Cucumber Festival

Cucumber Festival

In the kingdom of Far Far Away trouble: Princess Nesmeyana from all dishes he refuses capricious «gimmick Give!» Father is not the place itself, sends messengers, they say, who will feed the daughter, to give her in marriage, nui, as expected, half the kingdom to boot .. .

It is in this theatrical performance in Shklov, who has long been dubbed Belarus «cucumber capital», opened the traditional feast of cucumber.

Ban Cucumber

The action takes place near the bronze statue of a cucumber with noticeable wear. After the installation of the monument in 2007, Shklov-chan appeared Special features: to grow a good crop, and profitable to sell, must hold either a basket in the hands of Pan Cucumber, either a thick wad of money, looking out from his pocket.

Real jam!

After execution of the cucumber anthem all went to the noisy trade fair. Hostess not only touted the guests at the tasting, but also happy to share their recipes. Among the many exhibits attracted the attention of the table Larissa Kozhakin stuffed with cucumber (appeared in egg, cheese, mayonnaise, garlic, cucumber pulp) and pickles. Especially a lot of issues on the gardener has fallen because of the large Zelentsy in a bottle with a narrow neck. How did he get there?

— As soon struck up a cucumber, put it in a bottle and left in the garden, — explained Larisa.

— And when the vegetable has reached the desired size, separating it from the lashes and flooded the vodka. Here’s a cucumber balm turned out!

Secrets of the crop

Looking at the rich harvests of Shklov, I immediately wanted to find out the secrets of the local farmers.

— Planning cucumber cook in autumn, — says Elena Golynets which assigns this culture as many as 10 beds. — And be sure to dig the earth close up fresh peat, sawdust, sand or rotted compost. Every 2-3 years, the place is changing. The precursors cucumber unpretentious, but after a good growing tomatoes. The lion’s share of success lays in the initial stage. Always buy seeds (fontanelle or self-pollinating varieties of Dutch Mirabello German) because they have the best germination. Germinated in a moist cloth. Then, laid out in a pre-cooked moist soil from the garden land, peat, sand and sawdust (1: 1: 1: 1). Sprinkle a thin layer of peat, covered with a cloth for 3 days. Each hatched germ planted in a separate cup with a mixture similar to the first and watered.

This swordplay allows plants to form a strong root system, as a result they will not only higher yields, but a month earlier than usual. In early May, the seedlings are planted in soil-protected (either open at the arc at the beginning of June) staggered at a distance of 30-70 cm between plants (depending on the variety). I host two beds side by side, and between them make the passage of 1 m.

Greenhouse cucumbers watered liberally and often — they like dampness, humidity and watch, if necessary, ventilate the greenhouse. In the open field cucumber watered as needed. The film occasionally lift and as soon establish a permanent warm weather — tidy. Regularly weed weeds. I attribute them to the compost pile or insist in a barrel with water (1: 3) and fertilize cucumber. This year under the instruction successfully fertilize them oxidato and finished with a mixture of peat-based bird droppings.

Scourge always pinch on the fourth-fifth true leaf. This speeds up the appearance of side shoots. They also pinch out over the fourth leaf.

Cucumbers rented regularly to avoid overgrown zelentsov. In general, the main thing — do with love, and then the harvest will be. «Is this the secret? Although … who them shklovchan knows. But what if you still runs the local «magic»? «- I thought for a moment and just in case embraced bronze Pan Cucumber.

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