Electronic warfare

On the measure of the improvement of radio electronic means in the armies of the capitalist countries more and more attention is paid to the development of methods of electronic warfare (EW) (in some foreign armies adopted the term radio-electronic warfare): electronic countermeasures (ECM), electronic protection measures n to enforce them. Issues of its conduct in the present conditions and the means used for this book is dedicated to «Electronic warfare », released Voenizdat.

Much attention is paid to the problems of jamming. It is a set of activities carried out by the troops of the vast and misinformed exposed to the relevant instruments of the enemy n the energy of electromagnetic radiation. Definitions and classification are described in detail the methods and means of setting active and passive jamming. An article on the false goals and traps. One of the chapters of the book talks about how to improve the stealth of military equipment from the discovery of its radio-electronic intelligence means. A separate chapter is devoted to the complex of passive and active measures to hide the surface ships and submarines from sonar surveillance and protection against weapons of destruction, suggestive using acoustic devices.

Interested reader section of the book, which sets out the views of the NATO command in the value of ECM in modern combat. It also contains information about the forces and means, methods jamming «offensive defense in Mr. defensive operations. The general characteristic of systems and missile defense, describes the ways and means of jamming during its overcoming. Special attention, in our opinion, deserves a section in which specific examples from the experience of local wars describes the methods of signals intelligence and jamming during the fighting. The book contains the findings on future directions of research and development equipment and jamming signals intelligence. A large number of applications with performance characteristics means jamming, electronic intelligence you can use it as a reference.

The publication is well illustrated: there are patterns of use of RES in terms of conducting electronic warfare, photos of various types of military equipment and weapons, other explanatory material. All this, of course, facilitates the perception of textual material. The book is written at a high scientific and technical level and at the same time quite popular.

Captain A. Mitrofanov

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