DECREE-Union scientific and technical conference on beekeeping, dedicated to improving productivity in the apiary

DECREE-Union scientific and technical conference on beekeeping, dedicated to improving productivity in the apiary

Performing covenants Lenin that «Labour productivity is, in the final analysis, the most important thing, the most important thing for the victory of the new social order,» the Soviet people under the leadership of the Communist Party takes decisive action to significantly increase the productivity of labor in industry and in agriculture.

Great success in this business have also reached and advanced beekeepers. For example, the beekeeper Sverdlov collective farm, Bashkiria, PF gilding with the assistant service 300 bee colonies, and the beekeeper beekeeping Kalacheevskogo inter-district department of the Voronezh region PA Baranov, an assistant service 400 bee colonies in hives multihull. This vols. Pozolotin borane and ensure high honey yield of bee colonies.

Beekeeper kolkhoz Radishcheva Smolensk region, I. F Pushnenkov in a poor food supply has posted 200 hives on 10 small apiaries and all of them serves one. With high productivity farm beekeeper gets cheaper products. The cost price of one quintal of honey is 60-70 rubles.

On large beekeeping farm farm «Cheremshansky» Kazakh SSR, numbering 15 thousand bee colonies, each employee is on an apiary of 21 centners of marketable honey.

Progressive Labour Organization (team leader maintenance method apiaries), developed by the Institute of beekeeping, applied to pcheloferme farm «Pronskiy», the Ryazan region (beekeeper AV Shustov), ​​increased productivity in 1962 is 1.5, and in 1963 2 times.

However, despite the success of advanced beekeepers, the overall level of productivity in the most collective and state apiaries remain low. Thus, in the USSR, on average per employee apiary produces about 500 kilograms of marketable honey, and in the European part of the country — only about 360 kilograms.

That low level of productivity of beekeepers apiaries makes unprofitable.

A big obstacle in increasing the productivity of beekeepers are the lack of mechanization of labor-intensive work apiary, obsolete forms of organization of service of apiaries, the prevalence of amateur receptions care bees, based on a large number of small-scale labor-intensive operations.

All of this is a relic of the old amateur beekeeping and restrains growth of the socialist beekeeping.

The Conference decided to consider the most important task of maximizing the productivity of workers apiaries. Summon all the beekeepers to fight for an increase in the production of bee products, which achieved a sharp improvement in the living conditions and the feeding of bees, bee colonies provide all the abundant reserves of good-quality food at a level of 25-30 kg per household, create high sotoobespechennosti, breeding improvement of bees, the organization stable fodder base and wide application migrations.

Take decisive steps to increase the workload for each beekeeper to no less than 100-120 hives per worker in this regard, considered the most important task in the coming two to three years to enlarge the all the little understaffed apiaries to the above size and contain the family on several points Depending on the food supply.

Recommend to all farms with large pchelofermy, apply the service system of the link, consolidating the one constant beekeeper with two temporary assistants 300-400 and more families are placed at several apiaries.

High evaluate and recommend to the widespread adoption in all apiaries best service experience of a large number of bee colonies at a high yield of apiaries, made by beekeepers PA Baranozym, JF Pushnenkovym, PF Pozolotina.

Asking Kazakh, Bashkir, Tatar, Primorsk, Kemerovo, Oryol experimental agricultural station and Novosibirsk fruit and berry plant generalize high experience of beekeepers in the area of ​​maintenance and up to 1 January 1964 to prepare the material for print and publish in the field in the form of books, pamphlets, flyers, and to publish in the journal «Beekeeping».

Ask the Editor «Beekeeping» regularly in the pages of the magazine to cover the experience of leading beekeepers to improve productivity on collective and state apiaries.

Ask the Research Institute of apiculture based on its research and generalization of advanced methods of production innovators to develop and publish a wide production tests interim recommendations on the use of the link service system apiaries.

Recognizing the great importance of using multihull hives in increasing productivity beekeepers ask pchelokontory republican since 1964 when placing orders for the manufacture of multi-hives include hives at a reduced frame in quantities completely satisfy the demand collective and state farms in the hives of this design.

Considering that intra-organizational settlements and piecework wages create favorable conditions for increasing productivity, to encourage all farmers to transfer apiary on-farm payment and to introduce a system of remuneration, depending on the yield.

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