Greenwood And Goldtops

Danny’s house is decorated with portraits of the blues greats, but one in particular – a picture of the late, recently departed Hubert Sumlin – inspired the song Greenwood 31, titled after his place of birth, on the new album. ‘Hubert was the first blues legend I ever met – I played a festival with him when I was about 20,’ says Danny. ‘I asked the promoter if I could meet him and he said, “I’m not sure.” After the gig he said, “He heard you play, you can go in.”

‘So I spent about an hour with him. He was a lovely guy and told me about touring with Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters; he even came out and looked at our van and my guitars. I took a picture of him and he’s sitting there with his pint of Guinness and this really cool suit on with this hat. I looked at it, and that’s how I came up with the song.’

Danny also bought an Epiphone like Sumlin’s – and thereby hangs a tale. ‘It amazed me, because he’s famous for playing these old goldtop Les Pauls, but on the day of that gig he had some £4000 custom-made PRS and an Epiphone Les Paul, which he played most of the day. I was standing next to him at the end of the day and the tour manager said “Which one do you want to take on the bus and which ones do you want packed away?” and he took the Epiphone in the bus with him. It showed me that these old blues guys don’t really care about makes or what something’s worth. If it’s a good guitar, they love it.’

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