Getting the right and applying for discounts on energy-saving system

Getting the right and applying for discounts on energy-saving system

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To pay for the modernization of elevators in many states in the US helps third party. This payment comes in the form of return of overpayment for energy savings. In areas where attention is paid to ecology, the administration of state or local governments to create a fund (often funded by the overpayment for the use of public services) to material incentives for energy efficiency initiatives. Part of the funding goes to the search for alternative sources of power (including wind, solar heat, biological fuels, fuel cells), the majority of local initiatives aimed at energy saving. Public utilities in some areas on their own or in cooperation with government agencies have developed strategies and programs to save energy.

In general, the elevators have to do two types of return overpayments.

1. Financing at a single rate, which takes into account nameplate horsepower. For example, compensation in the amount of $ 50 per horsepower is offered to the end user for installation of variable frequency drives.

2. In a bold compensation program for energy savings based on the real amount of energy saved. Depending on the state or the power supply such compensation shall be paid a lump sum or annually for a period of time. Elevators may refer to a separate category, they often fall into the category of systems carried out by the technical requirements of the customer.

In some regions, provided both types of compensation. In this case, the user can decide what type of incentives to choose. All the more common compensation taking into account the actual energy savings.

The compensation programs for energy savings there are a number of approaches to the assessment and verification of energy savings projects for the modernization of elevators. For example, at one facility was used to estimate the savings calculator Vollrath’s Calculator ™ company Magnetek, for verification assessment was set the utility meter and the results transmitted to the utility. Public company reported that in the future for future projects do not need monitoring, it will take an assessment calculator Vollrath’s Calculator.

How does the calculator Vollrath’s Calculator

Vollrath’s Calculator Calculator uses conventional elevator design data for the energy flowing in certain periods of its cycle. Knowing payload and lift velocity, the total weight can be rationalized and mechanical equipment and electrical losses in the system.

All electric motors can operate as electric generators.

When the elevator raises the mechanical equipment and payload, overcoming the force of gravity, to the moving mass is added to the potential energy of the combined weight multiplied by the distance and the kinetic energy of motion. All of this energy comes from electricity, on which the counter. The energy of motion is removed by regenerative braking of the engine when the car stops.

When the elevator and descend cargo stored potential gravitational energy is pushing the engine, allowing it to generate energy, which can be returned to the mains utility. When this happens, the counter of the building can not go back. Equipment elevators consume only a fraction of the total amount of energy used by the building. Simply slowing down counter for a few seconds, corresponding to the regenerative energy will also save money. Part of the regenerated energy replenishes losses in the system. Offset by any energy lost by the individual components of the system ineffective or dissipated as heat during braking is not regenerative drives. Evaluation of energy consumption ends up by simply multiplying the average number of runs per day — the calculation of energy losses during idle elevator — and taking into account the cost of energy. Comparable estimates for several types of motors and drives provide a relatively clear picture.

Where to begin?

1. Contact your local utility company.

For the implementation of any program must first submit an application. Many programs require prior authorization before you install any hardware.

2. Determine whether you need basic measurement of energy consumption.

Normally elevators are not connected to a separate counter, they often have a separate feeder, which can be controlled. Your utility company can equip its counter.

3. Get a calculator Vollratb’s Calculator included. Consultants can get the calculator by contacting Magnetek by phone (262) 2522957 or e-mail:, to obtain a user name and password.

4. Transfer the documentation to the utility.

The effort paid off

Owners and commandants of buildings should spend a little effort on such a program. Compensation for energy savings, may not become the main purpose of the conversion of the elevator, but they can be a good stimulus for further modernization of the equipment. During the modernization of its kind in the United States, you can get compensation — from minor $ 2500 to just $ 44,000 annually.

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