The further progress is being made, the higher our requirements for cosmetics and to himself. Today, we want to have a perfect complexion — and thus the illusion of a clean skin. And thanks to polymer technology such incredible demands do not seem excessive. So, make-up artists are well aware that it is impossible to fix an unhealthy complexion, causing a thick layer of foundation. For such purposes in professional lines a long time ago, there are colored primers — light transparent base, neutralizing unhealthy shade. For example, the primer neutralizes yellowish red, pink helps to «revive» the dull skin, and using the peach can disguise pigmentation. Due to the silicone spheres it also evens skin texture, smoothing pores.

But now you can apply concealer s feel the difference!


As soon as we got used to matte lipstick as it’s time again to be reconstructed: the main hit of autumn — a vinyl shine. And it is not some kind of flesh-colored or pink, and very rich red hues. Thanks to the new texture to wear a distinctive «accessory» has become easier — nail lips do not spread and firmly hold the color.


We have long been accustomed to the daily rhythm, suggesting that skin needs protection afternoon, and at night — rest and recovery. The Chanel noticed: the rhythm of life of modern women do not fit into this traditional concept. It is still relevant, but only from Monday to Friday. A weekend come into force other laws: the weekend of the modern woman can not be called very relaxing — it is active. She needs a reboot. And her skin too. Thus was born the new line, in which the three products: the daily Le Jour De Chanel (58 Ls), Night La Nuit De Chanel (58 Ls) for the weekend Le Weekend De Chanel (70 Ls). The latter is used only once a week, morning and evening, and thanks to the special composition does not focus on daily, and on the fundamental needs of the skin — balance, hydration and comfort. Person is again ready for the daily marathon!


Try one of three creams for the feet of the Latvian brand EAPC cosmetics — grapefruit and lavender, nourishing cream or a refreshing gel with essential oils of lavender, tea tree and bergamot, and toning cream with extracts of eucalyptus (4,95 Ls, shops Kolonna and Drogas) .

Hits 80.

This fall will feature two new cover versions on the good old hits. Bestseller Estee Lauder — Serum Advanced Night Repair, in 1982 became the first in the history of the serum, which was first used hyaluronic acid. This was the first reduction product. Every minute in the world to sell nine pieces! Today in Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II (67 Ls / 50 ml) was added 25 patents — is so revolutionary that they are given as much to 2021! Incidentally, texture, and flavor of the vial remained. Another hit rang in a new way: Moisturizing Lotion Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion-i- (38 Ls / 125 ml) has become even more efficient thanks to the new, improved formula. Decades of these products enjoyed incredible popularity. We thought they were perfect, but it turned out that they can do even better.


LET apologize to our skin for all the unpleasant, that we deliver it in summer, and remembered that she needed for a comfortable and beautiful life.

VOLUME! Freshness person gives not only smooth skin, but also a certain volume, fullness. Because of this the skin does not sag, wrinkles are smoothed, the face looks younger. The new line Eucerin Volume-Filler is designed just for those who are faced with the loss of facial volume. It includes: two day creams for different skin types, and a night cream for the skin around the eyes (16,99-20,99 Ls).

TONE! Night serum oil based Biotherm Blue Therapy (45 Ls) promises to be even more effective than natural plant ekstrakty.Testy showed: After four weeks of skin tone is increased by 52%! And all thanks to the microalgae from the North Sea, which is a valuable source of omega-3.

Smooth complexion!

YSL YSL Forever Light Creator Creme Gel (66,30 Ls) incredibly light texture gel-cream, that instantly moisturizes the skin — 2 times more powerful than the serum! From the first application the skin becomes fresh and radiant, and eventually leveled complexion, decreased pigmentation, the skin becomes softer and smoother.

SECURITY! Even if you do not know until age problems, your skin needs moisture and protection. Japanese brand Shiseido is launching a line of seven products named iBUKI, which translates as «inner strength» or «breath» (22-39 Ls). New items will combat dehydration of the skin, enlarged pores and impaired lipid barrier. The line is designed for young women 25 to 34 years.

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