Full story «SLAYER»

Full story «SLAYER»

In early 1986 SLAYER had the opportunity to conclude a contract with a subsidiary of the company «Columbia" — «Def Jam » (property CBS).

AIDS kings of Los Angeles faced the dilemma of «all or nothing". When the contract was not yet signed by Tom Araya I was full of doubts: «Actually, I’m a little that know about them, do not even know what their name means. But the fact that this is a very professional operating company, which, thanks to the good work achieved awfully big contract with Columbia / CBS promises only good. «

SLAYER’s position in relation to the opening prospects for them was adamant. Guys nothing like me, they want to remain such what they have at that time: inflexible, stubborn, uncompromising musicians of the severe style.

Tom: «We have made it clear "Def Jam"That no amount of persuasion can not change our style, the same as in the texts. SLAYER was and still is hard Cordoba AIDS ensemble, so be it further — then we are not going to listen to anyone".

Boss company «Def Jam" was Rick Rubin. In 1986, he was known for his work with Aerosmith and various RAP- acts. The conclusion of the contract sent waves of pain throughout the thrash world. Rick Rubin turned into a SLAYER in dance metal band? This is the end of trash, as we were? Well, as it turned out it was, but not for the reason that many might assume in the first place! SLAYER netantsevalnoy became the first band signed a contract with «Def Jam».


When signing a contract with «Def Jam" it was still a matter of time, the boys already hard at writing material for a new album. It is necessary to elaborate on how SLAYER in the studio. How is the birth of new songs.

Kerry: «Normally Jeff develops houses some guitar riffs and comes into the studio with his material, then a new song is finalized in the studio with the participation of the whole group. When we exercise in songwriting, we play mostly at a moderate pace. We do not particularly like to play fast, to see whether the audience is transmitted potential songs. When we were in the studio at the same time really translate to Dave "canter. «

5 years after the release of the album «Reign in Blood" (September 86) Kerry recalled: «When after the release of» Reign in Blood «("The kingdom in the blood") We listened to the whole song — it was less than half an hour. It was pure coincidence. We had no intention of doing thrash album of the century. Now everyone asks why we do not write the second part "Reign in Blood". But why should we do it? We are not the inspiration. "Reign in Blood" It was only the tip of our musical style at the time. We always want to do extreme things — no more, no less. After "Reign in Blood" we took a different direction, as in the other direction it was impossible to move forward. It is beyond doubt that the "Reign in Blood «I was the only one of its kind and, after he did not have anything like this. We could not play faster without distorting the sound, and we do not want. There was no reason to create a second disc «Reign in Blood". We continued to play at this pace".

«While working on "Reign in Blood" — Recalls Tom: — we announced before the album’s release, it will be very difficult and slower than the previous one, and when we finally went into the studio, we decided to record something nevertheless faster".

The producer of the new album SLAYER became Rick Rubin. What is the role of this man? Rick rightfully considered a member of the group 5, for as much was his influence on the new sound of the band. He honed killer sound SLAYER (a). The production work is significantly different in a qualitatively better. It is immediately noticeable when compared to the band’s sound "Hell Awaits" and "Show no mercy «to the sound on» Reign in Blood «.

Tom: ‘Text Rick. for example, generally does not apply, it does not care that we were there writing. As for its impact on the sound and the melody, then I would say that it is here more as an adviser.

Tom continues to talk about the creative process of the band: «Our songs are usually arise from one and the same scheme. There are some basic ideas for two or three songs, which we then go into the studio to record a trial version. After that, everyone gets a recorded cassette, and considering that he can improve in his party. After that, we’re almost ready songs lose a few times live, and only after that we go into the studio for a maximum of four weeks. I would be very unnerving if we completely immature material for six months or more locked in the studio and chemical would be with him as long as he would not be finally ready".

"Reign in Blood «for the recognition of the world has become» the cornerstone of the trash. » He led the group into a vast expanse of rock market. Music had never before had not come in contact with anything like that. No matter how diligent attempts of imitators seeking to surpass the «Reign in Blood"He is still one of the most original, truly unattainable composite pridelnyh cruelty ever driven into the vinyl. Not being never played on the radio "Reign in Blood" It has sold more than 500 thousand. ECA and entered in the list of ‘Top 100" magazine «Billboard". Unfortunately the company CBS showed indecision due absolute speed and uncompromising lyrical field «Reign in Blood"They reported that refuse to spread this record in the United States, and only with the assistance of «Geffen"Literally at the last minute album still managed to release through London.

Tom Araya largely convinced why CBS has decided to reject them: «Most likely because of the lyrics. I have an accurate idea of ​​how the songs in particular that happened. The song «Angel of Death» («The Angel of Death") Probably is the answer to this riddle, «- he said in an interview with Tom» Metal Hammer" in January 1987, "People have branded us as a modern Nazis because of this song. That does not necessarily: Who is we? The group, which says that you can write on any topics. Whether it’s positive or negative story. What we have done is just write about the things that happened.

And this song was about the time when Hitler conquered the whole of Europe. As for us, we consider «the angel of death" no more than just a song. But others have found in it many political shades. Apparently CBS in thought as well, and that’s why they came out of the game".

«Angel of Death" the most famous song of Slayer. It is possible to tell them "business card" Since 1986, every concert ends this song. «Angel of Death" (author Jeff Hanneman) tells the story of concentration camp "butcher" Josef Mengele.

Jeff: "I earlier knew something about this shit, so there was no need to conduct any investigation. I am interested in things that happened then, and I read a lot of books about World War II and Hitler. I should not take it so seriously".

Speaking of music, period, «Reign in Blood» Jeff as usual laconic: "The album was such a quick and short — so we did not plan it at all, just the songs in the studio became faster and faster".

Kerry: «All the songs on the album "Reign in Blood" occurred only one month before work in the studio". It is appropriate to bring a small excerpt from an interview with Kerry King, taken correspondent for the magazine «Rock Hard" in April 1987 .:

Question. Do not you think that this topic is somewhat too delicate to use it as a «normal story without any particular motive ?.

King. No, I do not see why. Nobody appears on the Nazi films, and moreover "Angel of Death" in any row do not contain any estimate. For me it is something other than the usual story without any motive. We just tell people what really happened in Germany.

With the same success we could raise some terrible horror story; for me it is not a difference.

Question. However, since it was foreseeable that such a text would entail the trouble — especially if the person is quite … uh-uh. stupid and attached to the plate tab with lyrics. Maybe you are consciously counting on this kind of "advertising «?

King. Somewhere you’re right. We knew that the «Angel of Death" some people hit on the forehead, but consciously in the scandal, we did not expect. All this is just a song, and being one of our best!

Question. And could texts like this you become the top obstacle to a breakthrough?

King. No I do not think so. However, at present there are some problems in Germany, but all over again adjusted. Now I’m explaining to you that we had in mind "The Angel of Death"And ever the Germans it is also, perhaps, understand. Actually, I do not really racking my brains about it.

It will be interesting to give here a review of the song "Angel of Death" such well-known master of black rock like King Diamond (a): "It is about Mengele, the Nazi doctor, right? What SLAVER here formulated certainly fit the facts, and I think it is important to constantly discuss this issue again and again. I do not think SLAYER want to justify the terrible events of the Nazi period, although anyone not directly accused. Otherwise, place them — in the nuthouse! I think that would be very nice if SLAYER explained his personal opinion, for example, in some footnote".

The passions that surrounded the release of this outstanding song was almost as Sears as the music itself. But the characteristic traditions, is «any press — good press. The Group achieved a lot of attention without rear disputes than if they had normal special support, a crucifix on the video for the single!

«SLAYER" not a puppet, and of course, if they have written it, «Angel of Death» and had to score ugly, loud title. The deliberate act undoubtedly and definitely paid off.

"Reign in Blood" He missed the 28 minutes from start to finish, and is still the ultimate thrash album. The album was recorded in Los Angeles, New York studio «New Fresh". The album cover is provided with a grim, the idea of ​​which was to display the depths of Hell. The envelope is also no thanks. This is alarming. I guess the guys felt their originality and originality to the full, or maybe here lies the arrogance?

Vol. We have no one for anything thanks, so… »

Kerry. As for the cover: we do not want. Some perverted man dragged her one day, and we imposed it.

«Initially, after the plate was to be published on the company Columbia — explains Tom — and they had their own cover and everything else. But a week before the date of publication, they suddenly lost all interest in us, and so we took all that stuff and handed it over » Getten «, who accepted it for what it was. At first, they were not much enthusiasm from these things, but now, when the album sold out, they have obviously all the same. Anyway, we’re on the right track.

You can also find on the tab to the album phrase that Kerry King plays a guitar company «BCRich".

Kerry is so faithful to this model that all the photographs of the early period, up to ’89

Kerry appears only in his attire with a guitar «BCRich". Only recently he used the model «Jackson» and «ESP». In an interview for the ’88 Kerry says:

«The firm» B.C.Rich" very good service, and you can choose a guitar any form, the form that is right for you. I want to buy a guitar model «Flying V" 24 frets and fine electronics. Now I play a model with two vultures. The model that I developed together with the company. It has a very good sound".

As a representative of the company «BCRich" Kerry King even visited Japan long before there in ’88 came SLAYER on its tour.

Jason Hyusted: Great, I have this group. You can really feel the energy. I love bands that develop as much aggressiveness and energy. New album "SLAYER «I hear very often. Lyrics I do not really care, but the manner of Tom Araya — this is really something unique.

Kurdt Vandergof (Kurt Vanderhoof) (Metal Church): In «Sleyera" the most severe riffs in the world. Production work on the album "Reign in Blood" truly unique. But sometimes they overdo with speed, so that it is almost impossible to hear the good riffs.

While working on the album "Reign in Blood" Kerry King made a surprise yourself and advertising group, playing a solo game for one of the songs of the little-known rap group «Beastie Boys".

Kerry. We were just in New York, when "Beastie Boys" in the region of the same studio recording his album. They then asked me if I had the desire to play a slow song solo "No sleep Till Brooklyn" — And I played. In the video to this song, I was brought in my belongings stage, it was a lot of fun, and when this thing will show no TV, it is still to some extent draw attention to us.

Nobody did not yet expect that album Beastie Boys, and the song will become international super hits.

All the material for the album "Reign in Blood" It was recorded only Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. Tom Araya does not act as a writer is not one thing.

Vol. No, I do not write music in SLAVER. Writing music fully occupied Jeff and Kerry. Neither Dave nor I can do anything about it, and I do not think that now we will change anything with respect to the manner of our work. Jeff and Kerry are aware that in the end it is only necessary to achieve the goal; and in addition, they improve themselves, after a group to enjoy the rest.

It’s safe to say that it is co-author of more than bring tangible results. What exactly SLAYER presented on the album except for the famous things, «Angel of Death"? Striking a super-speed thing «Necrophobic" («Necrophobia») for some 1.5 minutes group managed "squeeze out of yourself ‘death energy equal in strength is difficult to find.

Kerry. We do not know what will turn out for the duration of individual songs when they came into the studio during the recording after all the stuff we played a little faster. That is where lies the clue super-speed individual topics. Again, Kerry King addresses in their texts to religious subjects.

Subject: "Jesus Saves" («Jesus the Savior")

All my life you lick someone’s ass Over time, this will become a habit you believe that the world will end today

You Praise the Lord — and not a word more!

Jesus will save — do not need words of praise

The gates of pearl — went gold, but it seems you astray?

It is necessary to note such an incredible and powerful things like «Post Mortem" («Post-mortem examination") And «Raining Blood» («Bloody rain"). The strongest thing on the album belong to Jeff Hannemann.

"Post Mortem" (Author: Hanneman)

Vessels in my brain full of death — before I was born to die Come with me — to share my madness!

Do you want to die?

Waves of blood moves closer

They splash the walls of lies

Blurs my mind — penetrate deeply into my brain

Do not resurrected body from the grave — that’s the new reality

Who am I? What do I want? I just died!

The phrase «Do you want to die?» In the future, was struck on numerous T-shirts SLAYER (a).

Thing «Bloody rain" his painful ending in which both guitar virtuosos "Swirling spiral solo" woven into a single coil, which is a thunder falls on the heads of the audience bloody raindrops:

Bloody rain tore the sky with jet It bleeds horror strengthens my will I shall now reign in blood!

Hovering on the crest of success of the album surrounded plans for the future in the trash, the band embarked on their most ambitious tour to meet with vibration SLAYER (a), spreads faster than wildfire. After the release of the album «Reign in Blood» group to take to copy a lot of new bands. Copy speed above all manner of performance. I feel there SLAYER themselves after the release legislators directions?

King. Yes, in some way, perhaps. Sure, we are to blame for what thrash metal is so popular today, and it’s certainly flattering when you imitate. However, to me personally, such groups do not particularly like; they lack originality. We very quickly found his own style. Now no one can accuse us that we sound like «Venom» or «Metallica». Then we were just young and did not try to hide its inspirations. Vol. However, I have several times was evident that a lot of the new AIDS groups very much sound like us. But, of course, it is even to some extent a compliment to us, because it shows us that we are on the right track. However, I would not like anyone to slander, because I myself know how it is when someone is accused, he sounds like he’s the tot- it, and so on. About us we have always said that we copy the «Venom". Now, do not tell the truth. This is probably what is now really have a lot of bands that really sound like «Venom".

After such a successful album SLAYER on the Rights of the top band played in "Hammersmith Odeon" in London and have been invited to the festival "Aqrdshock «in Holland.

Frustrated CONCERT

SLAYER did not manage to perform at the festival «Aqrdshock"

Kerry says: "There was a misunderstanding with the agent, who wanted to pull this thing in its sole discretion without informing us of their plans. He kept in touch with only one Dave, and he informed us only half. This, incidentally, was another point which led to a disagreement between Dave and the band. Then we were not able to act as hedlayperov. Angry voices claim that we supposedly did not want to, because Metallica also could not. All this garbage! We would have played, but it was not ready to perform in such a high rank. It would be gone from our side, so soon after the death of Cliff Burton play at the festival, hedleyperami, which in fact were to be "Metallica". We learned too late about this concert, because our agency was negotiating with the Dutch organizers of the festival, without informing us. When it has been done and we had to sign a contract, it was too late for us to rehearse the 90-minute program. In connection with this case, we then of course have changed our agency, because they were very upset that they could not perform in the Netherlands, rumors that it is, they say, because of the fee, too, sucked from the finger. The guys from «Aardschock" Now we have offended and nothing good about "SLAYER" do not tell. They do not want us to come to Europe. While the blame for all the fucking Agency.

While touring car like SLAYER (a) continuously rolling forward, it seemed to soar around the trouble when in the partnership group cracks Or to be more precise, the band increasingly felt uncomfortable with each other.

«In our personal lives, we — not SLAYER»

"No, I would not want to be close with those guys if I was not playing with them in the same group" — Then said Jeff Hanneman.

In fact, he meant that he would not piss on the fire if they had it burned. Tom Araya also on the topic of complex mutual relations in the group:

«It is very good to live apart. We SLAYER when we are on stage when myrepetiruem when we are in the studio. In our personal lives we SLAYER. Yes, I think so. You can compare it with the actor, who plays a role. If he continues to play this role at home (he shows his finger to his forehead), it’s really bad case, if you want my opinion. You have to learn to keep these things separate. SLAYER course an important part of my life, but I can not allow it to dominate my whole life. «

Once in an interview "Metal Forces" for ’90 Tom reveals a personal life members of the group:

"Jeff is all in writing the things he does some of the songs that are similar in sound to the typical material SATRIANI / STEVE VAI. Kerry absorbed breeding animals. I’m sure you did not know about it, but he is a man-animal, he is breeding dogs. Dave all the machines, I think that I’m not too sure what Dave in this, because we do not keep in touch, his personal life is closed, as well as mine. The same thing with each of the four of us. When we are on the road, it’s grand, but when you’re home, it’s closed, you want to have your own time. Of the four of us just me and Jeff have relations because we boast ideas with each other, and very honest with chores. We discuss world events, UFOs, the meaning of life, is there a God or not, me and Jeff have this heartfelt kinship"

This apparent hostility did not seem affected by the region in which the band played live, because at this stage of their career they were a few stunning concerts. This was about the time when SLAYER began to acquire his frightening reputation as a live band. Unfortunately, this means that other, more well-known groups did not want to take them on the road as support for fear of the failure. Therefore, the group has been collecting fans bynuzhdena without initial support for a suitable tour. It was hard work, which nevertheless proved useful eternal perfection SLAYER (y) in the future.

Dave. I played five years in this group, did everything I had to do. But then one day when I wanted to take with him on tour my wife, completely at their own expense, I know that it is very much to the rest raised such high … I could not believe it. I’ll never play «SLAYER"!

A few years later, Dave thought about those events, and numerous rumors that went around the break with a group.

"Yes, rumors abound. For example, I heard with my own ears, that is, I spotted my wife with Tom. It is also told that I wanted to take his wife with him on tour, but Tom was against Teresa … We were married in July 1985 (introduced in 1983), and had to go on tour, it seems, in October. I was not prepared for so long separated from his wife. Actually I am a man home in "Razgulyaevo" I did not pull, and next to Teresa me much better and quieter. In short, we went together. It began with the fact that the tour manager treated her abominably, constantly shouting: "Go away, you’re in the way!" I was irritated that’s great. (In fact, these types should just give a slap in the face.) Upon returning from the tour, I discovered that the house bills are not paid, the phone is turned off, and in general, it’s time to do your everyday device. In addition, the relationship deteriorated in the team, and I simply walked away. After some time, I was offered to go to "Megadeth"But there was really very unhealthy situation — drugs, intrigue, etc. In the end I was so tired from all this came to his parents and said that haircut and find a job. Denmark, yes, I have seen many short-haired. Yachasto tried to forget everything, but Rick Rubin, Tom and others, including our technicians were getting calls and tried to persuade me to return. Especially because Tony Scag Lione ("Whiplash"), Is replaced by me, by something they did not like. Well. That’s how I hoisted into place at the beginning of May 1987 I think that my problem with this group is not over. The fact that we were never friends. In my ideas guys never needed and appreciated them. We are bound not even music, and just work according to the «Need drums? Pay! «And then, I did not attract» star lifestyle. » When this whole saga is complete with SLAYER, we Teresa open a jazz club. Always dreamed of the old jazz drumming. There will be time, I will try to learn."

Here’s a sad confession of one of the most powerful drummers in the thrash. How to explain his departure Dave bandmates:

Kerri.V one day he decided to marry his girlfriend. As a result, there were problems because Dave felt that she now always had to be with him during the tour, everywhere. We are not opposed to an agreement on a compromise, well, for example, that she accompanied him on a tour of one week. But the agreement, we have not been able to, and so he made conclusions for themselves. He left without waiting for the order that we have asked him out. The situation is now quite worthless. Dave — one of the best Thrash drummers in the world.

As far as I now know it is completely away from the rock scene and nothing else at all is not engaged. What a waste of talent!

Kerry, Tom and Jeff must have thought so, ‘Teresa can we knit sweaters decorated with stars, while we sing about the devil there, fry soul accidents".

Back in the real world, to life, Lombardo was given a mandate in no uncertain terms. «Get out!»

Teresa said in response to threats:

«Dave could no longer play with you, because I said so". So "Big Jess" Lombardo was replaced with great haste creator Whiplash — Tony Scaglione, and the band went on tour as a warming composition to a group of WASP In April 1987 at a reporter: ‘Topu Scaghione — the ultimate replacement Dave?" Kerry said:

«No, there’s still nothing has been decided. However, Tony some time accompanied us in a small US tour with WASP and Raven, and all turned out very well, but the final confirmation he has not yet received. At the moment, we do not know who will go with us to Europe. Tony would, of course, possible option, but not anymore. He still is on our list of desired candidates. «

Looking back on tour with W.A.S.P. Kerry said: «As a rule, we played in small halls accommodating 3,000 people, but the performances of WASP It was not particularly successful. Most of the fans came out for us, although we were only opener, WASP often literally booed. Blackie Lawless, by the way — one of the most arrogant musicians I have ever met. Total tour time we just talked to each other. «

In Germany, a group of SLAYER joined Malice.

"Musically, we, however, are not so well suited to each other"- Explains Kerry. — «However, the heavy rock band like Malice I prefer than the second thrash band, or to the top of our performance fans would already be exhausted. Malice for fans of SLAYER certainly more bearable; they are not too commercial, and write good songs in the spirit "Priests". Malice opener for just the right artist. So fans will get their money’s worth actually two different groups. On the Malice, we agreed, so they can say almost wish. Initially, we wanted to take with Manowar, but they have their own after the tour, and so we stopped for Malice. «

Touring in early 1987 to US SLAYER nonetheless never acted in his native Los Angeles. The fact that their hometown is considered to be a source of danger SLAYER. The authorities are simply afraid of the band’s concerts, which could lead to riots in the streets, overturned cars, broken windows, etc.

Kerry says: ‘There have been some difficulties in terms of understanding, we are very disturbed. We played all over the East Coast, as well as "Olimpic Auditorium ». It’s Boxing Gym in Los Angeles. Because in Los Angeles, we play anywhere else is not allowed. We have no problem could fill any hall in the city, but the impresario said that we are a high risk factor, so nobody dares to engage us. Originally we wanted to go round with tours and the West Coast, but we had to cancel all upcoming concerts because there were these problems in Los Angeles".

SLAYER imagined possibility that this problem will ever be solved. Kerry. Sooner or later, this still does not go away because the fans will demand concerts SLAYER!

Vol. Someday this will be a manager, take a risk and angazhiruet us. After all, he, too, will work on this show a lot of money,

But speculation about Kerry madness fans from their hometown:

«In other places, rock fans will not have the habit to smash halls where we play. In Europe, although the audience and lush, but still keeps himself within. Rock fans out there from time to time, stop and start to analyze what you’re doing. And they continually sing along".

However, returning to the problems sbarabanschikom, we note that not too much time passes (about 5 months) before all with concern understood that an unsuccessful candidate, Mr. Scaglione in reality, unfortunately, is not well suited to take the place can be better thrash drummer. With great grunts and forced smiles Dave Lombardo returned to a happy family. Just in time to go on tour in the US with one group brave enough to take them as a fellow traveler on the road WASP

Tom Araya. We toured for six weeks with Overkill, and the other half with WASP When they ended, too, we had problems with the drummer. We had to try with some people who might come to us, and then a week before the tour was rescued by a phone call. I called Dave and said, "I’m going back and I will bang you".

And so it ended this unpleasant story, show hidden friction among members of the group, opened up to the edge of the invisible internal ambitions beginners successful thrash musicians. Not all so smoothly at first. But the friction in the group seems unabated throughout the tour in the run-album «Reign in Blood". That is the kind of review can be read in "Metal Hammer":

"Singer bassist Tom Araya and guitarist Kerry King again squabbled over the music and image of the course SLAYER. While Kerry is banking on a merciless cruelty, Tom would like to bring to the sound of the band a little bit more fun and music.

Kerry cravings to arms and armor, he finds expression childhood and inferiority complexes. The boys are back in the studio, but how they’re fighting each other, no one knows. Let’s see how this "family" quarrel reflected in their music".

In August 1987, the market entered a maxi-single "Post Mortem". Thing "Post Mortem" and "Criminally insane" They were mixed by the new and sounded even worse than on the album «Reign in Blood". On the side of «B" Additionally, we offer also «Aggressive Perfector" In the new version, and in terms of AIDS could even compete with the concert tempo SLAYER. Maxi-single was released on a limited edition red vinyl with the «jelly Cross" cardboard and metal chain.

«Alive» and killer

From concert to concert SLAYER acquired a sinister reputation. Almost always accompanied their performances unhealthy atmosphere of the group, as it were breathed the breath of destruction and European tour in April-May 1987 was a vivid proof. Here’s an example of a characteristic of the atmosphere before the concert:

04.24.87. Germany. Essen. «Grugahalli" "Grugahalle «.

"About 2,500 fans waiting for the issue to Essen "Grugahalli". Among them are 200 neo-Nazis who bombarded peaceful visitors unopened bottles of beer, shouting fascist slogans and provoke fights. Within minutes sformirovyvaetsya sort kontrbrigady, which runs the area with most of the Nazis, but it is entering into a fight with the police. The result is a number of arrests and wounded, sea debris front of the hall — and a lot of material for the negative headlines in the newspapers. «

SLAYER came to Europe in the second PAA How is this different from previous tours? Tom explains:

"We can say that this is a tour of the main fire. We can now determine for themselves some of the things, among others — all sound and all the organizational issues. So a little bit better. First of all, we were given a bigger bus, it’s great. He is much more comfortable".

Lombardo arrived just in time. SLAYER played one more concert in «Hammersmith Odeon" in London. Tour of Britain began with Newcastle and swept all the major cities. After Scandinavia SLAYER visited the continent. All shows of this period were hedlaynerovskimi. In Germany, gave the most SLAYER concerts. How did the group cope with the transport of equipment to Europe? Kerry was calm:

"No problem. All this stuff we bought at the site and will it somewhere and then stored until our next visit".

Vol. Thus, we have reduced costs considerably, and Europe, ultimately — it is an important market for us. Surely we are not just going to play here".

Kerry. If things go on as well, we will be on tour across Europe every year. At this time we are almost two years have not been to Europe. After the tour, fans will not have to wait for the new just as long. We can play any of our songs at the concert live. Our album sounds live sounds rough, really thrash. Incidentally, I hate to work in the studio, it bothers me to death,

SLAYER is one of few thrash teams that fully well sound like a concert or in the studio. Where is the feel better musicians on stage or in the studio?

Vol. Here and there. I find SLAYER in the studio awfully good. We can write a good product. Yet "live «we are no less strong. We manage to implement "alive" with the same intensity that we recorded in the studio. In the studio, we catch all the intensity of our music, «live" We, at least, no less worrying people, maybe even more. I love when a lot of people are rallying of the masses in the room and all the plants and nervous.".

Dave: "For me, the team, in the great sounding recordings and in music videos, but are not able to demonstrate the same live, just unprofessional. I dare to say that my drums in concert and on record sounded virtually the same. In addition, I have a great technique that I trust, and I will never check ustanovkupryamo on stage. That is why I have constantly deteriorating hearing, but it is only harmful production costs. Moreover, as soon as you stop working, sound is restored.

The people at the concerts of the group was captured as a visual and sound effects of this high-speed thrash machine that it came even before the stabbing. For example it happened on May 3 concert in the Netherlands.

Vol. Sad story. Fortunately, in the end everything turned out not such a big tragedy. As the night went very long time before we came on the scene, some guys have lost patience. As a result, it came to a fight. The guy with the knife struck, after our show again came to the concert from the hospital, where he was bandaged. We talked with him, and so we know that nothing happened without a great tragedy. Still, it is very sad. Why heavy metal fans just grab the knife or even resort to violence when only one sound can be perfectly depressurize valves.

Here is the opinion of Tom in this regard, it is difficult not to agree with his arguments:

«I think that one of the main causes of this violence during concerts is an amazing burst of excitement among fans. The kids really often hard to stay at home because they lack the necessary understanding sosvoim parents who very rarely have any understanding of the characteristic of children’s music. As a result of all this, the children show the need to liberate themselves from their resentment as soon as possible. Their children will be scared, talking about their problems with their parents, because even if they might seem to misunderstand, most of the parents quietly listens and wants to help their children, if they want it. Usually, it all happens in severe personal problems with their origins in the family home".

The children came to the concerts SLAYER to discharge. They organized the mass expulsion of demons, caused by the spirits of the society in which a group of police officers, sworn to uphold the law, you can see the beaten anyone in the stern gaze of the evening news: the type of society in which wars are fought guided missiles that are equipped with cameras that can show live — destruction that they cause and how it happens; and different kinds of pain, whether it is chemical weapons, destruction of the environment, or hunger, is intended too horrible to praise it. Content thrash concerts where the audience dancing and recklessly dives off the stage, little is understood by outsiders, which are likely to misunderstand the guys a good time for the brutal overthrow of the East European countries.

Even bodyguards, who saw some of their heavy metal performances, healed by the concert SLAYER. The result of those and the other was the true violence that could have been avoided and the vast destruction of property. This led to the fact that SLAYER were forbidden to appear on many sites. Contrary to its image loonies awakens hell, SLAYER later decided to take responsibility for the situation by hiring a security manager by the name of Jerry Meie and a new approach to security at concerts.

Meie — stubborn native of New York, began to negotiate from meeting to meeting with security personnel and property, with the guys. At first glance it looks naive, but kogdaMeie spoke, people listened to him.

Visiting Milan, Zurich May 8

Shtudtgard May 9 SLAYER completed his European tour in 1987 on May 20 in Ireland, Dublin. To the question «What will you do after the tour?" Tom said:

"We will have a rest, I for example — in the Bahamas, there is really great, Then we get to work on a new album. By the way, again with the same producer".

In contrast, Kerry King, who does not like to hang around in the studio, but prefer life on the road, Tom Araya is not very favorably speaks of live performances: «I do not like myself idea long tour, I treat this with the utmost indifference, but you you can not avoid this responsibility. What I like on tour — that we have the opportunity to play live, and to meet with the guys. And that’s all we do. You are exhausted, traveling about around the same places you time to spend 5 to 6 thousand. Km in the bus, and feel that we must do everything to fall asleep".

The guys were already plans for the future. Album «Reign in Blood" they have raised the bar to thrash a very high level. Could the artist be in the future even faster and more severe? Kerry clearly answered this question:

«Faster — is not the main issue. We want to continue to work in the vein "Reign in Blood"But still a bit heavier. We want to make the next record is even better, as up to now, when every new album has been better than the last. This album sounds better than all the others, that we are still released, so I think it was the right move. We had a huge impact on the final sound. Rick anything offered to us, and we tried the case. And Rick, and we had good and bad ideas and we tried them all. The only way we have brought to the desired album sound".

Dividing ALBUM

Beginning in 1988 marked for group work on the next album, «South of Heaven" ("South of Heaven"). The album was recorded again with Rick Rubin — managing the production process.

The work took place in the studio at night. Guys started to work usually in the evening and went to bed, usually only when they began to shout cocks. Within a week after the start of work on the album, most of the main parties had already been recorded. In the second week were zaplanirovanyzapis solos and vocals. On recording the album SLAYER took a little more than 14 days.

Tom explains the principle: «It all depends on what you’re doing in the studio, what do you do once where to set priorities. At this point each ensemble acting on their own, but as for us, we prefer to ensure in advance that the song, on the one hand, the epic 100% ready, and on the other — that they are 100% satisfied us. When this is so, then we rather quickly write a song after song. So for us the easiest way".

SLAYER as seen adhere to the operational type of record, as opposed to those such as Def Leppard. Phil Collen of Deff Leppard, would not have had 14 days in the studio only then to take out the guitar out of the case. Each — according to his needs.

«The songs of the new album arose long ago"- Says Tom — "but we rehearsed them for a long time, repeatedly passed them on new, something was changed in different places until he finally came to the conclusion that it is better not to make them. Rehearsal we often, in principle, every day. So you keep yourself in shape, and when we then go into the studio, everything is moving so fast that within a week we will have time to have done most of the work. Often there is already ready to take one to which we, in fact, aim. «

This situation with the recording of the new album happened by the end of May 88, but in March it was completely different.

Jeff recalls the beginning of the album: «I remember that we are on the way, intended to go into the studio in December of ’87, but the whole thing dragged on. We used to have more time for songwriting, and now we’re on tour longer, and to such a course of events, we still had to get used to own. It also added that parents are Tom sold his house. with garage, where we always rehearsed. Then, we first had to find a new cellar for rehearsals or something like that. However, each of us had a 4-track recorder or a drum computer, which could somehow be interrupted. By March we already had 7 songs ready, but only to the 2nd «Live Undead" and «South of Heaven» were the lyrics. Tom is just doing what he wrote texts".

Tom: "January was too early in February the same, and in March, too. We were still working on the new material, we do not hurry and take yourself as much time as it sees fit. Rubin told us that he will let us know when it is ready. And then he appeared and asked: "Are you ready? «Then let us now write. We koe any starting problems, as it became clear that our original sound technicians ANDY WALLACE, which has helped us in the album «Reign in Blood" — It was not the best choice for the job. So we had to look for a another. We stumbled upon PETER CELSEY, with whom we are working. However, the final mix, we again attract Andy. Many people who were at our disposal at "Reign in Blood"Now again work together with us. I see this as a good sign, because it was more or less by accident. «

While working on the album, there were some changes in the privacy of the children. In February 1988, King married Kerry. True his marriage was short-lived and lasted 9 months.

The situation with Dave Lombardo, too, was not a complete certainty. During an interview on tour "Reign in Pain" 87 in Europe, all the reporters pursued a feeling that Dave finally passed, he remains in SLAYER or not. Only in April ’88 in this matter there was certainty. Here Hanneman said in an interview that period:

"In fact, he initially just helped us on the road, as we experienced great difficulties. Fortunately, he now he decided to stay with SLAYER, we are very happy, because it is very hard to find a drummer like him in that we had to make earlier. In addition, since it is one of the founding members «Slayer", His departure is already been a significant loss. To dispel the rumors: The only one who could take the place of Dave, it was Topu Slaglione, the rest of us, after listening, gave a kick in the ass and said, No! «

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