Called to account! Crazy Ivan is sent on a world tour.

Called to account! Crazy Ivan is sent on a world tour.

Game: Red Alert 2

Web site of the game: games / ccuniverse / redalert2 /

Developer: Westwood

Developer website:

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Publisher website:

Release Date: End of 2000

Rejoice same pseudo great power, is used in everyday speech idiotic word «Americans»! Rise from the ashes, mossy readers of the newspaper «Tomorrow»! Sharpen fighting balalaika and tilt bucket for courage vodka. Westwood announces the continuation of Red Alert. Kane does not seem to be.

Crazy Ivan. Quote: «It’s not yet known if Ivan actually has a malfunctioning brain or if he’s just constantly drunk on vodka». That it howl like a beast, you cry like a child. Soviet analogue traitor Tanya. Able to attach seamlessly to bomb any part of the surrounding landscape, including civilians, and home appliances. EVOH brother Yuri merely produces some psihovolnu, killing all the enemy infantry within a few meters. Westwood, of course, can not know the code name for these terrible weapons, but we will help — peregar.

Generally, in a sufficiently serious sci-fi-project, what was the very first proto-RTS Command & Conquer, by the time RA2 myloserial degenerated into a kind of buffoonery. On the side of the Red RabocheKrestyanskoy, say, fighting a giant squid, Tesla Troopers attend suits a la Yuri G., cloning and jumping in time here and there — in the order of things. One of the units will be able to erase from history the enemies. The screenshots we can see the Eiffel Tower, turned into a Tesla Generator, and Lady Liberty, which is about to defeat the Soviet airships in down the name of Sergei Kirov (1886-1934), the famous author of the famous catch phrase «I want to live and live!». In the buildings there are weather generator, with which you can inflict rain with hail and other troubles. However, the stop — the last is just a good idea.

As far as can be judged according to our materials in this — the whole game. Disgusting mass consumption clowning «perestroyka-Karash» On the one hand, and prezanyatnye innovations — on the other. Absolutely stupid storyline with General Romanoff starring such well-balanced, for example, innovation, as the remaining after a nuclear explosion radiation affected area.

During the presentation of the project at E3 around the scene there were special trained staff Westwood, waving Soviet and American flags …

Executive producer Mark Skaggs RA2 (Mark Skaggs) admonishes: «Gone are the days when you fought on abstract maps’.» Crazy (drunk?) Ivan in shirt with cocks certainly will visit Washington DC, Pearl Harbor, Chicago, New York, Berlin and Paris. As usual, only the top of the tank Rhino (proto-Mammoth, absolutely true). At the exhibition, journalists watched slack-jawed, as the White House disappeared in the flames of a nuclear explosion (in the demo, Comrade Shandybin), the Washington Monument is transformed into rubble by tank tracks, and the Statue of Liberty … But you already know that it It happened. Soviet troops thus play the role of giant flying saucers from the «Independence Day», «voluptuous wiping tarpaulin boots on the national shrine.

For the first time in the history of C&C in the game will function approximation, delete the image — is, however, not clear whether it will work automatically or by the corresponding button. The engine is borrowed from the Tiberian Sun (with some modifications), and the interface panel, horror of horrors, would no longer be on the right and bottom of the screen — an unheard-of audacity bordering on sacrilege. And just look where the authorities!

Speaking of bodies. Return spies — their responsibility is art robbery, stealing military secrets and hacking bank accounts. Curiously, the enemy will be able to find the class only trained bears (Shepherd, of course, Shepherd) and exclusively by smell — Stirlitz obviously forgotten to wash and brush your teeth.

The building will be to drive the staff, as it was instituted in the original Red Alert four years ago. The procedure will benefit all — both buildings and units.

Allied Infantry, left to itself, will not juggle with bazookas and squeeze their fists, as is common in the universe C&C, — instead perky guys install machine guns and automatically take up defensive positions.

Harvesters equipped invented in the Siberian sharashkas hronoprivodom (I think it’s still called teleportation), will immediately arrive at a place of gathering resources, but will have to come back on their own …

Westwood awe is the largest unit ever trodden the two-dimensional field C&S-battle: a nuclear reactor as an engine, two barrel rocket launcher, mortar … Be scared little Allies, be very scared.

Revision of our gazetischi indignantly declares that … Although the right. Westwood all — God’s dew. Cynical klonmeyking, whom she selflessly engaged — disgusting. The RA2 will play — is beyond doubt. Spitting, we will go to the end of her effusively on both sides and let us humbly wait for add-on — it is also undeniable. … It has almost no relation to the RTS and games in general — it is something from the category of natural phenomena, cosmic cataclysms and paranormal oddities. Not a year without C&C.

By the way. In private conversations, PR-person Westwood said that the team working on RA2, has no relation to the group responsible for the Tiberian Sun, — the latter, as is evident from the hints, just busy with some new top secret project. Oh, how tired of this carefully paraded mystery, this terrible predestination …

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