None of the athletes does not rule in his sport so completely as Serena Williams in women’s tennis. She does not stop even a split personality, with only afford a couple of cinnamon rolls

Who in today’s sports chief? Lebron James? Michael Phelps? I beg you. Forget about this weakling. Serena Williams. That it runs in women’s tennis, Kim Jong-un North Korea: ruthlessly, sometimes comical, a little lazy and occasionally suffering from a split personality.

Some facts. Serena — the number one tennis player in the world. Maria Sharapova — tennis number two. Sharapova — high white blonde, so she earns from advertising more money than black, beautiful and folded like a monster SUV Williams. For nine years, Sharapova has never won against Serena. Think about it. Nine years ago, on hearing it was still a group Matchbox Twenty and John Edwards. The gap between Serena and other tennis players as vast as the distance between the ears Ryan Lochte. When LeBron nine consecutive years will be able to win the «Oklahoma City Thunder» Kevin Durant, then we’ll talk.

The dominance of Serena’s tennis is fueled by the fact that she does not care what you or anyone else thinks about her approach to the sport. Already more than half of his life tennis Serena shows the middle finger. We can not say that it recognizes this. «Friends I recently say that I am spoiled, — says Williams with a puzzled look. — And I say, «Come on? Nothing of the sort! «I nearly choked Cola. In fact, Serena does what he wants and when he wants.

«Experts» accused Serena that she recently for several months took a break in his career, to play hostess fashion brand, and several times appeared on television (as would any normal person who has earned tens of millions of dollars). Only eighteen months ago, tennis legend Chris Evert questioned Serena’s commitment to the sport.

Evert was radically wrong. Players at the same time that Serena began, has long been out of business, disabled and decommissioned for scrap. Williams, last year returned to tennis after recovering from problems with foot and blood clots threatening her life. Since losing in the championship at Roland Garros in 2012, she won seventy-four wins, three defeats and won three Grand Slam and an Olympic medal. After each victory experts Tennis whispered: «Serena has won the last time.»

Not really. Last year, she won four championships and won thirty-one victory in a row — the longest unbeaten run of his career. If this summer, she will not get his sixth Wimbledon trophy and fifth US Open title, check to see whether the planet is descended from the shaft. Serena has never been so sure of herself, as now, in his thirty-one years in the world of tennis is approximately 179 years. (Now Evert says Serena — the best tennis player of all time.) What is there even a relationship with Brett Ratner can not stop it. It can not and older sister Venus, is only the second best tennis player in the past twenty years.

What is her secret? Serena compromise only with itself.

Serena and Venus Williams live in a shared house in the cottage in the town of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, populated mainly by retirees. They like it here. Misty March morning Serena in sweat pants and shirt opens up the door for me, her long hair sticking out about seven different directions.

«Come, — she says, rubbing his sleepy eyes. — I need to practice, br-r. » Then her face brightens. — But then we’re going to make me a pedicure. I made up the nail varnish, the color of which varies depending on the mood. That’s what I look forward to «

She turns and sings sarcastically, not the bad voice a few bars of the song «OH What A Beautiful Morning». The sisters lived here for ten years, but the house still gives the impression of a temporary abode. Near the giant portrait of Venus (it now is not at home) in the lobby piled boxes of the Amazon, and dozens of pairs of shoes. On the ceiling hangs a glittering chandeliers, and the wall is a heavy antique mirror. But all the action takes place in the kitchen, where the chef Serena holds a glass of green medicine. She is reluctant to drink it. «Yesterday I ate the chicken and waffles, now have to pay for it — said tennis player. — Oh no no no».

Assistant brings a few new shirts Green Day, her favorite band. Serena comes alive and starts having fun jumping around the room. «They are so cool!»

In the kitchen there Muratoglu Patrick, her new French coach, and maybe a boyfriend. He was dark-haired and French smazliv. Muratoglu says nothing, but holds a bag of rackets. Serena sighed, «I guess it’s time.»

We’re going to a nearby court at my rented car (the driveway is a white «Rolls-Royce»). «It Casper — said Serena. — I like to give the names of the machines. For this name Casper is ideal. «

Like almost all modern American celebrity Serena moved with his entourage. It includes Muratoglu, chef, physiotherapist and Alexander «Sasha Big» Bazhin, its mighty sparring partner. The procession arrives at the court, located less than a kilometer from the house and begins to unload inventory. Prior to the Sony Open in Miami two days left. This will be the first major test for Serena after an injury in the quarter-finals of the Australian Open — she sprained ankle, which then swelled and increased in size three times.

It is two months to recover from injury, but if someone from the training participants worried about this, the mind does not deliver. Jackie loved the old white dog Serena, rolled into a ball in her tennis bag and falls asleep. Serena takes off shirt Green Day — does not want her to propotel — and wears a T-shirt «The Incredible Hulk» cubes on the press.

Bazhin ready to warm up, but Serena’s mind more. «Today I had a dream — she says to no one in particular. — My father was a member of the Mafia, he is in something naughty, mutilated corpses strewn everywhere. » Bazhin stops doing stretching and listens. «Then he came to our house mafia with grenades and machine guns.» The members of the entourage lowered her eyes, Serena continued. «In my dreams there is always the unexpected twists and turns. Then I suddenly swimming with Venus, and she is holding a shark and it pokes me. I wonder what would it all mean? «

Well, it’s a simple question. Sisters Uilyamc known in the world of tennis, not only because of his achievements on the court, but also by their father, Richard Williams. Since the girl was seven years old, he coached them for hours on broken glass strewn courts in Compton, California. Richard turned two girls from the ghetto in gold sports legends. Way up was not always smooth. To his girls could earn, Richard extruded other players and sports managers — hence appearing in a dream corpses. Sometimes he heroics — a decade ago in the championship in the city of Indian Wells in California, when a crowd of ugly and-racist booing Serena Williams in response shown greeting «Black Power» and sometimes it is simply intolerable — for example, when dancing at Wimbledon announcer’s booth, proclaiming their daughters the best tennis players of all time. However, in a frenzy, Richard has always been a system. While the majority of fathers recording their ten-year tennis daughters junior tournaments, Richard kept the girls in isolation, causing them to train in a pair of men and hone technique. When they came to professional sports, they have been feeding some women’s tennis has ever seen. Along the way, Richard drove coaches humiliated organizers and frighten journalists — all for the sake of the daughters.

The episode of the Venus and the shark? Well, Serena, by his own admission, in his youth often deceived sister in controversial moments on the court, and once cut off his other sister braids. It is clearly a bad seed, while Venus just ducky. Venus would not poke at her shark, but Serena seems to feel that it deserves.

Hardly Serena finishes analyzing dreams on the court appears Richard. Recently, he had a son, but the 71-year-old Richard looks like old man stooped, his face still confused smile. The first twenty minutes of practice it looks like for the court mows the grass. Then suitable way of greeting asks: «In tennis play?» — «No.» Richard looked at me sadly and pats on the shoulder sympathetically. The next half hour he brings his daughter balls. Sometimes the ball can not catch me, and he shouted: «Thank you, sir! You are very kind!»

Today Muratoglu trying to get Serena put a foot a centimeter closer to each other. Serena does not give in: «Uncomfortable somehow.» Muratoglu gently pushes standing in front Serena. She almost falls. Serena gives him a mysterious smile: «I’m not saying you’re wrong — I say so uncomfortable.» Eventually Serena pitches. The strength — the same dominant part of her style as making speeches Obama. She hits the ball harder than any woman ever to play tennis. Most served tennis ball with a velocity in the region of 150 km / h, the feed rate Serena exceeds 160 km / h. It simply compares feeding opponents to the ground. Strength has become a key skill Serena, because it is not the most mobile player. «I’m so clumsy, — says Williams. — I can for no reason at all to fall. I have a scar on his face from falling off the bike. «

Now turn Bazhina, powerful Serb bomb Serena innings. But she wants to make more and more interesting.

— If you do not hit right through to five attempts, Jackie kiss with tongue.

— Never, — Bazhin protests. — Do you know what a dog licking tongue? Eggs other dogs.

Serena grins.

In the first four innings Bazhin gets into the milk. Serena giggles.

— Ready to suck?

Bazhin sighs and puts the ball hit the line. Serena starts to wail in protest, but gives up.

— Okay, but you still kiss Jackie.

Bazhin shakes his head and walks off the court.

Serena falls to me in the car, so I took her to the gym half a kilometer away from the courts. I asked if she liked the training, and Williams gives me a meaningful look, as if to say: «And what do you think yourself?»

— I do not stop playing because I’m tired of tennis, — she says — but because I was fed up with training.

The phone rings. This is Venus.

If they were not sisters, could be an ideal character for the CBS sitcom called «Two rich girls.» Venus — slender and elegant, and Serena walks with a view of the «you-me-not-here-Hami.» Venus plays a graceful and almost without emotion — Serena constantly grunting and maliciously glittering eyes. But whatever the differences, they share a nursing alliance «Venus and Serena against the universe.» It Venus in 2011 persuaded Serena to go to hospital when her leg was swollen due to thromboembolism. Now Serena comforts Venus, suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome — autoimmune disease that threatens his career elder Williams. Every day they call up at the same time. After chatting about his father, they go to gossip. As usual, he speaks mostly Serena.

Uilms blocks the phone and dragged to the gym.

Have you ever wanted to have anything in common with the world champion? Consider yourself lucky. No one is afraid of the gym, like Serena. It includes the iPod and allows the trainer to manipulate her legs, without looking at him. Her left hand lifts the dumbbell light and the right writes sms. The most painful moment comes when Williams gets on the treadmill. The coach tries to give advice to Serena, forcing her to take off the headphones and causing irritation. «Two of call,» — said the coach. — «One.» — «Good». Serena sweating with relief leaves the track, like a child with a math lesson, interrupted a drill. We’re heading home.

«So, now into the shower and a pedicure!» Williams Behavior changes completely face brightens. «Finally, I have in front of something pleasant.»

Serena Williams will switch between the images of the world of sports legend, the heads of the international financial group and misunderstood little girl faster than communicating with Sharapova blows. I bring it to a pedicure and she asks about anyone else I have written. I call a couple of comedians. She sighs. «Can you imagine, I had not even been invited to conduct« Saturday Night Live »! — She says. — And I’m witty. My friends will confirm. «

We are heading off the highway I-95 and I foolishly turn onto the oncoming lane, nearly killing the legendary tennis player. Serena screams: «Look out!» Instead, I hear: «Attention, attention!» I’m sorry, but Williams publishes embarrassed laugh. «I have lived too long in Paris. I can not believe what is said. «

In addition to homes in Florida, Serena has a house in Los Angeles, but in the last year and a half she spent most of the time in Paris. (It does not recognize that her relationship with the coach not only business, but the paparazzi caught them walking hand in hand.) «Last year I lost in the first round of Roland Garros, well and decided to stay.» I ask whether this is due to the defeat. She laughs a little sad. «No, I was hard parting, and I just did not want to be in the same country as my ex.»

We call in the parking lot at the nail salon, but Serena had not yet dined, and we go to the cafe network Panera. Serena looks at the display menu, and turns to me. «Can I ask you something? — It points to the cakes. — See cinnamon bun? Tell me why it attracts me so? «-» Because the cinnamon rolls are delicious? «I tell her that when ordering a meal in the hotel room, wash off the fries into the toilet. She joyfully jumps. «I, too! I was even a mini-bar in the room ask clear before settle. «

«I had to accept the fact that the weight — one of my weaknesses — says Williams, absorbing sandwich, which was not followed by cinnamon rolls. — Especially when you grow up with Venus, which is a tall, slender and generally similar to the model. I’m tight, and I have wide hips. I used to think that I want to be like her, but it’s not mine. I had to learn that I will grow big boobs and I will be more, learn to enjoy it. I think other skaters girls with big forms must be more self-confident. «

We go to the salon and Serena throws sandals, showing fingers scarred quarter century tennis. It passed into the hands of Koreans who knows Serena and getting nervous. There is a misunderstanding in the discussion of color lacquer, and suitable manager: «Invite the master who knows English better?» Serena shakes his head: «No, we have everything perfectly.»

I wait until Serena falls into a trance state, and ask about her problems with anger management. In last year’s documentary «Venus and Serena» athlete lists his alter ego: Summer, who writes all the notes of thanks, tennis player Serena and Psycho Takanda that Serena describes as «heathen.» Williams argues that Takanda lost her at the US Open in 2009. «Takanda broken loose,» — said the mother of Serena Orasin. Serena readily admits that she has multiple personalities. Early in his career, after a tough match at the US Open, the reporter asked what she told herself on the court. Williams just laughed. «When something is not glued, I talk to a lot. I look like a crazy, because it is constantly bickering with itself. We have long argued, and then I say «it,» that «it is» an idiot, and «she» tells me to shut up. And we put up. «

What happened over the last two years the revival of Serena’s largely due to the daunting Takandy fear of thrombus and work with Muratoglu. «It’s funny, when he began to train me, I had a problem: all my matches were held in three sets — Serena said, admiring the bright pink nail polish shade. — Patrick said: «Awaken the one that evil Serena. I want you at the same time and was in a relaxed state, and righteous anger. » Part of me that needs some anger. «

We have some time to watch the news, there is a story about the infamous rape in Steubenville — Two high school football players raped a girl of sixteen, while other students looked at it and wrote sms familiar with the details. Serena shakes his head. «Do you think they deserve it? They certainly have done stupid things, but I do not know. I do not blame the girl, but she was sixteen, she could get drunk so that he remembered nothing? After all, it could be worse. She was lucky. Of course, I do not know, maybe she was not a virgin, but she should not bring themselves to such a state. Unless, of course, she was not spiked with something, then another thing. «

Drinking Serena to this case — is not the only roll it right. She is outraged tax rate in France. «Seventy-five percent — is this acceptable? Nobody wants to do anything, because the government pays people for the fact that they have no money. Why do we work? «You can not disagree with it, but a negative attitude to social protection is rooted in a poor childhood in Compton Serena, where in 2003 he was shot dead by her older sister Yetunde. Today, Serena also closely monitors all its expenses, as a hen watching the chickens. «I am an athlete and I am black, — she explains. — Many black athletes are penniless. I really do not want to replenish their ranks. «

For all the talk of money and self-sufficiency lies another question: how much more Serena could play at this level? Does it have a backup plan? Recently, she had an internal dialogue with myself, and it was not very good. It supports the foot to master it easier to work with cuticles.

«I had a panic attack, — she said with a shudder. — I thought: «I have no idea what to do next.» Still it bothers motherhood. She was just thirty-one, but the clock is ticking.

«I’m going to freeze her eggs — no kidding. I thought about it, but if they freeze, the doping test may give a positive result. I’ll have more time to make inquiries. «

However, this is still far away, at least not yet. Serena wants to speak at the 2016 Olympics, so it has three years to come up with a new master plan, or even a new identity. In the next two months, she will win the championship Sony Open, held out victoriously on the court of Rome and Madrid. And then she met at Roland Garros, his sworn enemy.

According to Chris Evert, Serena only show the game at the highest level, which Evert had ever seen. In the championship she lost only one set, and in the final bypassed Sharapova in three sets in a row. She then addressed the crowd in French. Serena smiled and shouted: «Je suis incroyable» — «I’m amazing.» Some believe that she misspoke and meant to say «It’s awesome,» but it does not matter. As usual, Serena Williams told the truth.

All of this has yet to happen. And now Serena enjoys his nails.

«I can not wait until I got angry, and they will change color — she frowns. — But now everyone will see what I have in mind. I do not know yet whether this is good or bad. «

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