Escape pripyatstvy

Escape pripyatstvy

The story that happened in 1962 with the most famous and impregnable prison United States (and perhaps the world), called The Great Escape. And -One of the main mysteries in the history of the American penal system.

Evening of January 3, 1960 the sky over San Francisco Bay was alarmingly red. A cold wind blew from the ocean to Frank’s face. He was sitting in a small boat, who had just set sail from the coast. Hands in handcuffs, on the contrary — the convoy. Frank knew that the last time looking at the ocean like this, without a grate. Half an hour later it’s all over. The boat was carrying him to life in prison on Alcatraz Island, the place where nobody has ever been able to escape.

Frank Morris was 34 years old. Growth of 1.7 meters, brown eyes, black hair. Special features — tattoos: a devil’s head on his right forearm, the stars on each knee, and the number 13 at the bottom of the right index finger. With 11 years the state has tried to deprive him of his liberty. It was then, after years of vagrancy, he was adopted two years wandered from one to the other foster parents. Hopeless teenager who did not take any of the rules, with grown-up calm accept any punishment and only dreamed about how to get free. At 13, he made the first robbery of the store. After that, he spent almost the entire youth in American prisons and the famous incredible ability, sooner or later run out of any prison. Frank is physically could not tolerate restrictions. His 133 points (it is higher than 98% of the US population) used exclusively for building the most sophisticated schemes to escape. Police looking at his arrogant smirk, said many times that he ended his days on the Rock … And this moment has come. Black Rock This force-rose on a background of blood-crimson sky.

Puzzle develops

Exactly one year has passed since then, as the doors closed behind Alcatraz inmates at number A21441. So now named Frank Morris. He had a good behavior, not conflict — thought the system finally broke it. But every minute of every day, he was only thinking about how to get out of the most impregnable prison in the world. It was a stage of active information gathering. Frank began by saying that he met with the local «godfather», Clarence Carnes, who spent within the walls of Alcatraz 20 years and witnessed about fifteen unsuccessful shoots. «Most simply shot on the spot, my son — said Carnes. — They open firing on any silhouette that seen in the beam patrol tower. Although, of course, we were the lucky ones, having overcome a double fence, yes. These drowned in the bay. The water there is not ten degrees warmer all year round. And a powerful current that carries the open

I Ocean. This accursed place. There’s no

Carnes did not believe in the possibility of escape, but he knew all the secrets of Alcatraz. And one day he said to Frank one. Behind the cameras of the first floor, where he sat Morris took quite a technical corridor. There’s water pipes were located. The vent, which was under the sink in each chamber, led in this corridor. «However, the opening 15 by 25 centimeters, took very strong steel bars — this is certainly not the answer», — concluded in his pessimistic manner Carnes.

Many evenings after lights out, Frank spent the feeling cherished and staring at the hole until it came to the next piece of information — from the mouth of an old friend Allen West. Morris met with the news back in the Florida prison. He was an inveterate car thieves and the same fugitive recidivists, for which he was in Alcatraz in 1957. From the first day, when Frank and Allen met in the dining room, they found a never-ending topic of conversation: how to hack into a system and still get out of the most impregnable prison in the world? One day Allen went for lunch with a gleam in his eyes that Frank knew at once: there is news! «You know, from what made the walls in this fuckin ‘Alcatraz?» — Said West. «From forced cement,» — said Morris. «From the fucking rot!» — He smiled West. He said that he was sent to paint the walls in the empty chambers and when he scraped the paint, especially around the ventilation grilles, through which the moist salty air, I found that the cement itself is literally crumbling in his hands! Not exactly, not in the hands, and … West leaned close to Morris: «While I was painting the economic corridor in the garbage found on the floor of the old blade small blade!» Morris grinned: «Well, and I have for you excellent news, man. You have no idea how lucky you are that your camera is also located on the ground floor! «

Puzzle begins to take shape! Sharpening of the blade, the crumbling cement around the ventilation grilles, the economic corridor … But Frank was very experienced player to make the first move in this game, not having considered the entire sequence to the end. How to deal with ice-cold water of San Francisco Bay? Protection of the most impregnable prison in the world knew very well that this is her trump card. Everything has been thought out so that from the taps in Alcatraz was always only warm water to prisoners could not tempered cold showers swim before possible.

The missing piece of the puzzle came in the form of two brothers Anglin, one of them, Clarence, proved neighbor Frank on the camera. Brothers caught the largest bank robbery, were not averse to be quite free, and most importantly, increased the swamps of Florida and is a specialist in the construction of the most fantastic boats. One day while walking in the pouring rain for a long time looked at his Clarence rubber raincoat, who believes American prisoners in such cases. On the same day he went to Morris and said that he has got some great idea. «We were very lucky that the bastards do not skimp on the rubber for raincoats. Damn strong stuff! I think of them, you can glue the rubber dinghy. » Frank has come to a complete delight: an escape plan acquired real shape!

Secret Workshop

In January 1961, four prisoners of Alcatraz began for the implementation of the first phase of The Great Escape. Each of them had crumbled cement around the vent grille under the sink, which was published in a technical corridor. The walls were really eaten by damp, but it was not as easy as it assured Allen. This was compounded by the fact that of the saw blade sharpening turned only one that conspirators used by one and each time passed each other at great risk. While residents of neighboring chambers devoted to the secret, looked whether there is security, the happy owner of the tool to methodically picked his wall. Frank, meanwhile, brought another useful acquaintance. He became friends with the artist, and got hold of the prison board and paint, through which were made very naturalistic «cap» covering the traces of the wall around the grids. However, this did not stop the prison genius. Finally, all 133 points u Morris worked at full capacity! Soon, he got several boxes of matches, three silver and three aluminum spoons. One evening Clarence felt suspicious burning smell, who came from the neighboring chamber. «Frank, what are you doing, I decided to set fire to the prison to hell?» — He was worried. «Be still, and see whether there is protection!» — Morris snapped. The next day he showed his friends a set of exciting new tools — planed tablespoons melted silver with reinforced edges! Now they could pick all together. The peak of the engineering skills of Frank became a drill, built from the engine from the cleaner! *

Morris long courted the guys in the studio, where all kinds of household appliances repaired, and eventually persuaded them to lie, that the prison a vacuum cleaner, which is brought for repair, just come into disrepair. Absolutely serviceable motor unit stepped Fund The Great Escape. Those guys helped raise the wiring diagram of the rotor to the wires from the electric light bulb — and in the hands of the conspirators was almost circular drill! However, now the conspirators faced the problem masking noise from its industrial activities, which was also solved the most elegant way. Alcatraz Prisoners stood an hour a day, which they could devote to cultural activities, such as playing the musical instruments of all kinds. After a short creative meeting Clarence selflessly volunteered to learn the accordion, and the result of his fine relationship with this instrument successfully drowned all other sounds.

However, despite the high-tech equipment, it took almost a year out to pick open the vents to the required size — 45 by 60 centimeters (of course, after hours Remove the racks inserted into place and the holes camouflaged cardboard). In the early winter of 1961, Frank Morris, Allen West, Clarence and John Anglin made the night for the first time access to the technical corridor. Carefully surveying cherished room, they found a ventilation shaft in the ceiling leading directly to the roof of the prison. But she, too, was withdrawn bars. However, having a set of tools and invaluable experience, dig her eight hands are not too difficult. Preparing to run entered the final stage. Now, the services of the conspirators was the «workshop» in the technical corridor, where they could engage in the manufacture of rubber boats cloaks. Morris and then failed to deal with yet another innovation to shine. He joined the ranks of music lovers and ordered a concertina. Use the hose from the vacuum cleaner (all in the matter!) … Accordion turned in foot pump to inflate the boat! When the puzzle Great Escape was almost ready, Frank came up with a great final touch — the last piece that perfectly took the place reserved for him. Morris suggested to friends to make plaster casts of heads of papier-mache, which fugitives put the pillows in their beds during the night to guard round of nothing guess. From soap, water and cement dust, which just had nowhere to go, we got a great composition of sculptural art, and spent a lot of gay friends in the secret minutes of a workshop by making their doubles skills and poking fun at friends. Frank, meanwhile, paid a visit to a friend of the artist paints for the «make-up», and Clarence who helped in the barber shop, got hold of real hair the right color for each of the «boobies.» Anglin brothers so stick with the products of his work, which even gave them names: Oink and Oscar.

By the early summer of 1962, everything was ready to the smallest detail, such as a paddle for a raft, and even life jackets. The Great Escape was appointed on the 11th of June.

Fatal error

What happened the night June 11, 1962, it is still considered the only escape from Alcatraz, and remains one of the major mysteries in the history of the US prison system. Officially, three of the four participants in this story are still being sought. Nobody ever saw them in the evening on June 10 when Morris West and the Anglin brothers went to their cells after curfew. There are no witnesses, but there are numerous attempts to reconstruct the events.

So, immediately after hanging up, four of the conspirators gathered personal belongings, which had planned to take with him, and began to clear the vents under the sink. Morris and the Anglin brothers rather quickly appeared in the technical corridor, and here at West from the beginning went wrong. The fact is that, having completed the final preparations and carefully disguised traces of their activity (to a random plumber spoiled everything ahead of time), the fugitives for several days did not appear in his secret workshop. In an effort to better mask the jagged edges of the hole under the sink, West decided to use the remains of the cement composition, which is kneaded to manufacture goals. However, a mixture stuck firmly, and Allen found that immured in his cell. Morris and the Anglin heard him desperately cursing, trying to pick open a hole, but cursing in response, we decided to wait for further — means to endanger the entire flight, took a boat and climbed on to the roof of the ventilation shaft.

Probably, they were able to come down on the kitchen unnoticed pipe on the roof of business extension, and then make his way through the prison yard and two fences on the beach in the northeastern part of the island that housed the «dead zone». About this site — a small section of the coast, where it is not reached, none of the two beams of searchlights from the watchtowers — Morris said Clarence. There conspirators inflated boat, lowered it into the water and disappeared forever in the darkness of the bay.

Three hours after the scheduled time of Allen still scratched a hole through which was able to squeeze in a technical corridor. In complete darkness and despair he managed to find some object — it was a life jacket that left his companions share. Grabbing a jacket, West stood on the ventilation shaft to the roof and sat there until dawn, realizing that his chance of ever sailed in the waters of the bay turning pink. Then he went back to his cell, lay down on the bed and began to wait for the siren news that a great escape, to which he never managed to become, is already known.

It was nine in the morning, during the morning rounds. «I went into the chamber, to find out why A71441 does not respond to the signal to rise, — says the guard Bill Lang. — Drew pillow … And then — BAM! The head rolled on the floor! I Kondraty just is not enough! «

Bill raised the alarm, the sirens sounded, the prisoners were locked in their cells, all the prison guards stood on the ears, combing the beach and the surrounding water. The beach was discovered a homemade pump. During the interrogations began to understand the scale and thoroughness of the preparation of the event. The news quickly spread across the country: the first successful escape from Alcatraz! Soon joined the search for the Coast Guard, the FBI, the California Highway Patrol, the scene hastily departed director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Fred Wilkinson. The next day, the search helicopter found the remains of an inflatable boat rubber raincoats on one of the neighboring islands. However, no body, no trace! Officials from the prison announced that almost one hundred percent probability boat capsized, and have not sailed to the island and drowned fugitives strong current swept into the open ocean.

But exactly one year later, in 1963, Alcatraz was closed and has ceased to act as a federal prison. Official reason: the erosion of the walls due to the effects of salt water, pollution of the San Francisco Bay, the excess cost of detention. Although it is possible that this is Frank Morris, with an aluminum spoon (and a drill from the vacuum cleaner, of course) beat the system, it was possible to achieve freedom not only for themselves, but for all the prisoners of the impregnable prison world.

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