Harrier on Display at Bentwaters

The Bentwaters Cold War Museum in Suffolk has added BAe Harrier GR.3 ZD667 to its collection. The aircraft was the first in a batch of four GR.3s delivered to the RAF as a stopgap while it waited for Harrier GR5s to become available. It served eight years on the front line, including time in Germany.

Surplus to RAF requirements, ZD667 passed to the Royal Navy, for carrier deck aircraft handling training at Culdrose,

Cornwall. On the retirement of the Sea

Harrier, the GR.3 was moved to Predannack,

Culdrose’s satellite airfield, in May 2007 for fire and crash rescue training.

Everett Aero bought the Harrier in

December 2012 and the Bentwaters team purchased it in February 2013, thanks to a donation from Brian Smee, a member of the museum’s aviation society. ZD667 has now been repainted in the colourful IV(AC)

Squadron markings that it wore at Gütersloh,

West Germany, in the late 1980s.

The museum has also reassembled

Gloster Meteor F.8 WH453. The work was carried out on April 13, the airframe having been through eight years of restoration.

Some of the Meteor’s electrical and hydraulic systems will be made operational and it will be finished in 72 Squadron markings. www.bcwm.org.uk With thanks to Graham Haynes

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