Fifteen chapters on the dangers of slugs

TIPS walkthrough KKND

Mission 1: The Return of the Slugs

The mission is specifically designed to heat the nerve endings of your spinal cord and mouse sensors. However, some recommendations can be given here. Form a separate detachment of Dire Wolf’ov and use it as bait. Typically, this method works 100%: Slugs pursue offenders only swift and completely ignore the rest mass Berserker’ov. From arrows which makes the death …

Mission 2: Repel Them!

Kindergarten. First of all, put the production Shotgunner’ov to infinity. Then send all the power to the south, to the oil rig. Slugs crush the resistance and destroy the drill. General advice: Do not fire the entire group to concentrate on a single soldier or a jeep. Select several purposes and distribute their own people among them. Settlement crept out from under the earth brothers in mind is to the southeast of the drill and, in principle, taken out easily without the help of newly Shotgunner’ov. Watching how beautiful burns enemy base, do not forget about their own: The survivors try to attack it from the north and from the west. The attempt ended in failure by all means, if you first cover these areas with the help of a protective garrison.

Mission 3: Bublin ‘Cruide

Relocate all forces just to the west — there the first time should expect attacks. Then, without pausing in particular, send Derrick in the south-west, there, in the hollow, you will find the blood of the earth, that is oil. Protecting the drilling is not required, so feel free to build Power Station as close as possible to the drill and, as usual, gunner’oB (to stop). After collecting a large enough crowd, you can go to work. Extremely wise to be sending a special group to the south and a little west, where people have unprotected drilling. Destroying it, you bleed the enemy, and the mission will pass more quickly.

The base itself is located in the west and is guarded by two towers. Eat the first tower, leave the group for a while on its ruins — a very favorable tactical position. Outraged to the depths Slugs will run out of the narrow aisle and … to die one after another, under fire from the mountain. By the time the task force after the destruction of the drill is suitable for connecting to the main army base of the enemy will be fully cleaned and ready for illumination. For business, friends.

Mission 4: Raid the Fort

The key to the successful implementation of this mission — speed. Your forces must be in constant motion. Do not try something to destroy and undermine the economic basis and so on. The enemy greatly outnumbered, so we have to act cunning. Abandoned tankers are located in the top right corner of the map. Take a Dire Wolf’a (the most unnecessary, because it will surely die), and send it a bit to the east, to the descent into the valley, and then up and right. Ignore the enemies. Running up tankers (they turn red — now we can manage them), grab them and throw his arms back to the place marked with a cross. The remaining forces should already be brought up to the southern borders of the base remaining. Our Moshi enough to repel the first attack ATV and infantry, and the second and third attacks simply will not — if you did everything quickly, enemies simply do not have time to figure out what’s what, and tankers reached the coveted cross.

Mission 5: Ambush!

Not even worth trying to keep the bridge — instead, take all his strength in his arms, pass the bridge and go down the river bank to the south, next to the bridge. There, on the right bank, you will find help. This bridge will be overseas and defense. Defense regular Organisation: Position scorpions in a semicircle near the bridge, and somewhere in the wings — a couple of Monster Trusk’ov. Trucks serve in the infantry attack. There is nothing better than to crush a dozen other people fleeing across the bridge … Fire scorpions focused primarily on tanks and do not let your venomous arthropods break the system and crawl under the gun. Yes, periodically from the rear help will arrive as fresh scorpion Monster Truck’a. I think you will find them to good use. With proper organization of defense losses it will be minimal, and soon people will leave the bridge alone. Mission Complete.

Mission 6: Seige

First of all, pay attention to your own oil field to the south of the base. The enemy troops trying to destroy our tankers and tower.

Given that this mission to build new tankers can not enter the slug to the inadmissibility of such conduct with particular rigor. Do not leave the base without protection — the northern frontier settlements will be under constant pressure from the enemy. Yes, to the southeast of the base we have another oil rig, besieged by two "Anaconda". If you have time, get rid of them, otherwise the tower will be destroyed soon.

Repulsed the first attack, closely deal with the economy. Lift one more Power Station — as close as possible to the southern field. Three tankers in this case, will be enough for the first time to organize a reliable defense base. In this mission, I suggest to bet on pyromaniac (do not forget to upgrade Town Hall’a). By themselves, individually, these small creation pose no threat, but gathered in teams of 20 or more mutants transformed into a machine of death, burn any armor in 1-2 seconds. The only drawback pyromaniac — they are not very effective in the defense, so he left them stamped "to infinity"To safely make a dozen scorpions.

At this point, you may feel the need for additional resources. Build two more Power Station in the southeast of the settlements, trying to maximize "reach" until the second tower. Naturally, both tanker must be unloaded at the nearest station. Mission accomplished, it is necessary to comply with the necessary formalities. Divide horde pyromaniac into several groups and start the offensive to the north. There, on a plateau, located at the base of people. First and foremost, of course, to break through to drilling, they are to the northwest of "the main entrance". Burn "Anacondas" and if possible do not climb under the wheels of tankers. Built slept last people on the planet, you can proceed to the next mission.

Mission 7: Release the Prisoners

Move the entire group to the north, and soon you will stumble on a missile tower and prison. Destroy something, and more. Then, teaming with former prisoners, go west and then south, where you will find the enemy base and another prison. All this, of course, also be level with the ground. The mission is extremely simple, weak resistance, pass the first time on the same brute force.

Mission 8: Smash the Convoy

You have not forgotten that the key to successful implementation of the fourth mission is the speed? Now, that’s not true. In fact, the speed — the key to victory in the eighth mission. Our main task — to catch up with the convoy of tankers and slow down its movement. The later we overtake it, the harder it will be to perform a task, because the way the columns are arranged support groups, and among them a very unpleasant Barrage Sgaft’y. Therefore. Separate dirty bikers from the main group and quickly break through to the south. Bikers should not only ignore all the enemies encountered, but do not linger when passing all sorts of houses, trees and bushes. The second group, of course, follows the avant-garde. Almost at the very bottom of the screen, on the highway, turn to the west, and immediately to the north. If done correctly, you should see the column, finishes the rotation and heads north, to its base. Shut off the first tanker in the column the path and delete it. If you are slightly delayed, the riders will be in your area of ​​the tank shelling, but it is not fatal. Tighten the main group and, very importantly, concentrated fire on the first tanker in the column, not allowing them to escape under the cover of protection. Do not respond to the fire protection of the convoy, if you see that the tanker leaves. It is better to lose a unit or two, than to fail the job.

Mission 9:

Fight For Territory

You start in the lower left corner of the map and order has collapsed base is located in the upper right. To get to the native land and move the group to the north almost to the end, and then to the east. On the way you will be trapped several ambushes, but nothing serious is not expected. On the basis of the first to organize the protection of business from the south, and from there (and only there) in this mission should wait for the guests. As the barrier system can recommend scorpions and Shotgunner’oB, or try to set up towers and mastodons. The attacks, although not too intense, yet require substantial expenditure on compensation for lost power, so special attention should be paid to the oil. First, build a new Power Station as close as possible to the field. Second, install another drill outside the base, in the desert east of "the main entrance"And drag a chain of two Power Station in the direction of a new drill. Four tanker on two drilling — enough for successful military operations.

Tidy economy, we must start preparing the strike force. As part of the destruction of pyromaniac better yet nothing came up, and they should cover heavy machinery such as mastodons and Monster Tgisk’ov. The difficulty of this mission is that the base of the people and all the way from the tower to store protected missile towers, which is converted within a few seconds the crowd of 30 pyromaniac nothing. Therefore divide his men into small groups and be sure to distract the fire tower on heavy equipment. And do not forget to press SWAT — these guys also did not receive their salaries for nothing.

Plan for the next attack. The base is located in the south, but the first step is to destroy one of the drilling on the southeastern edge of the map. Using almost guerrilla tactics, destroy towers, one, deal with tanks and break all tankers. Now poutihnut attack and brought up reinforcements can come to grips with the actual base.

Mission 10: Close Encounters

Very simple mission. Please send swift Dire Wolf’a to the south all the way and a little to the west, there you will find technical hopper with a robot. It will initially deal with attacks people. We start with the Clan NaI’om and one tower to the southwest of the base. Build a smithy just below and to the left of the hall, even lower — a laboratory, and from it — two Power Station, one left, as close as possible to the already established drilling and the other to the right of the lab, there you will find another field, which is also required to be used . Once the upgrade will allow to produce tankers, add one car on each rig, it will provide a good income. Inverness to be expected from the north, and sometimes — in the south-west, in the direction of drilling. This cunning Slugs cross the river and hit us from behind. To cut off this line, move the protective garrison just north of the river. In this position there is another advantage — you win a new field under which need additional Power Station and three tankers. Protection against frequent and rather aggressive attacks from the north will help the giant bugs: Line up a row, and they do not forget the periodic supply of reinforcements. With three oil drilling will be — simply drown, and the victory we achieved with the help of an ordinary brute force. The territory of the enemy base sweep the entire rocket towers, and if you bet on a pyromaniac or other mutants walking — beware tankers. They ride there in abundance, and did not obey the traffic rules.

Mission 11: It’s the End of the World

Building forge hall below, even lower — Power Station, and produce Derrick. The field next to us will be over soon, so that the base are encouraged to develop to the west, there are two more. Construct an alchemical laboratory and Beast Enclosure. To protect against the aliens that will not fail to visit us from the north through a narrow passage for the first time, use the services of mutants with bazookas, and in the future — pyromaniac. Cover your infantry can Tgusk’i Monster or scorpions. As soon as possible, build two or three Grapeshot Cannon to the north, and the problem of the defense can be considered solved.

Attention! An important hint. At the very beginning of the game, take the rider and send it to the west until it stops, and then north. On the way you will meet two missile platforms, just to slip them. Then you will see the Power Station survivors. Let rider will destroy it. It takes a hell of a lot of time, but the result will justify all the costs: the intensity of attacks significantly dropped. As the can send to the aid of brave partisan still something fast, for example, Monster Truck.

Soon you will run out of resources. Therefore, postponing upgrades Beast Enclosure, build two more Power Station and organize an extra pair of towers, one to the west, the other south of the base, in the gorge. By the way, sometimes the enemy can bypass the base from the side and emerge from the west. With this in mind, leave a small garrison to guard the western borders.

If the focus of the guerrillas failed, by winning separates you quite a bit. Pyromaniac — on "infinity"A dozen giant beetles, swift attack from the left flank, and the survivors once again not be able to survive.

Mission 12: Big Attack

Offers an unprecedented in its audacity to plan "Blitzkrieg". The plan is based on the fact that early in the game is not the enemy of heavy equipment, and require you to composure and uncommon reaction. Do not spend time on the development of the database, give the command for the production of 3-scorpions (a maximum of four — or not enough money for Derrick and everything else), grab the existing mastodon and two scorpions and run north to the end of the map, a little to the east, then to the south up the hill, east to the fork in the road and down the road north-east direction.

As soon as you see flying in the rocket — you have goals. Get down to the south and hide from the enemy towers between the Power Station and Machine Shop. Souped scorpions send the same way. If successful scenario squad of five scorpions and a mastodon able to destroy all the enemy’s mining industry. Start with the Machine Shop. At some point Slugs come out of shock and decide to make your ATV or tank. Immediately push such initiatives. To the right you will disturb the rocket men and even SWAT. One SWAT’ovets can spoil the whole thing, so do not feel sorry for the scorpion to get in the crossfire towers and crush the reptile. After enjoy a garage with two Power Station, destroy all tankers and pathetic attempts to stop the AI ​​in the past the money to rebuild the Machine Shop. The enemy is completely defenseless. Now, slowly, build Derrick, Power Station, and set the field to the north or south of the base (the place does not matter). Lift lab zaapgreydite hall to pyromaniac and finish what is left.

If after ten attempts you are still unable to use this method, do not worry. Build two towers on the north and south, around a pair Grapeshot Sappop’ov, stamps beetles, in short, be prepared for a protracted defense.

Mission 13: Battle for the Islands

Between you and me, not the girl-mi, the previous 12 missions are not particularly complex. Even as it became boring. Thirteenth mission, obviously — is the price paid for an easy life. There are two ways to pass it — terribly complicated and terribly difficult. Let’s start with the monstrous. This is a very beautiful way. The point is that we are destroying all three drilling Survivors at the very beginning, even before the bastards will set itself tanks and rockets. A similar trick, we cranked in the previous mission, why not try again? Let’s start from the beginning.

Seconds of the first. A motorcyclist traveling north to turn (to the east) and cross the bridge. There he discovers a technical hopper with the robot and rushes back. The remaining funds go fast moving south again across the bridge and find a base there. On the basis of building a Derrick, Alchemy Hall and another Power Station. Other forces are moving directly to the southeast of a line, and then across the bridge, where he met two undercover drilling Cannon Tower. It is necessary to cut down that which is above the drill. This is done as follows: first are mastodons, followed by comrades with bazookas and scorpions distract the fire tower on the bottom. By turning off the tower (usually fails somewhere in the fifty times), destroy the drill and leave a small garrison in case the enemy decides to rebuild or drilling tower. The important point. All of the actions in this paragraph needs to be done at once, and if you say that this is impossible, you are not a real player in the KKnD.

Second second. Derrick sets drilling north of the base of the bridge. Two tankers with two Power Station transporting oil. Zaapgreyzhenny Clan Hall begins producing pyromaniac with maniacal persistence. Once typed five or six people, under the guise of scorpion robot or send troops to the south of the base. There Slugs Yeshe one drilling guarded Cannon Tower. While scorpions distract operators of the tower, move the pyrotechnics and slept it. Then destroy the drill.

The second third. The enemy was only a drill. Collect more pyromaniac, divide them into small groups and go south bridge (the one around which there was a second drilling Survivors). Over the bridge — to the east, then slightly south. There you will meet another Cannon Tower (generally speaking, a lot of them out there, but if you went right, the rest of you will not notice). Get rid of her, and then the drill. All. AI is not to rebuild drilling. No oil, no new forces. For a number of (considerable, it must be said) iron Yeshe roams the area, so for the protection of the drilling to the north, set a couple of Rotary Sappop’ov. Emerging economies, set up missile pyromaniac crabs and taste — and forward, you know the scenario.

All these actions have to be done in one go, quickly, otherwise the enemy will have time to take up arms new forces, and all the works will be dispelled ashes. It really is not easy, but possible. Be of good cheer.

The second way to pass the mission can be called conservative. Biker are still sent to the robot of the technical center, the drilling of the eastern bridge you ignore, first drill build north of the base of the bridge and its protection throw core strength. It will take a lot of oil, and time for an upgrade BlackSmith not, however, lift another Power Station. And, of course, Alchemy Hall. To protect against attacks from the north and south of use of the animal world, who grew up under the hot sun radioactive, — first, mastodons, and then the beetles, and the curtain of crabs. Subsequently certainly build around several drilling rigs. And do not forget to keep on hand a team of mechanics.

Once you feel a modicum of confidence in his own position, drill attack people that the sub-base, and set there own (as an option — it can be done at the very beginning). The southern drill will prevent build Yeshe two Power Station and a pair of Rotary Cannon to safeguard. Now you just keep pumping oil and borders. Here the main thing — to spend less on defense than the opponent to attack. As a result, just go bankrupt and Slugs poutihnut. You say long and boring? I brought another option …

Mission 14:

The Final Assault

Seven great mutated rulers came together to discuss the political situation and the place to talk badly chosen — right at the exit of the Clan Hall. God forbid, take them in the heat of battle and sent to the front, along with some pyromaniac. To avoid I recommend to hide them far away, for example, between the mountain and the Beast Enclosure. Mission purely defensive. Around the base of the woods and fields scattered machinery Survivors, which with enviable regularity visited by to visit us. The main directions of attack — the north and south-east. At the beginning of the game will shove literally everywhere — from the west, southwest and east. To the east, just wait for snipers. Take care of the leaders! Blocked the entrance to the gorge in the east Shotgunner’ami, and then put the beetle.

With the construction of clear — one drilling and two Power Station (as close as possible to it). Then Alchemy Hall and upgrade Clan Hall (until it stops), Beast Enclosure to the beetle. How to organize the defense? Practice has shown that in the conditions of limited resources, to build a powerful tank defense is not justified. Headquarters should be on people, that is, the mutants, and towers. At the beginning of the stamp Shotgunner’oB, and then pyromaniac. There is nothing better against any armor than five mutants with flamethrowers. As an anti-personal suggest using beetles. One place, as I said, in the east, and Yeshe two — in the south of the base. Snipers will only appear with these directions. Do not place your people are too close to each other — so they quickly slaughtered pistol. Spread small teams of five people along the border between the towers and the use of these mobile units to intercept and destroy enemy forces especially dangerous.

Now towers. Ideally, you should use Rotary

Cannon, but they are expensive, and no. So to start is allowed to build several Grapeshot Cannon — one in the north, one in the west and one in the south-east. Then, strengthen the position of the north and the south-east, by adding one Rotary Cannon. Due to the fact that Rotary Cannon stands 2.500 RU’s, save them is not recommended. Therefore, together with the army pyromaniac, Bazooka, or Crazy Harry, you must have an army of mechanics. One mechanic (at least) each tower should stand forever. Sometimes, in the heat of battle, when completely osatanevshih Slugs attack from two or three directions, it is difficult to keep track of the status of all towers. Written before the attack, and in seconds, plan what kind of mechanics to repair the tower to send. The mission is difficult, and the main thing here — to hold on, hold on at all costs. Sometimes it seems the defense is completely broken, and suddenly two or three accidentally tucked pyromaniac decide the whole thing.

After some time of the attack poutihnut, and then you can send a couple of Dire Wolf in the surrounding woods to lure the remnants of Slugs in the crossfire Rotary Cannon. The best part of this mission is that you never know when some of the bank will be shredded tank suddenly cherished inscription "Mission Completed"…

Mission 15: Counter Attack

Separate from the squad Clan Hall on wheels and move it to the east. There, in a stone bag, we’ll base. Meanwhile, the rest of the armies move north and knocks Cannon Tower, one that left, and drilling. Right tower can not touch. Till. The enemy will not fail to send in return destroyed another Derrick, who will share the fate of the first. Derrick third approach to the field, but will not install the drill. We perceive this bug in AI as a feat scout. Between Derrick’ami wait for guests in the face Barrage Craft’oB and other slug-postglacial stuff, but the mastodons and crabs easily stop them. Meanwhile, based on the …

Meanwhile, on the basis of the great building should boil. Clan Hall, set to the left of the field — that above. Under the hall — forge. To the right of the field, Lift Power Station, underneath Alchemy Hall, and under it — another Power Station. Make two Derrick’a for two fields and begin to rapidly upgrade the Clan Hall to Grapeshot Cannon. Then, there are three Grapeshot Cannon vertical row on the left of the base, leaving room for Beast Enclosure. If done quickly and correctly the first attack by the Survivors happen just at the moment when the tower will be built, the third Derrick broken and the remains of living creatures are returning to your base. To complete the picture lacks five or six technicians who will fix all here.

The defense bases built very simple. You select your towers cursor to give an overall picture of the destruction. Usually, the enemy is concentrating fire on one, maximum two towers. Techniques, which I am sure you have in stock a lot, rushing to repair the tower at the slightest danger.

The fact that the blunt hard workers do not always choose the optimal way and very often killed on duty. However, if Grapeshot Cannon still destroyed, it is not so bad — replace it with a Rotary Cannon, by this time you should already have enough money on it. In between attacks zaapgreidite forge to get tankers, and add one for each drill. Now the money will just pour a river. Of course, the ideal protection does not exist, but a series of five Rotary Cannon seems fairly reliable way to deal with the aliens. While Slugs demolish and mechanics repairing your towers, get production Crazy Harry. The application we will find them later, but for now let nabyut hand in defense.

Now we have almost everything at lightning speed to complete the mission, and along with the game. For a complete happiness is missing two or three bomb attacks. Winning will be in three stages. Make a motorcyclist and send it to the north, to the ill-fated rig, which killed three enemy Derrick’a, and at the fork — right. There you will find a solid accumulation of all sorts of equipment. Try not to provoke an attack, but rather throw a minute there, right in the center of the pile, the bomb. Correctly thrown bomb leaving only bare land, buildings and three Cannon Tower, which will easily cope 20-30 "Crazy Harry". The first half of the base Survivors destroyed. The other half, located in the western part of the map, is better protected, so it will take more cunning.

Veterans who participated in the"beating babies", Return to the fork and return to the west. There, in the upper left corner of the card is protected by a Cannon Tower is drilling. Destroy something, and more. We stayed one more enemy drilling, and, in principle, you can try with the remains of veterans to get to it (it’s in the lower left corner of the map), in order to completely deprive people of resources. Although our position as the account 25.000 RU’s and three bomb attacks in the reserve, the need for surgery is hardly justified. Scout with the aid of a biker arrangement of forces in the rest of the base (everything is full of them) and obrushte their heads Yeshe couple of bombs. Then raise their regiments into the attack for his native land radioactive mother. And do not forget the three magic words: Krush, Kill, Destroy.

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