Heartfelt songs endoskopaTEHNIChESKIE endoscopes are now receiving wider application. These cameras internal monitoring is used for Inspection and health evaluation inaccessible cavities machines and mechanisms for further repairs and maintenance. Industrial Group no less than medical, are influenced SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY PROGRESSA.Vozmem simple and familiar car engines, ventilation and plumbing systems, water truby.V them there will always be difficult for the human hand and eye space. To understand, to saw, cut? Ungrateful this occupation. And acts as the hero of the anecdote, who did not eat pickles, because the head is not crawled into the jar, too, it makes no sense. Therefore, to solve such a «delicate» issues and it was invented by Industrial Group, allowing to look to where the naked eye does not look within. Technical endoscopes improved in parallel with IT, that is, by leaps and bounds. Offered for sale are a lot of borescopes as is sometimes referred to these devices. Each model has its own characteristics depending on the scope ispolzovaniya.No there are commonalities. First of all, it is the presence of the main «working» bodies: the distal and proximal end (the first run into hard to reach areas on the second, facing the viewer, the image is displayed). In some cases, the role of the proximal end may act separately located screen, which is not physically connected with the proximal portion endoskopa.Vse endoscopes are equipped with a probe (also known as a tube) with which the distal end is introduced into the desired area. The probe is a rigid, semi-rigid and flexible. In the first case the image transfer carried out by means of the lens system, and a semi-rigid and flexible at the distal end of the probes is small camera, which can be either analog or digital. It should be recognized that the «figure» here receives more mass distribution. This technology has many preimuschestv.V our case it is possible to transmit the image on the screen, which can be located at a certain distance from the place of study and on the device itself. Depending on the distance may range from 1.52 to 5, and sometimes even up to 10 meters. You can also record the resulting video in AVI, get a picture of high quality. An attractive feature of digital devices are further ease of operation and imputed price. Manufacturers themselves are increasingly called endoscopes with a digital camera at the distal end of the inspection cameras. Advice to users before purchasing an endoscope, given the variety of models, as well as many of their existing basic and additional features and options should carefully compare the technical capabilities of the device to the needs of the future owner and his thick koshelka.Sovremennye endoscopes have a number of functional features that address certain tasks. • Articulation camera. The function is not just useful but necessary. Translated into plain language articulation in this case means the camera control with the ability to move in four directions. However, today’s shopper is becoming more advanced and simply will not buy an endoscope without this function. This is not a whim: the lack of articulation denies systematic research process and reduces it, in fact, to a series of random attempts to «catch» the image. • Connecting interchangeable probes. Of course, the depth to which the camera is triggered depends on the object under study. Hardly in the garage for inspection machines need a probe longer than 3.5 m, but in the study of water pipes and 10metrovogo probe sometimes not enough. For «deep dive» into the design of the device is just laid the possibility of elongation of the probe. However, the above does not apply to all models, therefore once again call on carefully «probed probes» (where the same without the pun) before buying. By the way, some of the company in addition to their produce endoscopes interchangeable probes up to 30 m. • Color or black-and-white image. If a color version of «Seventeen Moments of Spring» in comparison with black and white like far from all audiences (and by the way, rightly), in our case is different. Color image allows you to see many defects, inconspicuous black-and-white picture. Especially as endoscopes «in color» today is not much more expensive than monochrome counterparts, which also quickly disappear from the market. • The field of view camera, or the radius of the coverage depicted ». The wider it is, the better: eyes open more sites the user object, including secret areas. Of course, this camera is more convenient, makes it easier to diagnose. Add that many models are available for setting the image sharpness. • The diameter of the chamber. A very important characteristic that affects the «penetrating power» of the distal end of the device. The smaller the diameter, the more narrow channel can run kameru.Odnako unit price increases in proportion to diameter reduction, i.e. it is one of the main pricing pokazateley.V currently chamber diameter endoscopes, the vast majority is in the range 3.8 to 24 mm so to maximize the use of the acquired instrument is first necessary to understand exactly the upcoming area of ​​research. In other matters, can not be discounted, and factors such as brand, equipment and so forth. • Waterproof. As the name implies, this device is designed for underwater operations and included virtually all types of endoscopes. However, some manufacturers, which is also to be considered when buying a waterproof leave only that part of the probe, which is located closer to the distal end. Will I have to complete the operation of waterproofing the entire probe? It depends on the intended list of tasks, but in order to avoid future surprises will be superfluous to ask the seller a question: the probe is protected from penetration of liquid entirely or only partially? A number of companies also offer protection for the camera and probe from corrosion — acids, alkalis and oils. • Illumination chamber. Due to the fact that the «spies» do not come in very dark places, the camera must be equipped with its own light source in against useless. However, if the presence of illumination is a necessary condition (sine qua pop), the number of LEDs it can vary from one to shesti.V most cases, the optimal amount is considered to be four of them. It is not superfluous to control the brightness of the backlight feature that makes the endoscope more versatile. • Battery. «Unleashes» those who plan to use the tool not only in remote areas of the object, but also where there is no elektroset.Mobilnost and autonomy is very attractive qualities for any device and good if the unit can be powered and battery life, and from the network through Adapter, as a fallback never hurts. • Special nozzles at the distal end, such as a mirror, hook or magnet, significantly extend the functionality of the device, using a mirror, you can look at the site, located at an acute angle to the longitudinal axis of the probe, which can be done by normal articulation of the camera. Hook allows for some simple but necessary manipulation: hook and move various items or even remove them from the cavity. For the same purpose it is similar to the magnetic head and, with some models of endoscopes capture the magnetic originally embedded in the distal end. Again, how useful will these options in the future operation of the unit decides the buyer. • Operating temperature. Typically prescribed endoscope used at temperatures from 0 to +45 ° C, and for work on the street in the winter issued a special inspection camera resistant to freezing temperatures. It should be a frost device more expensive, but it does not let you down even in extreme cold. • Wireless transmission of images on the display. It is about the ability to view images on the screen, is disconnected from the control database, as mentioned above. Wireless communication is constantly being improved, some models detachable displays are capable of receiving the signal from a number of independent chambers that are not part of the endoscope, and the information is transmitted via radio. • Built-in measurements. And this is probably already aerobatics when measured defect parameters is performed «on the spot» directly during monitoring with special software. In the stored Inspection Camera photogram removed all the measurements (area, height, distance), which are transmitted to the screen in real vremeni.Opredelivshis with goals and objectives, the necessary features and options, the future owner of the endoscope made only the first step. Now he needs to choose a quality product, released a proven manufacturer (so no surprises), and go shopping in the store. On inspection chambers, the situation is about the case. There endoscopes made by well-known trademarks electric tool DeWALT, Bosch and Milwaukee. As a rule, their products are of high reliability, excellent ergonomics, the presence of a network of service centers, but the range of models here is not the widest. Products brands, specializing in measurement technology, optical equipment, and CCTV (Whistler, jProbe, STORZ, and many others) are also quite reliable, as a rule, are easy to use, has broad functionality, potentially including full list of options and extras. And they delight the eye with a variety of proposed models. Just the thing: many of these firms have not been able to acquire a developed network of service centers on the territory of Russia, that is, with possible damage to the appliance repair threatens to turn into a non-trivial problem. However, the price of devices in the expanded configuration can be for many buyers argument «against» .Nakonets, left a glimpse of the goods category «nouneym», which, as we know, often means «know the service» and «Know guarantee» .Koroche saying hello from China. Purchase these endoscopes a kind of lottery. One consolation price point, which is perhaps the only uniquely attractive point in this whole Chinese istorii.I last. Inspection Camera technique is very gentle, even despite the fact that she has to work in difficult conditions. Handle with this wonderful device must be handled carefully, using a device exactly as prescribed, then it will serve its owner faithfully for many years.

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