Our Nissan Navara ST-X has hit the 40,000 kilometre mark and has seen a fair bit of New South Wales along the way. In fact, it’s seen a lot of bush in NSW because I’ve been having some fun driving into areas on the hunt for new tracks. Usually I’ll pack the bike and my gear and if I find something I’ll get the bike out of the tray and go explore where it leads and if it’s worth coming back to. I sometimes just go driving and take a GPS reading with my phone when I spot a prospective track and then go search those co-ordinates again on the bike later.

The Navara is more than capable in the bush and can go so much further than I’ll need to take it, especially with the road tyres on.

I have had a few little issues with the car this month though, with a crack in the windscreen, tear in the driver’s seat and a radio that has started acting like it’s possessed.

The windscreen crack came from a tool in another ute going past me about 60 kays over the speed limit on new road works. Shit happens but the initial strike is so tiny that I’m surprised that a crack ended up developing. The outer edges of the Navara’s windscreen are left bare and I wonder if that actually contributes to the chances of this sort of thing happening.

The driver’s side seat is showing signs of wear with some rips developing which after 40,000 kays is a bit ordinary and the radio has determined it will decide what stations I listen to. It even decided one morning with a 120-kilometre drive ahead that it’ll offer up only static that couldn’t be turned off or down even after restarting the car.


The engine and overall ride continue to be the highlight of the car and I’m not all that keen to get behind the wheel of a car with anything less than the V6 turbo diesel now. It has been so good to have on tap when driving on the freeway but particularly when towing. The fuel consumption has been steady at around nine litres per hundred kilometres and jumps to about 12/13 litres when pulling an enclosed bike trailer loaded with two bikes, spares and gear. The tray liner and tie-down railing haven’t moved or done anything weird but the tray has dropped a little over time. It hasn’t caused any issues but I can tell on close inspection that it’s happened.

Given the grunt this thing produces it’s also surprisingly good on tyre wear. I thought I’d find more degradation but instead they look in perfect order. I’m not doing any circle work mind you.

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