Endurance test CLUTCH

The magazine opens another page in a series of endurance tests conducted by them. A new group of automotive components, which will be assessed, — the clutch. Node rather complicated both to manufacture and evaluate the state directly in the process, since the inspection of parts is only possible when a transmission and dismantling of the assembly to the flywheel, respectively. And the time needed to carry out a complex of works is about eight hours. That is to assess the condition of the clutch, the carrier will have to, at a minimum, remove the machine from the line for one day, that is fraught with significant financial losses. Previously, such our partners managed to escape. We recall our previous and current projects — and this life test tires TyRex ALL STEEL, Goodyear Omnitrac Duraseal, KAMA, Hankook — require regular inspection and measurement. This can be done quickly before the machine in flight or after arrival in the park. Expanding the coverage of the test components, we paid attention to engine oils. The result was the appearance in the pages of materials on testing products Shell, Liqui Molly, GT oil. But here the object under study, or rather, the sample can be quickly removed from the crankcase and explore on laboratory equipment. The first sign among fallen under our observation units were updated engine Ulyanovsk motor plant model UMZ-4216. After the power unit departed predefined period of time — namely, 100 kilometers Ltd. — to dismantle a car, taken to the production plant, which was subjected to a complete dismantling and Troubleshooting. Engineers not only assessed the wear and tear of parts and determine the residual life of the motor.

Now the situation is even more complicated: the clutch set will appear again before the eyes of the experts only after wear. All this time the node will be hidden under the metal «bell» and is not available for visual inspection. Of course, we will judge the condition and remaining life of the node, though indirectly, by adjusting the frequency of its drive. The behavior of the clutch during the operation information will also come from the drivers, who will work on the bus. On the operation unit we judge on the testimony of a tracking system that captures the route mileage and the car and has acceleration sensors transmit information to a central control room. After decryption and data control center staff will send them to us. And, of course, the most important stage — the final inspection of outdated clutch. Having the information on mileage and the cost of the kit clutch FLRS Germany, as well as the cost of its installation, we calculate the cost of one kilometer run.

KLavto metropolitan transport company as a partner, has provided the vehicle for testing the adhesion, we have chosen not by chance. The carrier is not just a brand operates buses Yutong, and is an authorized dealer for the sale and repair of buses of this brand in Russia. In 2009 KLavto signed a contract and received an official dealer Yutong. This means that the engineers of the service center provide service support to buses and solve all technical problems when they occur. But do they know how quickly, as with the Chinese masters technique known for a long time. The first car park filled up middle-class model 6737 — a typical Russian competitor slots (24 seating and standing room 8). The first batch of buses in the five units of the carrier acquired in 2006. Thanks to skilled craftsmen SRT machines are maintained in working condition and still regularly go to the line. In 2008, the trial operation were taken Yutong 6118, and later was acquired tourist and commuter buses. The experience was positive, and today the entire fleet of vehicles KLavto has 90 units, 75 of which — Yutong brand buses of different classes. On the line on a daily basis goes 85-87 buses based backup technology, and the remaining are scheduled maintenance and current repairs of rolling stock.

Strength endurance tests provided for company «Link», which is officially supplied to Russia clutch brand FLRS Germany. Why was chosen this brand? The products in our market officially announced, but it is relatively recent. The product line is wide enough from the manufacturer. Cost of components is significantly lower than the well-known European manufacturers. In addition to the Chinese cars grip fits on trucks manufactured in Europe, which means that the node can be an inexpensive alternative to original spare parts. Interest in the alternative by the transport companies is quite high, which confirms conducted by the magazine «Flight» poll carriers dedicated to the preparation of the two main themes of «Worthy Is the alternative?» (Http://www.zr.ru/ archive / reis / 2013 / 04 / dostoina-li-altiernativa # 16) and «The alternative — a second round» (http://www.zr.ru/archive/ reis / 2013/07 / altiernativa-vtoroi-raund # 10). The resulting test data on the divergence of Chinese road carriers clutches allow to make the right conclusion.


EGOR KUNIN CEO of the transport company KLavto — Bus Yutong ZK 6118 HGA with engine Cummins ISLe 290-30, which will undergo endurance tests clutch FLRS Germany, is for our company one of the main workhorses. The machine meets the requirements of today, confirming the long-term experience of operating our buses autoenterprise. From the project we expect above all, an objective assessment of components and assemblies of the bus, and in particular the clutch mounted on it.

Of course, important for us, and the economic result, as the clutch replacement -dorogostoyaschy repairs and the car comes down the line for at least one day. Choosing a reliable supplier in this matter Security deposit success. The project will also allow us to assess the skill level of drivers to calculate the time spent on the route the car, to assess the driving style of a particular driver. Their bus is fixed for two.


KLavto transport company operating in the market of road transport in 1999. Park equipment has to buses of different classes (from minibuses and cars to urban and suburban bus tourist class). The main activities — services to corporate clients. Regular routes for the delivery of the company’s employees to and from work, visitors to the business centers and shopping malls from the nearest transport hub. Transportation of tourists to the city and suburbs. Rolling out on the line every day. To ensure a high rate of returns on the line of cars the company has a back-up equipment, mobile repair teams worked around the clock and service mechanics and tower. To reduce the «zero km» technique is based on three parking lots located in different parts of the city.


CONSTANTINE DUBROVIN technical director of the project of «LINK» — mounted on the bus Yutong ZK 6118 HGA with engine Cummins ISLe 290-30 grip is an analog unit, going on a complete set of vehicles MAN. This kit is also fitted as standard on the number of vehicles FAW. Thus for Yutong grip it is not the original, but there are no meaningful differences from the native site does not. On the basket, clutch disc and release bearing by means of laser marking products, which determines its authenticity. In marking only means the catalog number of the manufacturer. Non counterparts brought to the packaging.

Chinese plant laser welding technology is introduced and a peripheral portion of the damper, which significantly increases the strength of the final product. The damper is not only part of the conical peripheral springs the same rigidity, but preddempfera integrated in the wheel end. This solution reduces the torsional oscillations and reduce the load on the components and assemblies of power lines. The ends of the slats «basket» hardened. This reduces wear during operation. Friction lining, used in the assembly of the slave drive, in my opinion, is one of the best in its frictional properties, so it is used, and other manufacturers of clutches around the world. According to the manufacturer, the pad was placed on the grip of one of the leading European manufacturers of clutches, but was removed due to the disparity of environmental parameters. The culprit was the copper.

Alex Larchenko executive director of the project of «LINK» — Our company is the official representative of the Russian Federation and the CIS Republics Chinese factory Shanghai Europarts CO. LTD, produces clutch kits for commercial vehicles. The plant was built in 1958 for the production of ZIL specialists clutch for manufactured in China by Soviet technology of automobile and tractor equipment. In 1992 the company was bought and converted specialists Mercedes-Benz for the production of clutches for supplying kits to car factories are located in Asia. The plant is certified ISO / TS16949.Bkoh 2011 was a strategic decision to withdraw the projection on the Russian market under the brands Prawolf and FLRS Germany. Started selling in December 2011, in July 2012, it opened a central warehouse products in Moscow. Over the past period sold more than 2,500 sets of clutches for cars of domestic, European and Chinese production.

ALEXANDER SHUHATOVICH head of an auto transport service company KLavto — According to statistics gathered by our technical department, clutch buses Yutong ZK 6118 HGA with engine Cummins ISLe 290-30 nursed an average of about 60-70 thousand kilometers. So which way will the deviation depends not least on the human factor. An experienced driver unit lasts longer. Also, a resource node and affect the operating conditions of the machine. And Moscow’s traffic jams make this mode is especially tough. Note that the quality of each batch of buses, including clutches, is growing. So, on the last machine nodes have been already 75-85 thousand km.

His replacement clutch takes about eight hours — shifts. The work carried out two masters. Because of special tools and devices required hoist which lowered / raised gearbox mandrel to center the clutch disc. Here, perhaps, and all. Other tools universal. When replacing the clutch pay special attention to the state of the flywheel, oil seal crankshaft, clutch fork. Diagnosis is made visually. This flywheel must not be overheated metal traces (bluish color), transverse cracks caused by metal fatigue, and of course, the longitudinal grooves, which are formed as a result of friction of the friction linings. In the presence of at least one of the following signs of the flywheel is replaced. To do this, we keep a stock in the stock flywheels. Without it, the car crashed to the service station more than a day, which would be reflected in the availability factor of the park. Also, during the inspection of parts focuses on the availability of generation splined input shaft gearboxes. If such is detected, repaired PPC with replacement of worn parts. When replacing the clutch we change all the details, «basket», clutch disc, clutch thrust bearing. Experience has shown that this measure ensures an operating time of a new node in the usual range (60,000 km). Economize by replacing only the worn parts, unprofitable. Flywheel othazhivali least 150-200 thousand. Km. About the same resource at the crankshaft oil seal. To replace the flywheel and the gland takes about one hour.

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