Getting online

Getting online

On the one hand, social networks bring people together. The other is communication becomes more intrusive

When I had Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram and a number of other applications to cover the life-line, I did not release a smartphone from the hands. What I tried on, with someone for lunch, where she spent the evening literally everything immediately appear in the network (now imagine how unnerving it friends). Gradually, I calmed down and began to spread only something truly original or funny. And then the storm broke.

You had the day before at our favorite cafe? Why not zachekinilas? I have arrived! scolded best friend.

You are not noted on my photos from our parties! offended colleague.

You’re already the fifth day of vacation, and still have no photos in Instagram, what happens? SMS messages bombarded the girl with whom we are engaged in yoga.

And it was more flowers Berry became endless offers zalaykat someone’s page, a community or a group, answer the question, to take part in the event … In the end I had the feeling that my life from now on is subject to the rules of social networks in all their manifestations . And my actions on the Web immediately affect the situation in real life. When I realized that inexperience friended a bunch of people totally unknown to me, but my friends list teeming with incomprehensible D posts in the spirit of «all like mozzarella, and you?», I was scared. After exclude someone from your friends list is to declare openly that you are not interested in this person, and you have between five friends in common! In addition, it does not layknut community, lovingly created by your friend? But I do not want to read further news about batik and features of home treadmills! From the pleasant nor a non-binding communication, which in English is very aptly named small talk — literally «small talk» sots.seti become a mandatory ritual exchange of courtesies.

As a result, I decided to Close option to add me as a friend, hid the friends list of all the random page and all the friends of my friends and distant acquaintances for a week gave a vow not to start the day with a feed reader.

And what do you think? The world has not collapsed. Friends suddenly remembered that the phone can be used not only to show Facebook, but also for calls. It turned out that we are still able to make appointments without Chekina and invitations to events, and view photos and listen to a story about a vacation firsthand is much more interesting than laykat Fig- on the phone screen.

My Social diet lasted for a long time the entire vacation. And no, I have not removed all accounts not abandoned the means of communication, but I am independent from them, and, oddly enough, no one was offended, not estranged.

Anyway, I made a great gift by getting rid of so many husks. By the way, lasted not quite forget to post pictures from a vacation in Instagram …

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