In the middle of the XX century the name of Jackie Kennedy, First Lady of the United States, thundered to the whole world. Thanks to a brilliant upbringing and education, innate intelligence, taste and tact Jacqueline became a diplomat for his country’s number one on the world stage. She was loved, respected and praised. This popular folk often stressed and John F. Kennedy, after an official visit to France, said: «I’m just a person accompanying Jacqueline Kennedy to Paris.»

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By 1960, about 80% of Americans have had a home television, and television broadcasting has become a powerful weapon in the political struggle. Debates running for the presidency of John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon watched by millions of their fellow citizens. Jacqueline Kennedy, beautiful and already well-known wife of a young Senator, actively involved in the campaign of her husband. It is very cool to the press, considering that she is always inappropriate invades their privacy.

Future First Lady of the United States says it can be protected with only one weapon — that goes deep into itself. Although pregnancy and dislike of the «fourth power», often referred to as journalism, Jacqueline accompanied her husband on all trips, regularly appeared on television and gave interviews.

According to the program of visits to spouses Kennedy was to visit many states. Jackie was beside her husband when reported unsatisfactory results primaries. Their next destination was West Virginia, where 95% of Protestants and Catholics, only 5%. John Kennedy’s professed Catholicism and religious views were a decisive factor in the choice of ordinary people. Jack has made every effort to smooth out the sharp religious question. Aristocratic and elegant lady, she went to the workers and miners and started a simple conversation with them about what excites them most. At the same time it amused reaction of the people, as she wrote later in a letter to Gore Vidal: «I was standing at the box office and shaking hands with shoppers coming out of the store, and they did everything, if only to avoid contact — hid behind shelves with goods, scoot the aisles cringe in the corner. «

Here, in West Virginia, accustomed to luxury and wealth for the first time, Jacqueline was faced with poverty caused by unemployment. Later, when John F. Kennedy becomes president, and the couple will move into the White House, the First Lady personally see to it that the order for the production of glassware was sent to West Virginia.

Jackie was an active assistant in the election campaign of her husband rather because his wife was unlikely it could be called Minded Kennedy. Politics in general Jacqueline never interested, and John himself has not perceived the wife as an important player in his political career, and treated her condescendingly actions. The famous economist of the XX century John Kenneth Galbraith, who later became a personal adviser to the president, recalled: «On some issues, Jackie was a very savvy and often expressed his point of view, but in the current issue of the Democratic Party did not intervene. She listened to the pre-election speech as if it would not apply at all. «

On election day, Jackie and John got up early in the morning, posed for journalists, and then went to the parents of John for breakfast. All day at their house bustled reporters, campaign staff, relatives and friends. Jackie, who did not like the noise and bustle, with difficulty to the hype surrounding his family. In the evening the pair had dinner and being slightly stressed state, wait for voting results. At half past ten, when the first results were known, Jackie happily exclaimed, «My dear, you’re the president!».

First lady

Life Jacqueline made a steep turn 20 January 1961, when the official entry of John F. Kennedy for president of the United States. At a ball in honor of the inauguration, Jackie shone in a white satin dress and diamond earrings from Tiffany. In his thirty-one years, Jacqueline Kennedy became the most popular woman in the world and one of the youngest first ladies of the United States.

From now on, she was the wife of the leader of a powerful country and could no longer hide behind a mask of indifference to politics. Jacqueline accompanied her husband on all foreign trips and hosted foreign dignitaries at the White House. One of the first important visits in the international chart of John F. Kennedy was a trip to Paris and a meeting with French President Charles de Gaulle. It was during this trip, John fully realized how important his wife to his political career. French citizens were deeply moved by the fact that the ancestors of the first lady of the United States come from France, and she spent a year at the Sorbonne and easy to speak their language. European intellectuals invariably biased tuned to the Americans fell in love with Jacqueline, and this friendly attitude played into the hands of diplomatic relations between the two states. British Ambassador Pierre Dixon wrote: «The majority of the French, despite a tendency to criticize America and American politics, has fallen victim to the charm of the young president and his wife.» British Minister Anthony Rumbolds reported to the Ministry of Internal Affairs: «It was learned that General de Gaulle Mrs. Kennedy won his intelligence and understanding of world politics. General is very critical of the people, so this is no small achievement. «

Reporter magazine «Time» also wrote enthusiastically: «Largely thanks to Jackie Kennedy, President charmed the old soldier, who constantly raise their glasses to the friendship and otherwise showing its location.»

The diplomatic visit to France and meeting with Charles de Gaulle, though they were strained, but were held in cordial and friendly atmosphere. June 3, 1961 the couple Kennedy had met in Vienna with Nikita Khrushchev and his wife, Nina.

On the agenda was the issue of protecting Cuba from the US invasion and settlement of tensions in Berlin, which was divided into two spheres of influence (western part belongs to France, Britain and the United States, east — to the USSR). John Kennedy was aware of how difficult the negotiations will be, but Jack quickly found the approach to the Soviet leader and his wife. She went for a walk with a pair of Vienna, and then charmed Nikita Sergeyevich at the banquet. First Secretary of the Central Committee even complimented her outfit that was not peculiar to him. Throughout the evening, Nikita Khrushchev and Jackie Kennedy discussed various topics not related to policy: horses, folk dances, cultural achievements. Khrushchev told the first lady of the United States have been in space Proteins and spit, and promised to send her a puppy as a gift, which he did later.

June 5 the delegation headed by the US president and his charming wife arrived in London. In their honor at Buckingham Palace organized a banquet. Queen Elizabeth was very affable, listened with interest the story of Jacqueline about her international travel, but in the end smiled and said quietly: «Reception of self-learn quickly.»


Jacqueline Kennedy shone on the international stage, her name was on everyone’s lips for twenty-four hours a day, but as soon as she returned to the United States, it was taken as his favorite thing — the popularization of art. During a visit to France completely charmed Jackie culture minister Andre Malraux and urged him to visit the United States. It is very much hoped that in America will be the position of the Minister of Culture. In honor of the foreign guest was given a gala dinner, which emphasized the importance of the study of art in the United States. After receiving Malraux promised that the «Mona Lisa» by Leonardo da Vinci from the Louvre will come to the exhibition to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and it will be a personal gift of Jacqueline Kennedy.

Restoration of the White House

After the inauguration of John and Jackie Kennedy, as befits the first couple USA, moved into the White House. However, the new residence led the first lady of the United States almost in despair. State house was filled with strange furnishings, pick someone’s unprofessional taste. On the third floor of the walls sticking out drinking fountains, both in hospitals and color combinations openly discordant. Uncomfortable, dark and tasteless, the house looked more like a warehouse of forgotten things and museum of antiquity. This situation depressed prone to harmony and elegance of Jacqueline. «I want to turn the White House into a palace,» — she said firmly and immediately went to work.

January 29, 1961 President and his wife organized the first official reception in the White House. In the evening members of the government were invited with their families, as well as journalists. The audience was pleasantly surprised by significant changes in the internal life of the White House. In the morning all the newspapers headlines: «Finally, the White House has become a real home!». It was only the external transformation, but a grand restoration plan has matured into a pretty head Jackie. «I want the White House was the best house on the ground. Do you know how many people pass through it every day? We need to make sure that they were proud of the White House, «- said Mrs. Kennedy.

The first difficulty in the implementation of its plan found myself immediately: Jacqueline spent fifty thousand dollars for the resettlement of two bedrooms for himself and John, and it was half of the funds allocated for the full restoration of the mansion. Enterprising president’s wife has found a way out: to work on the improvement of the White House, she convened a commission of twelve powerful, the rich and famous. Their connection to the project helped attract wealthy friends, who could not deny the first lady of the money, and she did not have to ask Congress for additional funds. As a result, the White House poured money flows all American millionaires want to take part in the restoration, and the main thing — to show respect for the presidential couple. Tangible proposals were considered, some accepted, others received a polite refusal. He headed the commission for the restoration of a well-known specialist antiquarian Henry DuPont, who became the first curator of the White House.

To avoid a national scandal, Jacqueline had to hide his enthusiasm for the French style of decor. In the works to restore the active role played talented Parisian designer Stefan Boden, but his name and presence in the White House concealed from everyone. As well as the fact that the fabric for the upholstery of chairs in the Blue office was commissioned in Paris. Later it turned out that all textiles for the White House was brought from abroad.

The new style was dictated by the White House pomp of Versailles and other European palaces. In 1961 he repaired the Oval Office of the President. At its center installed a massive desk, which became a symbol of the reign of John F. Kennedy. The room itself Jackie became the model of the royal chambers. Unassuming interior previous mistresses changed Boudoir luxury, silk and paintings. The door to the dressing room was painted the most important events in the life of the First Lady: here was a portrait of Jackie with his father, a portrait of Jackie on a horse, as well as an engraved picture of the Empress Josephine.

Mrs. Kennedy has introduced a new order and routine life residence of the head of state, inviting the role of chef Frenchman René Vernon. From now on lavish celebrations were held only for the heads of states and important foreign guests. Instead of one long table arranged the several round, which was served silverware and fabulously expensive crystal.

On the first day after the inauguration of Jacqueline I gathered all the large staff of servants, and informed about innovations, added: «Do not forget that you’re working for the President of the smartest of them all, who has ever been elected!».

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