Glad to see everyone enjoyed the Year In Ink issue.

The feedback was great and the letters and emails are still coming in… with a 99% approval rating.

Admittedly, there is ALWAYS room for improve-ment…but now it’s time to get back to business here at the offices of Skin & Ink.

After giving the Table of Contents of this issue a last look over, I noticed what an international delight it had shaped up to be. So readers, get ready to rack up some serious frequent flyer miles as we circle the globe and bring you some of the best tattooing from around the world (well, the Earth).

First stop Nepal, where Buddha and tattooing compete for top billing in a writer’s journey through this mystical country. Then we revisit Russia, where Travelin’ Mick sits down with Aleksandr Pashkov, one of the country’s most talented super-realistic artists.

Next stop Hawaii, and the first annual Pacific Ink & Art Expo. It was such a success they are doing it again this year! Back on the mainland, and we get Corey Miller’s side of the story when it comes to L.A. Ink, his love of tattooing, music, and motorcycles.

Let’s head down South and make a stop off in Marietta, Georgia, and read what Maiy D’Aloisio finds out from the talented crew over at Mystic Owl. Make a quick left, and we head north to Maine and Maiy checks in with another group of talented artists over at Chad Chase’s Venom Ink. Don’t unpack yet, cause we still have to check in with Nate Beavers,

Marisa Kakoulas, Dana Brunson, and the guys down at the Gallery—and we can’t forget to say hello to our S&I Dolls.

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