we can expect decisive battles and someone to watch to make interesting pictures.

The species composition of fish fauna typical of the Ivankovo ​​Reservoir reservoirs of the Upper Basin and the offset could be present pike, walleye, bersha, asp, chub, ide — 3 fish with relevant dimensional constraints for each species. Only allowed to catch catfish 1 longer than 90 cm, but to a weighting of 20 perches of any size.

Fishing area stretches almost 10 kilometers downstream. It was excluded from all the bays and inlets, as well as the waters of the islands adjacent to the complex «Konakovo River Club». Our boat crew consisting only of journalists, athletes found several boats at the entrance to these bays. I must say that the bottom relief in the places of their contiguity to the reservoir was very characteristic for parking pike and perch — a gradual increase in depth alternated with underwater pits and bumps, so the interest of athletes to such points clear — almost everyone we found this Bay 3-4 boats competitors (photo 2).

The fact that we managed to see in the lens (not to approach closer than 70-100 meters have asked the Chief Justice), we concluded that the rate of these fishermen have done in mainly on perch. Almost all of them were caught in the bypass leash, and only a few have tried to use poppers and small crankbaits, using the wiring twitching. Catches we have seen only a small perch — weighing 100-150 g

Each team consisted of three people, who are actively communicated with each other by means of two-way radios. All fishing enthusiasts know that the water in calm weather literally hear every sound, and at a great distance, so we were also aware of what is happening, but to find the lucky ones to catch during training large pike and perch, we did not succeed.

By evening, the negotiations with all the other journalists, we realized that to develop a strategy for the upcoming pre-shooting will not be possible because no one knew where tomorrow will catch the bulk of athletes. They’re in the communion of saints to keep their secrets.

On the day of the launch I round the weather was great — for the audience: the pressure is normal, no clouds, slight breeze barely leave a ripple on the water. But for the fishermen it was not very good, as has long been known that the smooth water predator behave warily and are reluctant to take the bait.

At 6:00 on the signal of the main judge of the championship Chabutkin Eugene, 90 boats started searching for good luck fishing. They had 7 hours to present the Jury results confirming their ability and skill in battle with local predators.

Athletes were scattered on a 10-kilometer zone, and only managed to detect them at the entrance to the bay, where they stood in groups of 3-5 boats, hunting for bass. Fishing technique was the same as that in training — to bypass leash. Okun is not particularly mischievous, and when the fisherman managed to find a flock, it literally ended with the capture of each wiring «whale.» However, the size of fishes were such that the use of Fishing Nets did not need to. Mining easily pulled out of the water a little effort rod.

Some fortune seekers stood along the reed and reed walls (photo 3). The depth here was small, and the wiring baits prevented thickets Potbelly, including pike hiding desired. They managed to lure them away, not all applicants. 7 hours of fishing we have not managed to take the time and bite vyvazhikaniya, the results of this hunt, we have seen only on the weighing.

Many athletes were weighing the catch, almost entirely consisting of perch weighing from 30 to 120 grams of fish, but it was very much, and it was quite a surprise to us, so we decided to take a short interview with the master of sports of international class Alexei Shanin.

— The situation is quite understandable — said Alex — most athletes are caught in small lures and bypass leash. His attitude to the use of gear with a vent leash I have repeatedly expressed: this inventory does not meet the international requirements of the competition for spinning, but our Russian rules still allow such a catch. Our team of Krasnodar Territory in its tactics does not rely on catching small perch, we use it only in certain cases. Mainly focus on solid baits catch big predator — for example, only «close» on a pike or zander, the athlete can go fishing for perch in the remaining time. This tactic allows our team to show consistently good results, so we think we’re on the right track.

— Maybe the poor performance of many teams are explained abundant «blossoming» and fall of the water level in the reservoir before the competition?

— Indeed, Ivankovskoe reservoir is very different, for example, last year the Saratov where fish density is much higher, and catch a large copy of it much easier. At the Moscow Sea still affects a large fishing news, residents of the capital generated. But here the bottom topography is such that it is possible to find a decent trophy, although it is required to make much more effort.

In confirmation of the words of the eminent athlete team «Moscow-3» as part of Anton Kozlov (4887 g), Vyacheslav Kramarenko (5209 g) and Mikhail Kalinin (3523 g) was presented at the weigh magnificent pike, zander and perch, taking first place at the end of this tour ; while perch M.Kalinin pulled 2250 team did not huddle to melyam and the entrance to the bay, and has focused its search on the deep edge, h then was totally correct tactics.

There were big fish in the catches, and the other teams, for example, Sergei Zebanin from Yaroslavl showed perch on the 750 course to catch a large predator to keep the team «Rostov-1» and «Rostov-2», which allowed them to show consistent results, and take 2 nd and 3 rd places in the I round.

The highest result in the individual standings showed Vyacheslav Kramarenko (5209 g), he was succeeded by Konstantin Topolov (4894 g), the third was Anton Kozlov (4887 g). The lowest result shown top ten athletes, was 3523 g

Results I round it possible to understand the balance of power, it became clear which team can show interesting results. Where exactly catching athletes who have achieved good performance, it was revealed not only their opponents, but we journalists hunting for spectacular shots and original situations.

Most large fish have been caught at a place called some local fishermen the old root — on behalf of the ancient submerged city, already existed from the XVI century. Today, on the shores of it remained only part of the foundation of a church but a piece of the cemetery.

For some reason over the remains of the submerged town focuses local fish. Winter and summer are actively fished different white fish, and it is followed and a large predator. Bottom relief in this place is very diverse, often it happens hooks. This way we have gone in the first place hoping to get interesting shots.

By the start of Round II weather has changed: there were clouds and wind had clearly drove the ripples on the water, you would expect that the fish will reduce the number of vigilance. Alas, our many hours on duty around lovivshih jig athletes proved futile. Under the reeds shore we found Alexei Shanin, who happily informed us that he had the pike «Close», and raced to catch perch. Everyone else we met athletes were busy catching perch.

The results confirmed the correctness of weighing tactics for hunting large predators. Consistently good results have shown Rostov and the team №1 of the Krasnodar Territory.

Yesterday the leaders of the «Moscow-5» were very uneven. Vyacheslav Kramarenko has caught only 899 grams and has appeared in the standings right on the 67th place. Catch Anton Kozlov pulled 1345 g — 49 th place. Only Mikhail Kalinin, tried to keep the leader’s jersey, but even its result — 5527 Mr. did not save the team, though, and earned him the silver medal in the individual competition.

In his interview, he told us that this result of course, they did not expect. They focus on the jig-fishing, which brought in the I round excellent results, today, has not justified itself, and while fishing was carried out almost at the same depths in the range of 4-8 m, digging relief (ie there, where he worked as a dredger), bites were very little. Perspective points were defined during the training, but not all of them were used on the first day. Today these points for some reason have not worked. Even a 10-foot curb, where yesterday was caught Bersh nice, appeared lifeless. As the saying goes, today was clearly not their day.

The sudden spurt from 9th place made the team «Moscow-1» as part of Dmitry Davydov Artem Mishin and Michael Holueva. «Culprit» of success was Mikhail. I helped him in this huge pike weighing 7670 g and almost meter height.

Michael said that he stood on the sloping brow, leaving 4 to 9 m, digging relief. Before the end of the tour was a little more than an hour. By this time he had already «closed» on the perch, caught 20 fish hefty (looking ahead, we can say that their weight was 3900 g), and caught on improving results. The plot of the relief is very suitable for hunting ground big pike, so snap on the leash, he did not take off, even when a long time has not been bites, I wondered remove it to improve the game of bait. Her role performed Foam fish on the hinge assembly with the «Cheburashka». Fortunately, Michael did not listen to the inner voice and continued to catch, without changing the design of tooling.

The bite occurred near the boat, the fight lasted less than 5 minutes, and pike do not even have time to make «candle» — was in podsachek spinning.

Scales panel of judges were not designed for such a trophy, had to send for more powerful and that allowed to determine the exact weight of the production. As a result, by magic catch Michael in the II round I was 11578 g, and was the largest at this stage of the competition, and the team won the silver medal, beating team «Krasnodar-1», consisting of experienced athletes Alexei Shanin, Alexandra and Alexei Ivashkova Panchehina, which went Only bronze. Additional awards for Michael Holueva was a special prize for the biggest fish of the championship.

During two rounds of the championship were caught many bass, pike, perch and Berchet, and only on the last day of the team Alexey Shershnev «Smolensk- 2» brought in the weighting of such an interesting and sporty predator as chub, which weighed around 1200 During active perch it apparently attracted bursts of «sailor», pulls the athlete, and decided to hunt asp nearby. His attacks became apparent angler, and competently served a small deep-diving wobbler was captured silver robber.

The winners of the 13th Cup of Russia on fishing spinning from boats was the team «Rostov-1» as part of Alexei Ermizina, Vitaly Galitsky and Gregory Buzan. They fished consistently during both stages, finishing in the I round 3rd place in II — the 2nd and on the amount of places showed the best result. According to them, in the Rostov region is not similar reservoirs, but the experience gained in various competitions in central Russia, to help them clearly enough to «read» dedicated to fishing site and determine the tactics of struggle. Indeed, the composition of their catches, which included perch, pike, perch and Berchet, testified that they were caught at various depths, not «getting stuck» at any particular point in catching capacity.

Their compatriot from the team «Rostov-2» Topolov Constantine became the champion of Russia in the standings (photo 4), and the bronze went to Artem Mishin from team «Moscow-1».

At the close of the competition present noted the high level of refereeing and organization of the event. Special gratitude was expressed by the management of the complex «Konakovo River Club» for the kindness and hospitality.

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