H-House bang by min emerging design group

Located on a site that slopes eight metres from top to bottom, this complex. narrow private house steps up |or flown] in a series of volumes articulated by their materiality Not only was the section going to be inherently challenging. the programme didn’t cooperate it was to be a house to accommodate three different generations of the same family, and even on its lowest level, it had to offer daylight and access to fresh air.

Privacy was important, obviously, but also community. because the family wanted to be alone yet together as demanded. The solution turned out to be a three-level building that used the middle floor as a communal ‘interspace’, with a living room itself subdivided into three levels, one for each family group The game was clearly to produce layers of differentiation — even in singular spaces — so that people could be together but apart’. This might otherwise suffice as a definition of conventional family houses anyway, as in Asia they tend more often to be multi-generational The architects used folding doors and screens to assist in the exercise. To solve the sectional challenge of bringing light and air to the lower zones, a courtyard with a sunken garden was introduced Again, a traditional element provided the answer in this thoroughly modern house. A commercial space for rent was also incorporated, at the client’s wish, on the basement level. This became a beauty shop

The materials were selected to emphasise the parts of the building. Exposed concrete and timber panels are juxtaposed, and shadows and lines played their part In addition, surfaces were subdivided into planar sections, ‘breaking down’ the overall scale of the tall building, and telling the tale of its diverse occupation. The building has a tough, gamely character, seeming to take on its somewhat difficult site as if with a fighting spirit It is not deferential or retiring in the least but rather claims’ its spot of hillside and perches there prominently, looking out over the view through large glazed openings There is no prettying up of the exteriors, no pandering to contextual tastes. H-House is declarative, a strong refuge for its residents .. protective and proud.

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