VII: Fodd Forlorare (Spinefarm / Universal I Phot)

Although painted in the output of the Russian edition of the license in 2013, this album — not the newest creation of the Swedish "founders of suicidal black metal" (at the moment is the actual disk ‘Redefining Darkness’ — 2012). Seventh numbering Kvarforta work was published in the civilized world exactly 2 years ago, we have the same joint efforts duo producing labels its release was delayed for quite a rude term … And I must say, saying, "better late than never" in this case, it does not work: this album is a classic of the genre can not be attributed, and similar subjects interesting new products over the past couple of years, there were many, so that ‘VII: Fodd Forlorare’ proved that "passage" position, without which we could have done in 2011, and even now — even more so.

‘Prasinaf (Bret Hard / SAOL / SMM)

The Germans cut Skum detuhu for 13 pet, and they do it very efficiently, with a soul, without bending at the same time stick to the brutality of the material and not carried away by the new-fangled trends. Their third album ‘Prasina’ ("Ashes") So even and traditional that and talk about it in the long run there is nothing … well, except that it is worth noting an interesting approach to the lyrics, which is written and sung in English, German and Croatian languages ​​….


‘The Living Infinite’ (Nuclear Blast I Union)

To the overview of this album can be approached from different angles, but the main question, which is certainly of concern to many in the first place — why it was necessary to release his twin 8 format? Can group has turned out brilliant ideas so much that they do not fit on a single CD? Perhaps this division is dictated by the indestructible album conceptual ideas? Let’s see. First option "not roll" for two reasons: a) remove a song from the two dozen presented at ‘The Living Infinite’, and you can easily vpihnёte album on standard audio-CD (however, long been stamped discs, which can hold up to 90 minutes of music). Yes, almost all the new tracks are good, but not brilliant: it could be limited to the duration of the album to an hour to present the best available and "leftovers", For example, to release after a minion … The conceptual separation of the album, too, is not the cause — no there is essentially no concept. Nope. Yes, you could do as it was last time Avantasia: salable two independent full-length, but it hardly would please the fans, because the material here in general is hefty similar, and it is unlikely at the present time, there would be many willing to pay twice almost the same … So why? I think that it was a purely psychological trick publishing label that focuses on a no uplift in sales of physical media with this album: buying nature is such that when they give you two discs for the price of one (hurray, a freebie!), Then hold back from buying much more difficult than other things being equal. That’s the whole story … And the album itself? Never mind. Typical strong, energetic, melodic Soil-work; however, before they sounded like something fresher and more interesting. Although there were other times …

‘Lullabies’ (Shadowplay)

*** ★

Cartoon-fabulous artwork at Stillife? Yes, and the sudden change of issuing the label?

Guys, what happened to you -What? .. Nothing special really never happened. Some significant stylistic changes on the new album you will not find; Yes, the material has become more focused on the live sound, arrangements have become richer, and the sound as a whole — professional. Generally, lullabies’ leaves the impression of a strong European operation — say, something from the catalog of the German label Trisol, where they at one time other roads. But at the same time, in my opinion, Stillife lost their authenticity, some purely Russian soulfulness than zero were taken at the beginning of the unsophisticated listener …


‘Nemesis! (Nuclear Blast / Union) *****

Already in the preparation work of this new Stratovarius aroused the curiosity of all and becoming public, clearly caused a general feeling of satisfaction. If the last album a few puzzled and still does not allow us to judge whether they will ever anything sensible without Timo Tolkki, but now the response is received. Yes, come! The rest — only the details. For example, the vague definition "melodic metal" Now it should be checked by applying it to the creation of the Finns. Now it is melodic power metal — keyboard arrangements and even more diverse, but slightly overshadowed ahead rokochut guitar and drums, which gives the album is definitely greater severity and aggressiveness. It can be seen, sensed this thing, Timo Kotipelto also sang extremely emotionally and sometimes even too aggressive — however, always beautiful and authentic. No one will argue that his voice as the key Johansson (Start and slightly "Push") -imenno That, despite all the conflicts, quarrels, changes and difficult times, allowed the group to maintain its appearance! And today the face of the composition of the group are made in the spirit of "Teutonic" power metal "Halcyon Days" or "Abandon", Dilute a little surprises such as acoustic ballads "The Story Is Over" and pop-metal hit "Fantasy"; as well as great sound, an unprecedented charge of the live energy and no doubt the correctness of the chosen path!


‘Pinnacle Of Bedlam" (Nuclear Blast I Union) *****

Bedlam, in fact, a proper name — is the name of a very old and well-known mental hospital in London, such as the Moscow Kashchenko, and her name became a household word because it creates once hellish mayhem. While many historians claim that nothing like that and it’s just a rumor enemies … So, the rumors. Before I learned how to penetrate the seventh studio album of Suffocation, a rumor reached me about the return of the drummer Dave Culross.

Then acquainted with a new work, I realized that her record is technically involved as many as two drummers — old, Mike Smith, had as "guest" He lit up the final track. Perhaps this is some kind of psychotherapy trick — say, once some bedlamsky doctor decided to put in a ward two psychos, who imagine themselves Admiral Nelson. They say that they will communicate with each other and automatically healed. Soon, the doctor reported that one patient has ceased to consider himself an admiral. "Well, my dear!" — I rejoiced in the dock. "So who are you really?". "Lady Hamilton!" — He replied … Bedlam he is bedlam! Coming back to the point, I note — there is another element of light bedlam on the new disk, the composition "Beginning Of Sorrow"Which has already been seen earlier on the album Breeding The Spawn"And for the current release has some reason to re overwritten. But this whole bedlam in the ‘Pinnacle Of Bedlam’ ends — no more surprises. All other -tipichny Suffocation at its best! From the first song, they said, grabbing the bull by the horns, or more precisely, the listener by the throat, and do their work in full compliance with its name … As before, they are not a millimeter beyond death metal, but at the same time manage to consistently show us something new, cleverly combining in his music, classical, techno and brutal style options. it "know-how"And a brilliant technique and extraordinary songwriting ability has long been made of them, if not living classics of death metal, then at least his supreme authority. The subject of the conversation can only be sound — this time they made it a little more transparent, less dense. But I’m not going to continue this conversation. For like Suffocation, and I think they are always right. Even when it is not right …

"Hope And Pray" (Sublimity)

The fourth official single Ukrainians Sunrise, with only two full-length (the latter — Trust Your Soul ‘-vyshel in 2010), is the pressing issues of their own creative abilities. On the 17-minute ‘Hope And Pray’ you will find only two new songs — plus title "Live In Peace", The rest of the material is a pair of covers ("Take You High" CB Milton and "If I Could Fly" Hello-ween), as well as multimedia video live footage of the first two things. Not surprisingly, with such meager content frankly this release released limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies …


‘Stranded (ScentAir) *** ★

New single Norwegian duo Supercraft ‘Stranded’ continues and develops the theme of last year’s full-length album ‘Nation 47’, again demonstrating skillful approach to creating a positive and quite the hit synth-pop at the juncture of VNV Nation and Apoptygma Berzerk. In addition to five basic things, this EP falls short of the mark 50 minutes due to the presence here of six remixes (for the songs "Stranded" and "Faded" — 3 each).

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