Contractors must pass the objects before September 1

Contractors must pass the objects before September 1

Last week, members of the public, the Council held regular checks built in Togliatti regional money sports grounds. In the last issue we wrote about the raids on targets in Autazavadskaya and Central regions. This time the people of Auditors with the correspondent of «VC-Togliatti» inspected how things work in the Komsomol district.


The raid involved members of community councils (Deputy Chairman of the City Duma Mikhail Nosorev), representatives of community sports area (SDYUSH deputy director, chairman of the Federation of wrestling Valery Kapralov Togliatti) and head of the Children’s Health Center «Granit» Pavel Zavyalov. Their task was to monitor compliance with construction deadlines and quality of work performed.

Recall, this year Nikolay Merkushin allocated money from the regional budget for the construction of the Samara region of modern sports grounds. Of these, 10 will appear in Togliatti, for these purposes

50 million rubles. Three sites are under construction in Avtozavodskii district, five — in the central and two — in Komsomolsk. All sites are located on the school grounds. Work began in late June — early July and should be completed in mid-August.

During the first two detours on the future work of the sports fields on the street. Frunze 2 (school №58) and the Boulevard Kulibina 17 (gymnasium №35) did not cause any complaints. Most readiness in areas in the school №23 (street of Stavropol, 19) and №21 (Boulevard 50 years on October 23). But on the street. Avtosrtoiteley, 84 (school №66), on the street. Guo-loss, 34 (school №65) and on the street. Banykin, 12 (school №26) found a significant delay to the implementation of the regional order.

At this time, the first thing a group of people’s control went to the village Zhigulevskoye Sea, into the courtyard of the school №11 (May passage, 7). According to Valery Kapralova, this district is particularly acute need in the development of social infrastructure, including sports facilities.

«City officials originally from road repair to construction of social facilities, all done here as a residual, — told the corporal as we drove to the site. — Komsomolsk area over the last couple of decades have not built any facilities for physical education and sports. And then, finally, began to appear playgrounds. They should be in close proximity. The child does not have to go somewhere by bus, to workout. «

To identify minor issues

Future playground near the school №11 located on the site of a typical soil of a football field. At the time of the visit the members of public councils prepared pit future hockey court is already filled with gravel, brought boards for fences and gates. In principle, one can «lay» a special coating. However, Mikhail Nosorev noticed that the cup prepared for the final work site «drowned» in the pit, ie it is below ground level. Why — I should explain to the contractor.

«At the Komsomolsk area has a feature: it stands on the slopes — said Nosorev. -And If you produce large streams of water after a rain or snow melt, there can not turn a sports field and swimming pool. Therefore, there should be special attention paid to remedy the shortcomings. Also in the record of the examination we noted the builders left a heap near the area of ​​the earth. «

Valery Kapralov noticed that, except for hockey box, here it is necessary and normal football field. And the playground equipped with a horizontal bar, parallel bars and other fitness equipment. This question members of public councils will discuss with the district authorities.

«When next to the house there is a good sports grounds, children will choose not slippery slope, and it will come to play sports, — said Kapralov. -Nuzhno To attract coaches to work with children, as well as to revive the practice of urban competition between yards, areas for football and hockey. «

The last point of our raid — gymnasium №39 (Street Thunder, 38). There playground is fully prepared for the coating and the installation of fences.

On older horizontal bars located nearby the building, moved up two guys. They were former graduates of this school, and now the students of Tbilisi State University Andrew and Jean Yaginyan Radaev. When members of the community councils informed them that there will be a multipurpose playground with artificial turf, the guys said that they advocate a healthy lifestyle and are very pleased that there will be a modern box. According to them, there will be a lot more physical activity of children and youth.

VISIT than once

Michael Nosorev, who participated in all the detours, summed up their results: «Information on all shortcomings identified forwarded to the relevant structures. We hope that the builders will take into account our comments and to accelerate the work. After all, they are to hand over the site before September 1st. In general, in terms of the willingness of the Komsomol district — 80%. «

«Komsomolsk district employment of children and adolescents in sports clubs than in the whole city, -Tell Pavel Zavyalov. -But While playgrounds absolutely not enough. Especially they deprived center of the district. It’s time to use the universal safe playgrounds that meet modern requirements, where young people could engage in all year round. «

According to Valery corporal work after the commissioning of platforms have a lot: it is necessary to monitor their condition, as well as to ensure that children are constantly organized fun activities.

Representatives of community councils more than once visited the construction site. If the contractor does not fulfill the terms of the contract, they will have to account for the inefficient application of funds from the regional treasury.

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